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Is there something wrong with being a housewife?

Guest lemondrops11

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Guest deadgiveaway

There's nothing wrong with being a housewife, if it works for the household. I think it is noble for some women to make sacrifices for the good for their family, and I think it is best for children to be raised by their own parents. But it concerns me a bit because it sounds like you never want to work, even right now. Not all jobs are glamorous and most people start at the bottom. I don't necessarily think that earning degrees are for the sole purpose of landing a job... but working allows you to develop and learn more about yourself in different ways. I honestly think it would be good for you to start your career. At the very least, you could be saving some money for the future and learning skills along the way. Then when the time comes that you decide to start a family, you and your significant other could discuss other options and make changes to your lifestyle.

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