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[SHINHWA] Digital Disc Pictures

Guest qaxlod

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Guest bbe_bbe_ro

uhhh.....it looks cool....but what does it do??? it plays songs or something???? I'm kinda confused...anyone care to explain?

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Guest luvjunjin/andy

huh??? dun quite understand the use of this???

isnt it like carryin a big cassette tape ard?!

ohh no i m outdated haha


luvjunjin/andy (irin)

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Guest monkey

Wow nice..

But what the heck does it do?

im not entirely certain.. but it plays all the songs from the album but there's no cd so that ppl can't easily burn the songs/download them on internet.

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Guest aymei

This is so that it can't be re-distributed so people download their songs. But I remember SG wannabe did the same thing, and they made lots of money. :o

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