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[Mainland Chinese Movie 2010] Go LaLa Go!


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AKA: 杜拉拉升职记,Du Lala sheng zhi ji

Released: 04/15/2010

Country: China

Director: Xu Jinglei

Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance

Runtime: 97 min

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Xu Jinglei, Stangley Huang, Ai Li, Karen Mok, Ning Song, Jing-ying Wang, Pace Wu


Go Lala Go! / Du Lala's Promotion (Du Lala's Promotion): Helmed by actress-turned-director Xu Jinglei, the film is adapted from a novel entitled "Du Lala's Promotion". The best-seller centers on a woman named Du Lala who takes the high road to get promoted. The film stars director Xu Jinglei herself as Du Lala, as well as Stanley Huang, Karen Mok, Li Ai, and Pace Wu.

Lala lands a job at an international Fortune 500 company as an entry-level secretary making an equally entry-level salary. Her Chinese-speaking foreign bosses quickly recognize her talents, and she is soon on her way to realizing her corporate aspirations.

Of course, both her professional and personal lives become somewhat complicated with a series of comedic, and eventually, romantic, run-ins with David, the stone-faced Director of Sales played by American-Taiwanese pop star Stanley Huang






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