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Anime/Manga moments that made you cry?

atashi bunny

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Guest babyx_doll



- when the 3rd died.

- when Itachi died. & when Sasuke was reminiscing about them as kids. (my eyes were so puffy the next mornin', it was that bad. X[ )

- when Obito died. .

- when Naruto got on his knees, begging Raikage A to not go after Sasuke and brand him a highly-sought criminal.

....the list goes on and on. I cried so many times I can't remember them all. :'(

FullMetal Alchemist:

- Maes Hughes Death. :'(

- when Roy killed the Ishbal civilian who held the shotgun up at him. or when he killed the Rockbells and tried to suicide.

- Nina....that's all I need to say. 

Grave of the Fireflies:

Do I really have to say anything else? LOL.

The whole movie had me ballin' my eyes out.

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Guest jinmi.

Naruto has made me cry, I think, but I don't remember exact moments.

Fruits Basket has made me cry--happy tears--when Kyo's bracelet came off and he was able to hug Tohru. <3 ;~~;

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Guest JiN.x

I cried during the fifth episode of d.gray man when the doll (Lala) sang the lullaby, so sadd.. :tears:

I also cried a lot when I was watching Fairytail (the title is misleading), it has the most epic theme song that pops up during the most saddest/epic times. Also sometimes in Naruto.

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Oh man, I think there are many animes that I've cried in, but the one I actually remember is Bleach.

GIN!! That moment after Aizen shoved his hand through Gin and left him on the concrete to die was sad...
But what killed me was when Rangiku came looking for him and found him dying. T___T
I was like NOOO WHYYY?!! You can't kill Gin off! WHY KUBOO?! WHYY!?

Ahem. x:

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i actually cried in the first few episodes of kimi ni todoke lmao. sawako is reaching out to people who won't even look at her. and she just has to be so positive and innocent about everything. she doesn't deserve this and they're shoving it in my face. add the depressing music and the way that i can actually relate to her most of the time i just--GAH.

also 5cm got me bawling my brains out. IT WAS JUST SO HEARTBREAKING but it's so hard to cry WITH ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK

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Guest FluffyBunnyPwn

Cried in:

- 2 very specific parts involving Ushio in Clannad After Story

- Ano Hana when everyone started confessing their guilt about Menma

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Guest mintaroism

Being the cry baby that I am it's usual to see me cry in just about anything I see or watch. XD

But some notables...
Several parts in Angel Beats! Especially the last episode when everybody was already disappearing all of a freakin sudden.
Several parts in Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wa Bokutachi wo Mada Shiranai... and of course especially the last episode >_<

Last episode of  Code Geass R2 when Lelouch 'died' ;A;

Nuriko's death in Fushigi Yuugi

Several parts in Toradora >_<

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Guest Lauvable

Umm pretty much every sad part in Clannad and Clannad After Story as well as the two OVAs =( And also in Scrapped Princess when Pacifica is locked in the dungeon next to her mum /sob

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Guest xDollars

AnoHana, Angel Beats, Fruits Basket, and Grave of the Fireflies are only some of the ones that have made me cry. ;w;

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Naruto is the only anime i've seen that made me cry. I swear all the dying scenes are so sad and the music background is so beautiful. Not only the dying scenes but other scenes as well. I love this anime! There's just so much put into it and one can relate to it through characters. I especially cried on the death scenes of gaara and grandma chiyo, itachi's death, jiraiya's death, the third hokage's death, and haku's death. ugh..so sad. but the non death scenes that i cried to were when naruto finally meets his parents..oh gah...those were some super sad moments.

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eh...there is just too many anime's that made me tear up a bit...
Full Moon Wo SagashiteCode GeassNanaRuRuni KenshinYuYu HakushoFushigi YugiDragon Ball ZGrave of firefliesX (series and movie)Get BackersD.N. AngelEscaflowne (series and movie)Chrono Crusade
LOL I am rolling in the old school anime...that is all i remember so far though i am pretty sure i have more. 

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Yup, nothing has left me crying as hard as 'Chrono Crusade' and especially the anime for it! Was totally grieving like crap for days....
It's just too cruel for me. T_____T

Hmm... What else.
Bokura Ga Ita. The manga is better, i personally feel that way.
Parfait Tic. Again, manga way better than the drama.
Absolute Boyfriend/ Zettai Kareshi!!! Awesome teary manga by Yuu Watase.
Fushigi Yuugi! The old time favourites! Anime, especially. Again, Yuu Watase's workpiece.
Ayashi No Ceres! Yuu Watase's workpiece, nothing of her fails to amaze me.
Chobits!! Pretty sweet yet sad. =))
Scrapped Princess. Not too bad, probably good if you're outta animes to look out for?
Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Escaflowne, i'm agreeing with user above me. =)) Good teary storylines.
Nonetheless, Inuyasha. Naruto. Fruits Basket. Blood+.


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Guest 4razon

Oh wow. There's a lot. But the most recent ones I can think of are:
K-On: At the end of season 2, where Mio, Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi sing "Touched by an Angel" to Azusa.
Angel Beats: At the very end, when everybody's disappearing.
There are more, but I just can't think of anymore right now.

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Guest bakane18

Oh that's easy.


There are ALOT of moments in One Piece you can cry you eyes out. Here are a couple examples:

- When the Going Merry saved the Strawhats and narrowly escaped  from Enies Lobby even though it was on its last legs. After, they had its funeral and OMG that was so sad!!!

- When Ace died. Luffy was uncontrollably crying. I mean HE LOST IT. (understandable too) 

That was a couple but they are TONS on tear jerker moments in this series and if I go on I won't be able to stop. (Some of you know of my EPIC LONG POSTS.) If you haven't watched it yet; What the heck have you been doing?!? Are you nuts?!?..... I kid. I highly recommend it. :)

Naruto as well had some tearful moments.......hmmmm.... I forgot if Bleach had any....... Gintama believe it or not DO have some tearful moments...... Kimi Ni Todoke of course....... OH! Inuyasha!

     But yeah, those are a few examples so check them out. :)

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Guest ChaserxOfxDreams

The episode in Full Moon Wo Sagashite where Mitsuki is lying on Eichi's grave.I made an AMV and I used that scene and I felt like crying while editing it XP

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Guest z00m

Ok I'm a guy and yes I cry :D
some anime spoilers below :P
* Code geass the very end and also when shirley died* The Death of Goku against cell! I was like 10 :P* L's death in Death Note. Never read manga after that lol
I'm sure there is more but I just can't think of them. Will update laer

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