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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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Guest nhatkhanh

ellasam81 said: I think it will be easier for Thailand and Vietnam fans to come to Sg as it s nearer and
It has more possibility for Korean idol to come to sg

But i think we can try writing to his company to request a fm in our own country

We can write in English and google translate our request and send to them via email or post.

Or we can write as a group of His internationAl fan club soompi to request if he can have fan meeting in other countries like Sg Vietnam or Thailand

You all can consider it no harm in trying
And upon doing this cutie will know there are alot of fans from other countries who want to meet him too

We can try Ba even the chance is quite slim but we can try

And further more I think I can't go to his fm even if he come to sg but I think I will be very happy to see him in sg in same country as I m in hehe and other fans will be Post pics and vids on web so I can see too but of course maybe I ll go for his fm If I can

You all consider Ba

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"1 Night 2 Days" Joo Won, calm even with nose injury


Actor Joo Won was calm even when his nose was injured.

KBS 2TV show program "1 Night 2 Days" had the 7 members of the team compete with the American football team of Haeyang University.

Joo Won was the 'king' of the team and had an intense round of 'chicken fight' with the athletes.

While playing the game, Joo Won hit his nose on the head of a member named George from Fiji.

Joo Won couldn't get up for a while in pain but soon did so and was calm about everything.

He even made a joke to George and everyone laughed.


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ellasam81 said:

@stearly @coolreborn @mrdimples since you are our seniors and regular in this thread you all decide on if we can try writing to his company to request for a fm in south east Asia too

@ellasam81: I am just quiet Garden dweller, dear

:-) Of course, everyone can write to his agency. But I think they’ll take some

action only if they are sure that enough fans will come. Or there should be

some initiative from a channel which will show some Cutie’s drama. Just like

Japan KTTV takes part in an organization his fan meeting in Japan. But there is

nothing wrong to write to agency, actually, I think it’s a good thing, it’ll

let them know that fans from different countries support Cutie and want to meet


Ok I know the chance is slim and as you said we can write to agency

I just thinking can we write as a group ?

Or you all want to write individual as I think if we writes in individuals it seem more impact to see so many mails requesting for jw fan meet at our countries

You all want to email at the same time or anytime you all want

And you all want to continuously email for a week or just one time can already ?

Sorry i just trying to let him know there are other countries also wish him to go and have fm If he can

If you all think I am too crazy pls stop me

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As In group tweeter maybe too many ppl tweet to him so he can't see how many fans in other countries want to see him but if we email or post agency can tell him he s really getting supports from other countries too

Sorry I dnt mean tweet to him no use ya as I Have been replying his post everytime lol

I dnt know why now I can be so crazy thinking of all these suggestion

Sorry Again if I m too over

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Guest septmoon16

@stearly --- doesn't he just make you want to don a big ball gown and go chase him down?
...hmmmmm.. being in the garden is not a bad idea right now :P

@coolreborn - awww thanks for all those extra fanmeet pics! i can't stop giggling - it's like a wedding - all those flowers, that cake! and joo won's many bridal outfit changes LOL

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Guest keaiduo

More pics of Taiwan FM: http://happymate5.com/Photo-OTHER-20130518-f.htm http://happymate5.com/Photo-OTHER-20130518P.htm posted by cellphone so cannot insert pics. sorry about that. these pics are taken by professional team and look great. after seeing them, i realize that there do exist an industry serve for kpop culture.

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Wow after taking a short nap after lunch, turning the computer screen on, loads of pics of the Prince in white and the Prince in black appear in front of me. I thought I'm still in my dream and I havent got out of sleep yet. One word: AMAZING
My Prince I wish you could wake me up like this every morning, so I would be never late for work. :))  Sorry if I'm overract. :)
Thanks @keaiduo and @nhatkhanh

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Cutie.....!!!! You don't have to lick you finger... you naughty boy... You can have mine. ahahahahaha.... I'm now under your spell. Nope can't let go.


  8-} 8-} 8-}  *looks at work*  Pretty much dead right now. :)) :)) :)


Am I just watching Cutie's Video Perfomance?.... Ahahahahaha.... someone send the ambulance right now, I think I am having a heart attack. Just as I thought, he should really have sang all of the OSTs of his dramas. He can belt it out better than I think he could. Joo Won... Saranghae!!!!  *dies*

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