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The Official What Did You Wear Today Thread


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Guest lhaena

what i wore today..


Guess jean jacket (it looks black in the pic but its dark blue)

Polo tank

Gap pants

AE leather flip flops

handmade layered necklace made by ME.. ((can't really see in the pic..))

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Guest HaneulYah!

Today was picture day at my school!!

I wore a light pink AE Softest Henley overtop a beaded white cami...and AE Superlow Flare-Leg Boyfriend Jeans...destroyed. :D

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Guest CrazieRavieToast

plain gray guy's shirt

mudd jeans

beat-up black and blue vans

Not exactly the cutest outfit ever but it was practical, besides, I had to make up for the shock I caused everyone the day before. I wore a long pink skirt that looks like a giant flower petal, white, lace-up sandals, and a flowy shirt. Even my teachers had a heart attack and the year book followed me around all day. I have a very casual laid back style, I'm always in jeans and a darker colored t-shirt. It was hilarious to see everyone's reactions.

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Guest _crazinessism

oh my....lol this reminds me of that old topic in the 411 section ender did of wut di du do today haha


i wore a hot pink polo with black jeans

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