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Vegetarians and Vegans


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Guest WhiteMorningStar

All the generalization and abundance of insensitivity in this thread is appalling.

I know plenty of beautiful (mind you, vegetarians have more clear skin), healthy vegans/vegetarians who have no problem whatsoever with their health and are happy with their decisions.

I don't see why it's so hard for people to accept others who are different from them. It seems some people even take offence in people not eating meat. This is ridiculous and quite rude.

Some vegetarians/vegans do get sick from lack of proper nutrients because believe it or not, there are vegetarians who hate vegetables... and they don't really follow a healthy diet and make themselves sick but this does not only apply to vegans/vegetarians but meat eaters also. We constantly see people suffering from heart problems and other meat/cholesterol-related health problems.

Vegan/vegetarian or not, if one does not consume the proper nutrients needed for a healthy life, then the person will become sick. Simple as that. Stop hating, yall.

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Vegetarians imo are weird. Vegans are just stupid imo.

You need protein =-=; and what exactly is the point of being vegetarian...being healthy? Or not killing animals?

That was never clear to me.

there's various reasons people are vegetarian (or vegan), but I haven't really heard a bad one yet. Protein comes from things other than meat, like tofu and tempeh (both soybean-based), but you don't even have to eat those things to get protein...it's in other foods. I think people run into problems when certain minerals and vitamins are missing in their diets---but you can get vitamins to fill in those gaps. It might be harder for a strict vegan, but ovo-lacto vegetarians still eat cheese, milk, and eggs, also. They have complete proteins too. Vegtarians can also eat protein-fortified foods like bread and pasta.

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