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Also in the next issue #韓流TVドラマガイド his special interview will be released. I hope for the english translation, but don't know who would make it



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Hello everyone! I've been a silent reader of this forum for a few days now and I can't help but share some thoughts. I'm trying to back read all the post up to the very first one. I'm a new fan, it's

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Sad, but YSY didn't appear in the 1st episode of "Unexpected Business", so we should wait again. Hope for next Thursday.


Also, in the 32nd ep. of "Kimdumb" Jh, Jm and YSY (Donggu)) promised to make a reunion of the "1 night 2 days" season 3' cast, for now we have a message from Junho&Jongmin about hiatus, but they'll organize the reunion in the 2nd season of their show.


What is warm and nice - we can see our lovely actor attending a wedding, he looks gorgeous :wub:

I'm curious about his hair - it's so long because he just prefer this style or it's a part of preparation for a historical (?) drama? (Anyway he's awesome)

I'm really miss to see his new role, and just hope that he has a good time relaxing and living for himself, but also worry if there are interesting and quality projects.


And I again watch Train and old episides of 1N2D. Miss him (and the show) so much.



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  Great review of YSY's projects after discharging from military service - https://yoonsiyoonglobal.wordpress.com/2021/02/16/yoon-si-yoon-5-years-after-the-military/


For me the most remarkable are:
• Nokdu flower (just a perfect drama in my opinion with incredible YSY, and amasing plot, cast, ost, directing....)
• Hit the top (I really like the nature of his character, and this is very warm and funny story. And yes, the meeting of two YSY was so touching)
• Your honor (I like the message of this drama, about justice and protection of human dignity, and the love story is so tender and innocent, and also a lot of funny moments)
• Train (mistery and detective plot with cool strong character and I really miss DoWonB, it wasn't enough for me, too short line).

Hope we'll see soon new project from him and it will have a lot of love and support from viewers.

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An article from japanese magazine about "Nokdu Flower" - https://kankoku-drama.com/news_topic/id=12904

"Yoon Shi-yoon, who played such a character, said that the events depicted in the background were so important that he studied by reading history books, etc. before shooting because of his responsibility as an actor.


In this way, Lee Hyun, played by Yoon Shi-yoon who prepared well, experienced many setbacks due to his status in the first half and lived a life where he had to give up even his dream.

However, in the second half, he dreams of a new world and tries to change it, and thinks that he can push his limits.

Such changes in humans are a major highlight of "Nokdu Flower," but I think it's quite difficult to play it.

It seems that the ending of Baek Yi-hyun was decided from the beginning, and Yoon Shi-yoon seems to have been greatly helped by the director who directed the process up to that point in acting.

Yoon Shi-yoon regained his temper as an actor by appearing in "Nokdu Flower" so that he could play the thoughts of the characters.

He has grown up as an actor and will continue to show his magnificent performance. It will be very interesting to see what kind of character will be dressed next."


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I really don't understand the policy of MOA.

There is no option for the international fans to be a part of official fanclubs, right? Only DaumCafe for Koreans and separate japanese fanclub.

Yesterday japanese fans received new video message, wallpapers and audio (?).

We can see only a screenshot. After 3 months of silence.

Pretty unfair and sad.

At least, hope YSY is fine.

His smile is as bright as always


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