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  1. Yes, this is true for sure! 9.08 - first day of movie filming 23.08 - the filming of the Running man (I'm so excited!) Will be broadcasted on 5(?) September 31.08 - at 7.00 broadcasting of the drama URMU -at 8:30 presentation So many good news today!
  2. @annatwisted good luck with the fanclubs! As I understand, japanese one is the luckiest, they always receive some updates) @val_ysy thank you for the investigation, it's very interesting, even if nothing is clear with their plans))) Ok, let's wait, they have to explain it soon. By the way, the recap of YSY appearance on Unexpectable Business https://yoonsiyoonglobal.wordpress.com/2021/04/27/yoon-si-yoon-is-radiant-on-unexpected-business/#more-4435 And
  3. @annatwisted I'd like to be an official fan, paying for membership and helping with the supporting projects, but they don't have an international fanclub. Interesting, do they contact somehow the existing "official" fangroups on IG or TW. From other side, reading about all these scandals and how much depends the artists on the opinion of the fans, I understand the willing to stay far away from all this stuff. P.S. I don't know how it works, to be honest, may be the other fans don't wait for the agencies reaction and self-organize to do something. But I don't know how to organi
  4. @annatwisted yes, we are fans not because of efforts of his agency, but contrary to them))) I'm so thankful to all devoted and enthusiastic fans
  5. @annatwisted @val_ysy yes, looks like police detective and a little bit old fashion style. And no explanation/announcement 0_o. It's really strange, I mean the promotion is an important part of succes and popularity. The production teams try to keep in secret the details of story, but the fact of filming usually is widely discussed to heat the expectations of fans and audience. But we see on the photos that somewhere something is going on, but what/why/who? What is the reason of silence? Will they release it also in secret? Sure, I hope for interesting project
  6. Adventure with the toy costume https://www.instagram.com/p/CRfUIS0gBT-/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. Thank you for the information, it didn't happen, so I forgot about the project. Today I saw news about filming, new photos! But what is this exactly? What kind of movie? We still don't have any confirmation. Police?? https://m.dcinside.com/board/siyoon/104386
  8. Yes, let's follow the news, I'll wait for some official information, but I'm so hungry for any activity from him that can't stop dreaming and hoping) For now is there only one sourse of the rumors (https://www.instagram.com/p/CRK_sZBsYNS/)? And I saw the screenshot of schedule, but don't know from where it is @val_ysy what do you mean about the movie he was supposed to star? I think I missed something @annatwistedI also don't know yet where to watch URMU and will someone subbed it in english. At least we have enough time to find it out (till 31.08)
  9. The release of URMU will be on 31st of august )) And there are some rumors about a movie, but no official confirmation and no details. New backstage photos from "Big hit": https://www.instagram.com/p/CRNfo1OFf8h/?utm_medium=share_sheet https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ2R9eYtook/ Also it's one year since broadcasting "Train", amazing drama, with cool well-written plot, brilliant acting and good directing. And thanks to @Spring4664, who made this nice compilation of each episode ending
  10. That's true, about Twt and IG, but there it's difficult to combine everything and to follow the information in chronological order. So, for me it's important to collect here the news)) Will be happy to have here also the discussions ))
  11. Japanese interview of YSY and PSH about Psychopath diary - https://korepo.com/archives/963468
  12. Thank you @dahlia5, I didn't know earlier about this site, @val_ysy has also told me about it. I'm glad to have one more opportunity to understand the shows)
  13. More backstage photos! https://www.instagram.com/p/CQxC-9ttMWX/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  14. YSY replied to the questions from fans, more than 100! They are in korean language for sure, but the amazing girls from YSY Philippines translated a lot of them - How does he release his stress, when want to get married, favorite ice-cream, song, movie and etc. you can find in this thread
  15. Thank you @val_ysy for the pictures and link! Seems like they had fun during filming) Bromance would be good, the relationships between DongSik and his "Robin", and with InWoo in Psychopath diary were priceless))) I'm rewatching this drama right now and I like it even more then first time. So now, as the filming of URMU is ended, I hope, we'll have more information and promomaterials. We have the selfie from the place that looks like a backstage of photoshoot, maybe it's with interview about drama? I'm looking forward. Hope we'll have answers on our questions about
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