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☆ Song Joong Ki ☆ 송중기 [Current Drama: Arthdal Chronicles + Upcoming Movie: The Victory

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i saw his pictures today on allkpop and i gotta say, he's the cutest kid i've ever seen!

his comment about how his mom liked to dress him like a girl because she wanted to have a baby girl was just hilarious and i felt bad for him at the same time! XD lol

i was really looking foward music bank's MC's name! finally found him! cute boy is cute. he doesn't looks his age at all. he looks like a very cute teenager. i would say he is 20 by his looks.

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What happened to his wrist? Seems like he got stitches?


Song Joong Ki is really cute ! I enjoyed watching him in Dream Team. He was funny :-)

Now I'm officially stalking him. Haha..

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스타일리시 캐주얼 잭앤질(JACK&JILL)과 보그걸이 함께하는 ‘HOT&HEART’라는 사랑 나눔 캠페인에 동참, 의미있는 화보 촬영을 했다.

잭앤질의 ‘HOT&HEART’ 캠페인은 ‘나를 따뜻하게 해주는 옷. 내가 따뜻하게 해주고 싶은 이들’ 이라는 주제로 추운 겨울 가장 가까운 소중한 사람에게 따뜻한 마음을 전달하자는 취지로 진행됐다.

특히 잭앤질의 ‘HOT&HEART’ 캠페인 화보에는 마르코, 브아걸 가인, 2AM 임슬옹, 알천랑 이승효 박예진, 옥주현, 송중기, 임주환, 최여진, 한은정 등 총 17명의 셀러브리티들이 참여해 그 의미를 더했다.

From Korean Vogue Girl November 2009 issue...

Jack&Jill brand's "Hot and Heart" campaign..

Best friends, Song Ki and Im Joo Hwan...

Part of the proceeds will go to help poor neighbors...

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Guest zhouyumin_kk

I'm Joong-Ki Thai Fan

I think he is so handsome and so cute

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Guest zhouyumin_kk

.:: AVATAR ,, ::.

lsjka.gif 1yask.jpg mln03.jpg

Credit** zhouyumin_kk@popcornfor2.com


Credit** มะมิ้น*@popcornfor2.com

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현재 '뮤직뱅크'의 MC로 활약하고 있는 송중기와 서효림은 최근 진행된 KBS 2TV '스타골든벨' 녹화에 참여, 상대 MC가 되기를 바랐던 사람이 따로 있었다고 털어놨다.

이날 녹화에서 "'뮤직뱅크' 상대 MC로 은근히 기대했던 사람이 누구인가?"라는 MC 지석진의 질문에 서효림은 2PM의 닉쿤을, 송중기는 신봉선과 김신영을 지목해 눈길을 끌었다.

이 말을 들은 신봉선이 "그런(?) 스타일 좋아하시나 봐요?"라며 다소 의외라는 듯 물어 웃음을 자아냈는데, 송중기는 "평소 신봉선의 팬이었다"며 "'뮤직뱅크' 여자 MC로 신봉선을 추천했었다"고 고백해 출연진들의 이목을 집중시켰다.

한편, 오는 24일 방송되는 '스타골든벨'에는 송중기와 서효림 외에 이경실, 신봉선, 솔비, 샤이니(온유, 민호, 키, 종현, 태민), 카라(박규리, 니콜), 최은주, 시크릿(송지은, 징거, 전효성), 김현철, 2AM 창민, 정주리, 김태현 등이 출연한다.

Joong Ki will be on Star Golden Bell which will air 10/24/2009...

MC Ji Suk Jin: As your co-MC in Music Bank, who did you have in mind?

Song Joong Ki: Shin Bong Sun and Kim Shin Young.

Shin Bong Sun: You must like that kind of style?

Song Joong Ki: I am Shin Bong Sun fan. I even suggested Shin Bong Sun as co-MC for Music Bank.

Ah, something to look forward to this weekend!

Joong Ki's second TV variety show!

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Music Bank MCs are dating?


Source: Allkpop


Our Music Bank MCs, Seo Hyo Rim and Song Joong Ki, might be another celebrity couple to arise!

Recently, the two were guests for an episode of Star Golden Bell and they raised a lot of suspicion regarding their relationship status.

The two have claimed to be mere 'best friends,' but the filming of the show supported otherwise. Music Bank viewers have also questioned the two MCs' relationship and have posted comments asking if the two were dating.

On Star Golden Bell, Mc Ji Suk Jin had revealed to the guests that Song Joong Ki had an alarmed expression on his face when Jun Hyun Moo asked if he and Seo Hyo Rim were dating.

Being amused with where this was leading to, the two were then asked, "Do you know where each other's houses are?"

Seo Hyo Rim answered, "Song Joong Ki lives in Non-Hyun-Dong." Following suit, Song Joon Ki answered, "She lives in Han-Nam-Dong."

Their correct/honest answers then raised even more suspicions and led the guests to exclaim, "Are you sure they're really not dating?!"

The other guests then blurted, "We heard them make plans to go eat after this filming in the waiting room." (Hahaha, BUSTED!) To this, the two were reported to have stoned/alarmed expressions on their face.

This episode is set to be broadcasted in Korea on the 24th and along with the two lovebirds, the line-up of guests include: SHINee (Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Minho, and Taemin), Kara's Gyuri, Secret's Song Ji Eun, Lee Kyung Shil, and Shin Bong Sun.



Images via nate

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does anyone have access to his sidushq pictures?

they look so damn beautiful, i really want them T-T

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30일 오후 2시 마포구 서교동 홍대 T-bar에서 컨버스의 '인디 컬처 페스티벌(INDIE CULTURE FESTIVAL)'이 열렸다.

특히 이날 컨버스 인디 컬쳐 페스티발 행사에는 최강희, 이천희, 김진표, 송중기, 휘황, 이윤정 등이 참석하고 그들의 작품도 함께 전시되었다.

Indie Culture Festival opened on 10/30/2009 at T-bar...

Star designed Converse shoes were on display... among them Joong Ki's own design!

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Pics of Joong Ki from SidusHQ...

A day in the life of Song Joong Ki...




Studious Joong Ki...


Ice cream anyone? ^^





Mickey Mouse Joong Ki!



All above pics taken either in Nam San Library or In Sa Dong...

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