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[Manga/Anime] Paradise Kiss

Guest iloveren

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Guest iloveren

by Ai YazawaParadise kiss


I love paradise kiss. I think its really good.

This comic is widely read not only in Japan, but in many countries around the world. The Paradise Kiss manga has been translated from Japanese to at least nine different languages, Chinese (Taiwan and Hong Kong), Korean, French, Italian, Polish, Thai, German, Spanish and English. The English version is published by TOKYOPOP.

Yukari Hayasaka lives the typical life of a Japanese high school senior. She is constantly under the stress of her mother, Tomoko, who desperately wants her to succeed as a student. Walking the streets, Yukari is accosted by Arashi Nagase who tells her she has the perfect look. Shocked by his bizarre appearance and uncomprehending of his intentions, Yukari tries to escape, but bumps into Isabella, is "captured" by her, faints, and is brought to the Paradise Kiss atelier.

She regains consciousness in the studio and meets the kind and childlike Miwako, Arashi's girlfriend. The trio explains that they are students at the unique art school Yazawa Gakuen, and they ask her to be their model for the school's annual fashion show. At first she angrily declines and leaves in a huff, dropping her student handbook.

Soon after, she meets their eccentric leader/designer, George, who under the guise of returning the ID book, introduces Yukari to the world of fashion, to the world of Paradise Kiss. Drawn by the allure of Paradise Kiss members' determination and George's charisma, Yukari is quickly swept off her feet and into the cut-throat world of fashion and romance.

Volumes: 5 (complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1144

Published by: Tokyopop & Vertical

Anime Episodes: 12*

This series has also live action drama released

Yukari Hayasaka (早坂紫, Yukari Hayasaka?)
A high school student who is tired of her meaningless and repetitive life moulded by her up-tight mother, she ends up modelling for Paradise Kiss after being kidnapped. She is often referred to as "Caroline" by Miwako.
Voiced by: Yu Yamada (Japanese), Julie Ann Taylor (English)

George Koizumi (小泉譲二, Koizumi Jōji?)
An eccentric but handsome student of Yazagaku who has an extraordinary talent as a fashion designer. He has a lot of extravagant ideas, which are not always accepted by the general public. He wants Yukari to become a real and independent woman.
Voiced by: Kenji Hamada (Japanese), Patrick Seitz (English)

Miwako Sakurada (櫻田実和子, Sakurada Miwako?)
A student of Yazagaku who works with George to run their own brand, Paradise Kiss. She is the younger sister of the creator of the Happy Berry brand, Mikako Kouda, who was the protagonist of Gokinjo Monogatari. She is very sweet and cute, and tends to act in a rather childlike manner.
Voiced by: Marika Matsumoto (Japanese), Jolie Jackson (English)

Arashi Nagase (永瀬嵐, Nagase Arashi?)
Miwako's boyfriend and a student of Yazagaku who also works with George to run Paradise Kiss. He is the son of a musician and a guitarist in a punk band. He tends to act rough, but can be very caring. He also has quite an assortment of facial piercings. Son of Kanzaki Risa, who is a good friend of Mikako Kouda, also from Gokinjo Monogatari.
Voiced by: Shunsuke Mizutani (Japanese), Derek Stephen Prince (English)

Daisuke "Isabella" Yamamoto (山本大助, Yamamoto Daisuke?)
A very tall, mysterious, transgendered Yazagaku student, who has been a good friend of George's since childhood. Isabella prefers to be thought of as a woman, and is mortified when referred to as her birth name 'Daisuke'.
Voiced by: Chiharu Suzuka (Japanese), Mari Devon (English)

Hiroyuki Tokumori (徳森浩行, Tokumori Hiroyuki?)
Yukari's classmate, as well as the object of her affections at the beginning of the story. Hiroyuki was once in love with Miwako, but Arashi forbid her from seeing him. He is very intelligent and handsome. He eventually falls for Yukari. Son of Gokinjo Monogatari character, Hiroaki Tokumori a.k.a "Toku-chan".
Voiced by: Noriyuki Uchino (Japanese), Johnny Yong Bosch (English)

Kaori Aso (麻生香, Asō Kaori?)
A former Yazagaku student who is now studying abroad. She has romantic feelings for her old friend George, but knows that he is not the type to make a woman happy.
Voiced by: Miho Saiki


The opening of paradise kiss






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Oh yeah! I'm so glad that it was finally made into an anime! It only has 12 episodes or so I've heard. I'm a bit bummed out that the characters aren't as hot as they were in the manga but that's all right. It's nice to have it in live action. Caroline/Yukuri looked pretty in that paradise kiss outfit in the end btw and George is cute at least. Woot! Can't wait until the next episode.

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Guest Access DENIED

Ok i never liked the manga but when i saw the animation and found out that franz ferdinand sang the ending theme. I just had to watch the first episode

i'm so addicted to the songs..

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Guest Strawberry Boba Tea

Oooh so it's finally out? I'm going to DL it.

True, the artwork isn't as great as the manga (even though IMHO it wasn't THAT good anyway), I'd still watch it because I loved the manga. It was bittersweet.

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Guest tomodachi-

loveeee the op song =)

i thought the characters look quite different to the manga too.

somehow i liked reading the manga better.. =\

but i'm just watching the anime for the sake of watching the anime ~ lol ..

not that bad.. i'd continue watching =)

wonder if the ending's gonna be the same O_o

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I loved the manga. O______O I just found that it was made into an anime too. I hope it's good. Does anyone know where I can watch or download the anime?

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i just finished watching it and i love the opening song ^^

the anime doesn't seem as good as i thought it would be. the "funny" scenes i thought wasnt funny at all. i'm just hoping they don't change the plot of the manga.

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Guest x__FL4*

never heard of it but.. since everyone says it's good i'll give it a try =D ohh and wat's the title of the opening song.. since everyone is saying it's awesome =P

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Guest kittinexjj

omg omg omg omg!! im going to hyperventilate...i cant wait for this anime to release. paradise kiss was my favorite manga. johji or george was so hot....im dissapointed to find out arashi's hair is blonde...i expected more wild...but nevertheless im ecstatic.....weeeeeeeee!!

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Guest fantasiimaker

I was disappointed in the anime >< the art is so strange...especially when they switch to comic style, it's so ugly xD;; And I don't like Yukari's voice actress <__<;

I prefer Yazawa's original style T___T It sucks when the anime changes too much.

Though I wouldn't mind if they made a Paradise Kiss movie, like with Nana =OO <3

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Though I wouldn't mind if they made a Paradise Kiss movie, like with Nana =OO <3

/\ Omg yes. O___O That would be awesome.. eheh.

And thanks, ButterBean. (:

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