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Seto Koji (せと こうじ) ( D-boys ) Thread


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Guest shiningstar153

Hello, Koji fans! It's been a while~

Just found this clip of a D-Boys photoshoot...and Seto Koji, of course. *^.^*

Here it is --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uoHyHImSCc


This is the second part --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEPiQT-EyvQ...feature=related

The boys are wearing white! :3 Yay!

Edit: In the second clip, there is a second where Koji kisses Masato on the cheek. *^.^* So cute!

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Guest sylviya

Ack, damn I missed his birthday <_<

Ah well, happy belated Koji~ (:

I love him in Atashinchi no Danshi, he's my favourite<3

How could you not love him? He's adorable LOL.

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Guest aruna_irani


I agree he grabs my attention too in ataDan.

I love him the most there and the second is Sho but overall, Satoru wins !!

Koji bangs in AtaDan was super duper cute.

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Guest melvinn

me too he oso catch my attention in atadan lol

he just so cute LOL

especially when he as satoru when he is jealous

he just super cute btw i'm melvin nice to meet u all koji fans ^_^

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Guest aruna_irani

hi Melvinn *hugs*

let's fangirl over him. We can talk so much about Koji.

he was just too cute as Satoru..OMG~

I wonder how his mother and father looks like..what do they eat..hehe

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Guest .flyhigh

WAHH how did I not know there was a Seto Koji thred? =3=;; Then again I don`t know much things anyway.. It`s really hard for me to believe I didn`t know who he was until I watched Atashinchi no Danshi ><;; He realy caught my attention =D My favourite <3 Hope his thread gwos larger ^-^

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Guest sylviya

Sorry I'm commenting again, I can tell this will be one of my 'visit-everyday-to-check-on-updates' kind of thread LOL.

Koji looks so cute in that pink and black polkadot shirt ><

He is prettier than me and I'm a girl D: It's so sad.. LOL.

When I saw Koji in AtaDan in the maid outfit, my face went :o I was shocked at HOW LONG HIS LEGS ARE! #)(&)#&#&(*#(#^(! I'm so jealous T_T He has such nice, long legs O_O

And I also love his bangs in AtaDan, omg he makes everything look adorable LOL.

Edit; I forgot to mention... Seto Koji looks alot like Koike Teppei ><

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Guest melvinn

haha thanks for sharing those pics asmiera btw erm u should noe i'm a boy rite seeing from my username haha :)

i 1st know him in atadan so i do nt know much about him maybe u guys can share abt his info more. Btw anyone watching atadan live tomorrow maybe we can spazzabt him in here :)

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hehe..please visit here often, we need to make this thread grew larger and big..

Koji needs more love..


I agree Koji is pretty than me too..and pretty than most friend that I have..and yes, it wasn't the first time I heard resemblances between Koji and Teppei.

But yeah, haven't heard that for so long..

when he still new..Koji get so many comment about his TEPPEI-is face..

we can't blame him...both Teppei and Koji was toooo cute right ?;)


Fanboy for Koji ?


Let's spazz..it's great to know Koji have a fanboy :D *huggles*

Honestly, he wasn't that newbies to showbiz but since AtaDan, Koji popularity increased *0*

By the way, I agree...Koji as Satoru makes everything turned and look adorable *0*/


Yes..thanks for coming here..

I'm glad you found his thread..I really thought it will be only me who sits here T______________T

let's spazz..

Wow his AtaDan really shine and boost his popularity now..



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