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Seto Koji (せと こうじ) ( D-boys ) Thread


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Guest cheonhee

In Malaysia, AtaDan currently airing every Sunday. I'm so thrill and I'm sure Koji will get more and more fans after this.

The drama is just too awesome~

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Guest aruna_irani

SETOMARU is love!!

I love him ever since I know D-boys and I hope he can become more popular.

Seriously this boy is too cute for words

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Guest kisachan

222222222 everyone, I really find hard Seto's topic. And now here. I'm new member, I'm VietNamese and I'm 14. I really love Seto, his face, his eyes, his voice... and special his lips:wub:. I really really just once, can kiss him:P.

I can't view Seto's blog. I clicked the link but I can't see any Seto'pic. And his new drama, RunwayBeat'll come in January,2010. I really want to see his new drama:lol:. Does anybody have his video? I search in Youtube but it has a little. Please send me nê. Hontoni arigatou

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