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Seto Koji (せと こうじ) ( D-boys ) Thread


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Even it was my freind who said that, it still rude to me.


and I think Koji is way more cute than donald duck..hahah

Okay I'm being biased now.


again..your siggie kills me..

whoaa..Koji...and that lil Akira boy..uhuhuhu~


welcome to Koji land of fangirlism..

let's spazz..we can never have enough spazzing about them..how's that ?

again..AtaDan bring more fans to Koji..wow



thanks for sharing..

it's worth to see so I don't think people here mind..hehe..

please share more..

we can never have enough over this cutey.


He'a the most kawaii creature...woohh..I like him in Atashinchi...oh my..his lips are so adorable!...^^



I second that ^^


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he know how to play with his lips and makes us all the fangirls dies..and melting..

he's too cute to be 21 years old..but he is 21 years old guy..


such a cutey guy. EVER !!

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Guest melvinn

lol yeah i agree his cuteness really melts everybody not only fangirls (me too LOL)

his cuteness really make him even younger than 21 years old

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you're amazing..I really salute you..hehe


WHAT CAN i SAY..AGAIN & AGAIN --> ATADAN MAKE HIM REALLY FAMOUS NOW..woots.For those who still didn't watch Koizora..go watch it ^^




cr : palimari@LJ

isn't he looks cute

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Guest melvinn


haha erm are you refering to me LOL he indeed is so pretty even me as guys jealous of his beauty and cute :o


thanks for sharing those koji pics arigato :lol: Indeed the one when he wearing the blue shirt look like Teppei :lol:


yeah me too I haven visit this thread for long too erm why is this thread suddenly become so dead? :blink: Come on everyone! Let's make this thread active again and continue spazzing about him like his acting in atashichi no danshi. Today i missed my live of watching it because i was out, i kind of regret going out with my friend, it seem boring LOL. It seem there is less hope on having satoru and chisato to be together :tears: after that !@#$% kiss between sho and chisato LOL (Just joking) but I will still await more of satoru and chisato moments and continue watching no matter what! Actually if the scripwriter for that drama let satoru take some action towards Chisato, I think by now they will be together :wub: Anyway hope this thread being active again :)

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Guest Cherriechen


Yes! :D aaaaand YES, I´m jealous too. :wub:

And, your Banner is LOVE!!! *_*

I would love to see at least a few more Satoru x Chisato moments too, even if it´s just in a friendly way. His crush is way to sweet and obvious to let us just hanging there midway. <_< Hopefully we can have a cute little ending, at least. :tears:


I have some more, but sadly they aren´t very big. :(

Junon July 2009

Click Image to Enlarge

Koji :blush:

6055koji-junon-july1.jpg 6398Koji-junon-july2.jpg

Koji Pin-up :w00t:

6160koji-junon-julyposter1.jpg 6619koji-junon-julyposter2.jpg

Several small special-columns :lol:

(content of your bag, lifeline, drawing-corner)

9506Koji-junon-july3.jpg 2856koji-junon-july4.jpg 9035koji-junon-july5.jpg

Atashinchi no Danshi - Behind the camera :D

8516atadan-junon-july1.jpg 5243atadan-junon-july2.jpg 598atadan-junon-july3.jpg

2849atadan-junon-july4.jpg 993atadan-junon-july5.jpg 2718atadan-junon-july6.jpg

(found @ Baidu)

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Guest Cherriechen

Gomen, I´m not sure if the original Music Videos of TETRA-FANG have been posted here before, but I wanted to bring some sexy Koji :wub:

TETRA-FANG - Destiny´s Play

TETRA-FANG - Individual System

TETRA-FANG - Supernova

TETRA-FANG - Message

TETRA-FANG - Roots of the King

Not a Video, just a song

Crimson Fang feat. Wataru Kurenai - With you

Koji with Nanase Aikawa as backround singer :)

TETRA-FANG - Supernova (live)

More live hotness next time :blush:

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Guest melvinn


i totally agree with you :D , his crush is just so cute, like in ep 8 when deciding who to be the head of the family will get 10 million. Satoru will use to go to around the world tour for 2, it so obvious that the 2 is definitely him and chisato haha. He just do not want to admit but his actions say everything. :P

and also in ep 9 when they try jumping with the rope, satoru is so cute haha, he like out of pace and keep on jumping when he fail lol but chisato encourage him. After that he went to train on himself.Whenever satoru and chisato appear i would watch attentively and smile haha, i think they are really compatible since he is the first one that have good feelings on her, i think they 2 are destined together haha :wub:

I'm really quite sad, atashichi is ending next week and ep 10 is seriously a big twist when chisato knew that she is shinzo's daughter, and it is so fun and cute to watch the reaction of satoru when he knew about the 2nd kiss between sho n chisato haha he punch sho, good punch haha.

Anyway the preview really sucks and make me sad, i hope this is not going to be end like this, i trust the scriptwriter at least give us that the 7 of them live together happily and i sincerely hope chisato n satoru to be together or maybe let satoru kiss her too haha. Anyway the crew just finish fliming the whole drama on the 19th so the preview for last ep was not made with scenes from the last ep so i trust them will make a happy ending at least.

Btw, thanks for ur pics :)

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Guest LittleShine

OMG. He is sooooo insanely cute, I LOVE his lips, I'm starting to really love this guyy <3

I dunno if its just me but doesn't he resemble Jaejoong a little? Maybe its the hair....

I just noticed him in atashinchi no danshi!

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