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[movie 2006] Barefoot Gi-bong 맨발의 기봉이

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest adikkeluangman

Shin Hyun Joon, Kim Su-mi, Im Ha-ryong

맨발의 기봉이 (Barefoot Ki-Bong 2006)


Official website: http://www.gibong.co.kr/

Source: Koreanfilm.org

BAREFOOT GI-BONG. ("Maenbal-ui Gibong-i") (working title) Shin Hyun-joon takes the lead role in this film based on a true story that attracted much attention on Korean TV. Gi-bong is a boy who suffered brain damage as a child, and is known in his small village for begging food and running back home to serve his mother (Kim Su-mi) before it gets cold. The head of the village, played by Im Ha-ryong (Welcome to Dongmakgol), decides to help the boy train to take part in a National Amateur Half Marathon. Produced by Taewon Entertainment, this film is slated for a release in spring 2006, and will look to attract the same same crowd that lined up to see Marathon in 2005.

Source: Twitchfilm.net - November 06, 2005

After Lee Chang-Dong's 오아시스 (Oasis), and the smash hit 말아톤 (Marathon), a third film dealing with handicaps is approaching Chungmuro. Cranking in last October 29th in a small village near Namhae (South Gyungsang Province), Director Kwon Soo-Kyung's 맨발의 기봉씨 (Barefoot Ki-Bong) is a human drama about a seven year old kid with aging problems. Based on a story featured on the popular KBS documentary 인간극장 (Human Theater), the film will star Shin Hyun-Joon as the Ki-Bong of the title, with Kim Soo-Mi playing his mother. Also, Im Ha-Ryong will play Ki-Bong's trainer, who helps him learn how to run. For the role, Shin cut his hair, and even lost 10 Kg, something similar to what Jo Seung-Woo did for 'Marathon.'

Source: cine21

m0020063gibong2w6004vs.th.jpg m0020062gibong1w6002xu.th.jpg m0020005gibong3w6004ut.th.jpg

m0020006gibong4w6009vz.th.jpg m0020023bs01w6005vf.th.jpg m0020024bs02w6000kt.th.jpg

m0020028still04w6009pa.th.jpg m0020017gibong5w6006xo.th.jpg m0020025bs03w6006dj.th.jpg

맨발의 기봉이 (Barefoot Ki-Bong)

Theatrical Trailer



Making Of



Crank Up Footage



Music Video Making Of



VIP preview



Music Video



Via: cine 21

Press Conference:





c: midnight sun + rubie @ ShinHyunJoon soompi thread

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Yesss!!! Finally the movie thread, thanks N'war!

Here's a previous article related to the movie and the leading actor's performance. Barefoot Gi-Bong is still going strong at the box office, even with Hollywood movies (MI & Da Vinci Code) coming in.

Go, Go Gi-Bong! :w00t:


Updated Apr.25, 2006 20:41 KST

Shin Hyun-jun Redeems Himself in Another Intense Part


"Public duty" and "faith" are keywords in an interview with the actor Shin Hyun-jun ahead of the release of his film 'Barefoot Ki-bong." The actor's mother reportedly prays nonstop for six hours a day, and his older sister is said to have the gift of prophecy. The actor himself is now in his third year of volunteering to help bathe and look after children with cerebral palsy.

In a recent meeting with the press in Japan, the actor got a little carried away while talking about missionary work, until finally the head of the company that sponsored the event and invited the actor said, "Could you please just talk about something else." The actor said, "If that’s what you want, I'll return your money and leave." The company president apologized.

But maybe our feelings about Shin Hyun-jun are a little narrow-minded, even if most of the fault for the misunderstanding lies with the actor himself. After getting his foot in the door in Chungmuro with the role of the Hayashi in the film "The General's Son (1990)", the actor played opposite Han Seok-gyu in "The Gingko Bed" (1996), in which he and Han's character both loved the same woman in a previous lifetime. The actor's already intense eyes took on an even darker shade in the film, but his attempts to project a tragic and cruel beauty fell flat.

In the comedy "Marrying the Mafia" (2005), the actor played a mob boss and looked unable to shed his intense air even in a lighter movie.


But in "Barefoot Ki-bong" the actor successfully regresses to a child to give a splendid performance. The character is more convincing than anyone had a right to expect.

Ki-bong is 40 years old, but his mental development stopped at the age of eight following a high fever. He is treated like an idiot by his neighbors, but because of his strong sense of duty to his mother, he enters a marathon to buy his mother a set of dentures. Shin calls Ki-bong "the first character I really wanted to play."

Asked whether too much emphasis on the beauty of humanity can seem mawkish to an audience, Shin offers a spirited defense. "I have a friend who looks like Frankenstein; he teaches music at a university. But when he plays the piano, he is beautiful. His appearance is completely changed. I hope that people aren't prejudiced about me just because of rumors they heard, or because I have scary eyes, a big nose and look like a foreigner. I used to be unable to say this kind of thing out of concern that people would get me wrong, but now that I've turned 40, I feel comfortable to say what I want."

(englishnews@chosun.com )

Source: http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/new...0604250017.html

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Barefoot Ki-bong / Manbal-eui Gibong-yi

Release date

April 26, 2006


Drama, Comedy


KWON Soo-kyung


CHUNG Tae-won

Production Budget

US$ 4M


Ki-bong, who suffered from a fever when he was a child, is commonly called a 'fool'. The village people call him 'Barefoot Ki-Bong' because he runs barefoot with food he has begged and serves his mother before it gets cold. Running is Ki-Bong' greatest skill. It is his mother that Ki-bong loves the most. Ki-bong decides to take part in the National Amateur Half Marathon' in order to buy artificial teeth for his mother with the prize money, and works hard looking forward to the day of the race. Mr. BAEK, the head of the village, volunteers to be Ki-bong's trainer. The village people realize what family and love between family members mean to them when they see Ki-bong, who is considered a non-entity, working hard for the competition. The village gets changed by the efforts of Ki-bong and Mr. BAEK.


SHIN Hyun-joon (Ki-bong), KIM Su-mi (Ki-bong¡¯s mother), IM Ha-ryong (Mr. BAEK),TAK Jae-hoon (Yeo-chang)

The Director

KWON Soo-kyung

admin_200659164641_1.jpg 1968 (Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea)

KWON was born in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea in 1968. He graduated from Kyung Hee University, majoring in Korean Literature and completed a master's degree in Directing at Beijing Film School. He also produced hundreds of TV commercials in Korea during the years 1995 to 1997. is his feature directorial debut.

Source: http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/films/feature_..._part=1&p_item=

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Report & review credit to TomG at koreanfilm.org

Box Office Report

April 28-30

1. BLOODY TIES (Korea) -- (new)

2. BAREFOOT KI BONG (Korea)--(new)

3. LOVE PHOBIA (Korea)-- (new)

4. MY SCARY GIRL (Korea)-- ( -3)

5. ICE AGE 2 (USA)-- ( -3)

6. INSIDE MAN (USA) -- ( -3)

7. 16 BLOCKS (USA)-- ( -3)

8. HOODWINKED (USA)-- ( -3)


10. NORTH COUNTRY (USA)-- (new)

Two new Korean films jostled for the top spot in last week's box office. Although Barefoot Ki-bong beat out Bloody Ties in three provinces, the rest were firmly behind Bloody Ties which wound up taking 32.9 percent of the national ticket sales for a total of about 370,000 viewers. In this film, director Choi Ho teams up powerhouses Ryu Seung-beom and Hwang Jeong-min as a drug dealer and a cop out to topple a drug lord.

Barefoot Ki-bong will probably appeal to those who enjoyed the movie Marathon and it seems likely that new director Kwon Su-kyeong and the others involved in making this film had that audience in mind when they were making this film. It is based on a true story of a boy who suffered from brain damage but eventully comes to take part in a marathon. Shin Hyeon-jun departs from his usual style of acting as he takes the lead role and popular veteran actress Kim Su-mi plays his mother. The film took 25.3 percent of the weekend box office and sold more than 280,000 tickets.

Box Office Report

May 5-7

1. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (USA) -(new)-- 460 screens

2. BAREFOOT KI-BONG (Korea)-- (no change)--312 screens

3. BLOODY TIE (Korea)-- ( -2) --308 screens

4. ICE AGE 2 (USA) -- ( +1 ) -- 186 screens

5. OVER THE BORDER (Korea)-- (new) --183 screens

6. HOODWINKED (USA)-- ( +1 ) -- 100 screens

7. MY SCARY GIRL (Korea)-- ( -3 ) --130 screens

8. LOVE PHOBIA (Korea)-- ( -5 ) -- 185 screens

9. KIRIOU AND THE WILD BEASTS (France)-- (new) -- 20 screens

10. KERORO (Japan) -- (new) -- 28 screens

Barefoot Ki-bong managed to hold steady at number two while last week's number one film, Bloody Tie, dropped to number three. They held 17 and 13 percent of the box office respectively. However, even though the Shin Hyeon-jun film film fared better in the weekend totals, Bloody Tie actually has had more overall ticket sales. Bloody Tie has a two week total of 1,172,134 tickets sold while Barefoot Ki-bong has had 1,081,086 over the same amount of time.

Box Office Report

May 12-14

1. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 (USA)- no change- 446 screens

2. BAREFOOT KI-BONG (Korea)- no change- 280 screens

3. BLOODY TIES (Korea)- no change- 260 screens

4. FINAL DESTINATION 3 (USA)- new- 146 screens

5. KONG PIL-DU (Korea)- new- 209 screens

6. ICE AGE 2 (USA)- ( -2 ) - 60 screens

7. OVER THE BORDER (Korea)- ( -2 ) - 197 screens

8. ANTHONY ZIMMER (France)- new- 60 screens

9. MY SCARY GIRL (Korea)- ( -2 ) - 57 screens

10. HOODWINKED (USA)- ( -4 ) - 64 screens

Number two this week was once again Barefoot Ki-Bong. I am at a loss to explain the popularity of this film. Now, I'm someone who liked Marathon, the most obvious comparison to Barefoot Ki-bong, and I don't mind when a film tries to manipulate me into crying. But this movie is like Marathon-times-3. It's too blatant in what its trying to do and does everything but hit you over the head to reduce the viewer to sobs. Is that enough to make a film successful? Apparently. Since opening two weeks ago, Barefoot Ki-bong has had 1,550,369 people watch it and it took 16 percent of the weekend totals.

Box Office Report

May 19-21

1. Da Vinci Code (USA)- new - 480 screens

2. Mission Impossible 3 (USA)- ( -1 ) - 404 screens

3. Barefoot Kibong (Korea)- ( -1 ) - 245 screens

4. Family Ties (Korea)- new - 177 screens

5. Final Destination 3 (USA)- ( -1 )- 134 screens

6. Bloody Ties (Korea)- ( -3 )- 198 screens

7. Ice Age 2 (USA)- ( -6 )- 67 screens

8. The Big Match (Korea)- (-3 )- 124 screens

9. Hoodwinked (USA)- ( +1 )- 43 screens

10. Keroro (Japan) - (+1 ) - number of screens unavailable

Barefoot Kibong has once again been shown to be hardier than imaginable when it managed to hang on near the top of the box office one more weekend. It has gathered a total of 1,818,761 viewers since opening in late April.

For full report at:



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I like movies that are based on a true story ;D

me too , so i really hope tis movie will be released in my country one day ~

if not , try & get the DVD ~ ;)

i'm glad it's still doing so well in Korea ! , currently top Korean movie even after 1 mth of release ~

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Gratitude to VEGTED for sharing the review. :)

BAREFOOT KI-BONG - "Maenbal-ui Gibong-i"

April 2006 Cinema Release

Ki-bong is the name of the lead character in this touching drama based on true events. It tells the story of a man injured in youth and destined to retain a child-like mind. Shin Hyun-june takes the lead in a most remarkable performance which delicately treads the line between over the top lampoonery and an accurate portrayal of a man afflicted.

Ki-bong is tied by love to his aging mother’s apron and has ingratiated himself on a series of locals who require menial tasks performed for which he receives either a token payment of cash or food. While hoping to take a few swipes in a batting cage one day he inquires about the lady within booth and her detachable teeth. Due to his unwavering desire to help his mother in anyway, the possibility of a new set of teeth becomes a goal which ultimately leads to training for and competing in a half marathon.

Low budget Korean cinema has something that many cinema from around the world lack, the confidence to give screen time to the seemly banal. This movie has a budget but thankfully this tendency shines through from the director’s less affluent beginnings. It contains moments that sing the praises of small town Korea and a landscape that goes predominately ignored.

Couple that with an ability to swing wildly from moments of slapstick humor to gut wrenching, tissue grabbing explorations of the human capacity to love and you have the making of a most entertaining film. The locally recognizable face of Kim Su-mi, seen in commercials, Sit-coms, TV dramas and cinema, is seen here as an almost house bound, toothless old woman giving unquestionable love to her forty year old son. Despite his affliction she has come to rely on his abilities to find their next meal but in her own way, it is understood, she too would do anything for him.

The film brims with subplots from a group of well turned characters, something Korean film has waved triumphantly in the face of more name driven, movie making machines. As each story finds its conclusion we discover the climax for which we’ve hoped but at times seemed lost. On the whole, a well told and well presented story.

Source & credit: http://vegted.blogspot.com/2006/05/post-16...vie-review.html

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Guest midnight sun

adikkeluangman... thanks.









Via: cine 21

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S. Korean films hit new low at box office in May

SEOUL, June 2 (Yonhap) -- South Korean films suffered a crushing defeat in local box office attendance in May due to an increase in the number of holidays and the popularity of two foreign flicks, a theater chain said Friday.

South Korean movies accounted for 33.9 percent of box office sales in Seoul in May, down 12.8 percentage points from the previous month, the multiplex theater chain CJ CGV said in its monthly box office market report.

The figure is the lowest since July last year, when domestic films recorded a 27.8 precent market share, the company added.

In contrast, the share controlled by U.S. movies rose sharply to 65.1 percent thanks to the popularity of Tom Cruise's "Mission Impossible 3" and the Ron Howard-directed "DaVinci Code," which took 53 percent of tickets in Seoul and 50 percent across the nation.

The success of the two movies contributed to surging audience figures in South Korea, up 53.1 percent from the same period last year.

Some 9.51 million people watched foreign films at nationwide theaters during the same period, the highest level since July last year, the company said.

As for the monthly box office, "MI:3" was the top-grossing film in May, followed by "DaVinci Code" and "Gibong with Bare Feet," a South Korean movie.



Source: http://english.yna.co.kr/Engnews/20060602/...02200537E5.html

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it comes with a nifty keychain :] and an autograph pstcard but it's in reg pen instead of a sharpie type pen

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