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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI


“After the United Nations dismantling and a large earthquake disaster happening in Tokyo, etc, the counter government motion by japanese students students again becomes active in 2020. One girl entered in the Musashino liberal arts university which is one of the bases base for the student movement. Her name is Ogata Rin. The “Rin” which has the talent of the dance which becomes type rare encounters with the human type bicycle robot ride back entrance first day. That, the opportunity which reforms the world is with, everyone’s one person there was no reason which is known….”- fansub.tv

"Set in 2020, Rideback tells the story of a college student named Rin Ogata and her "iron horse" robot motorcycle (rideback) called "Fuego", in a tumultuous time of anti-government student protests. " mangaupdates.com

I like this anime, i just picked it up today and i think i'm gonna follow it till the end. I'm not usually a fan of the "girl-with-mecha" genre but this one, i'll make the exception. My cousin has problems with the character design (he thinks the female's heads were too big) coz he's weird like that but i like the overall design of the characters. I just hope this doesn't turn into those animes where the lead meets the robot and they save the world of some sort...and yes, it's a manga adaptation.

site: http://www.rideback-anime.jp/rideback.html

Volumes: 10 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=12000Anime Episodes: 12



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Guest EHNerJI

hahaha yeah, i found the girls kinda difficult to look at too x:

especially her friend i was like O_O; LOL.

but it's pretty good.. i think i only watched the first 3 eps?

but yeah, so far it's pretty interesting haha. (:

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Guest spikeyheadedjerk

concerning the her head, yeah its like egg shaped or something =/ but i've seen worse.

gonna keep watching, i want to find out how shes gonna 'change the world.'

why is that theres always similar animes released at the same time? check out viper's creed, has motorcycle-mechs as well

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