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[japan Movie 2009] 恋極星 Koikyokusei

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Erika Toda stars in first film by photographer Amiy Mori

Wed, March 26, 2008 (2:52am EDT)

Actress Erika Toda is starring in a movie called "Koikyokusei," due out this coming winter. It will be the directorial debut of photographer Amiy Mori.

The story is based on a short manga by Omi Mitsuya called "Kimi ni Hikari wo" that appeared in Bessatsu Friend in 2005. Toda plays Natsuki, a young woman who lives in Hokkaido, where she takes care of her autistic younger brother. One day, she reunites with a childhood friend (Kazuki Kato) and falls in love, but he suffers from a terrible illness.


This is Toda's first time playing the sole lead in a movie, and is also her first love story.

Filming, already underway in Otaru and Sapporo, is scheduled to last until mid-May.

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cool, i'll be waiting for this to come out. i've seen her in nobuta wo produce and the liar game. she's a very good actress. as for the actor, he looks familiar. but i'm not too familiar with him. hope this movie does well when it comes out.

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Guest outside_castle

uhm... I hope Kazuki's acting has improved... he was soo bad and unnatural in Hotaru no Hikari ^^'

But I'll definitely watch this one :) I like Toda ^^

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