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♥ Joondi aka MinSun Couple ♥ ★ Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun ☺Official Thread


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ahhh!! finally a thread for jandi/joonpyo couple!!!! yayayaya!!!

how good was last night's ep.8!! finally more jp/jd moments hehehe!! ^________________________^

can't wait for more lovey dovey moments of them two! :D

i heard goo hye sun recently had an incident where she hit her head while diving...i hope she's fine...so weird how it was hyunjoong who had an accident followed by minho and then hye sun eoni~~ :unsure::tears:


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!뽀뽀!!! 뽀뽀!!! 뽀뽀!!!뽀뽀!!!

it was so close................but..................................

damn jandi's phone ><"" she should put it on silent mode or something hahaha definitely wrong timing. I can't believe i was acting like a crazy fangirl during this scene hahaha! hopefully they will have a better kissing scene! LOL it better be!!! :sweatingbullets:

I'm sure you HYD fanatics remember this scene of Domyouji/Makino's kissing scene from pt. 1...I remember I got cut by the SUN!! Blocking the view but it was still romantic and it was also a cute moment when she was chasing him while he's on his way to NYC




during BOF presscon! ahhh!! 이들은 귀엽다!!!!


LOL @ JP carrying her hahahaha!!어떻게!!어떻게 :rolleyes::sweatingbullets:

credits: hydkorlivejournal/leeminholivejournal

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Junpyo + Jandi= LOVE

In the other versions of BOF, I would usually prefer the girl + rui. but this time round, I have been supporting Junpyo + Jandi since the beginning!!! <333 Minho is just so HOT and Hyesun is SO cute.

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no worries, he will eventually in the later part...

but i adore his perm though :D

Really?!?! WHEN?

Omgssh I love his straight hair, reminds me of TOP.

Straight hair makes him look gangsterish and young while the perm makes him look classyy and a bit older =D

I like both but I prefer straight anyday.

- Lena

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haha for some reason i think JoonPyo

is cuter than Jandi.

i think he has soo much innocence to him, ironically.

oo RAiiNii3 , i like joondi. soo cute. =]

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Guest jelly_pudding

i loveddddd episode 8 :]

joon pyo is so tall next to jandi lol .. i was like i didn't know he was that tall or she was that short.. haha

but so cuteeeee !! <33

i love how he always stands up for her..

so are they officially "dating" like gf and bf ??

even though jun pyo told the whole school that she was his gf before lol..

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^ Yeah, I think they're official now (: The relationship before...was kind of one-sided? Forced? He declared that she was his gf, but I don't know if we're supposed to count that since Jandi didn't like him then, lol.

And yeah, their height difference is pretty big - it's really cute <3

minjee, 13infamyss, xxmaine, xPaperScarsx - Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and caps`! ^^*

Yes, I think the couple name should be Jundi <3 It sounds perfect.

And ep 8 was indeed love (: Finally together ~

구준표♡금잔디 "첫날밤"! (GJP+GJD; First Night Together) was so cute <3

And the scene where she was tricked into confessing her feelings for Junpyo, xD It was adorable to see them playing around after she found out - Jandi abusing the "patient" ~ ^^*

And seriously, they were so close. Then the phone call had to come >.< (I loved how awkward the two of them made this scene though, xD)

When these two are together, I think the drama is at its best (: Their scenes are just really fun to watch <3





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Let's keep this thread moving <3

As for Junpyo's hair, I feel like I'll miss his perm once he straightens it later on >.<

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so are they officially "dating" like gf and bf ??

even though jun pyo told the whole school that she was his gf before lol..

unless they really cut out the part where Tsukasa and Tsukushi decided to date for 2 months, then i guess this could consider as their official date......

IMO, she doesn't like JunPyo that much as of yet.... i see it as a stepping stone for Junpyo to win Jandi's heart. He's slowly getting there :) and ep 8 proved you that... While she was on a date with JiHoo, thoughts of the nights they spent together at that place kept Jandi's mind filled. Junpyo's gradually shaking Jandi's feelings.

Yes, I think the couple name should be Jundi <3 It sounds perfect.

JunDi sounds cuuute to me too :)

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Guest tinipinki

my new favorite thread!

yeah i noticed a lot of joonpyo's wardrobe for the drama consists of long coats, but he seriously has the body and looks to pull of ANYTHING, even that dress-like coat ^


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