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[variety] Geomsaekdaewang 검색대왕 - Sunday Sunday Night Segment

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Guest Rozzy

lolz..i was on tvants and juss watch'n what was on..nd suddenly..i see brian..nd i'm like..=O. what show is this. it seems pretty interesting..buh i dun really get it. >.<. it seemed pretty funny tho. i wonder y this show isn't that popular. =X.

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Guest tokidoki123

can anyone tell me who this is ?


The guy in the black shirt.

he was in the first Sunday Sunday episode.. the hidden camera segment. He was setting up his father. XO

Please ~~ anyone? ><;;

I'm sure his name is lee sang won, his the son of his famous parents. He was on love letter season 3 episode 7-8. Brian and Tim are on that episode too. Soompi has the video and subs (i think). It's trully hilarious.

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Lee Seung Gi is the guest of the epi this week. i watched online his cuts and i got excited a lot. its not funny as much but you can see how ur fav artist is in real, bcoz there is a hidden camera, right? thats great.

but i have a question because this is 1st epi i watched. i know they hide a camera but do they also not let the guests know they're recording? seems he didnt know he was joining in a show due to his expression when he saw the MC and staffs running out xD . then i guess so.


does anyone know any CB that available the HQ of this show?

OMG seems this show isnt much popular or sth? this theard is very quiet, the last post was 1 year ago o__O

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Guest hoang2000

does anyone help me to upload Sunday Sunday Night Babyface Clinic Club (2007-12-09)

Tim, Kim Dong Hyun, Hye Eun Ee, Byun Jin Sup, Yoon Chul Hyung, Lee Ye Rin, Lee Jae Eun, etc.

i can't download in CB,,,,,^^

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