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[drama2005] The Fifth Republic 제5공화국

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[MBC] Lee Duk Hwa Lee Jung Gil

MBC The Fifth Republic 제5공화국


Title: 제5공화국 / 5th Republic / The Fifth Republic

Episodes: 41

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast Period: 2005

Info (by YESASIA):

In October 1979, Korean president Park Chung Hee was shot to death by the head of the Korean CIA, Kim Jae Kyu, triggering massive political unrest. Offering a fascinating look into one of the most turbulent times in Korean modern history, 5th Republic is a controversial political drama that covers the key aspects of the period from President Park Chung Hee's assassination to general Chun Doo Hwan's military coup and his bloody rise to power, as well as the ensuing conflicts between the pro-democratic movement and Chun's military regime and the behind-the-scenes power struggles that ultimately led to Roh Tae Woo's presidential succession in 1987.

After the death of President Park Chung Hee in 1979, Park's protege Chun Doo Hwan staged an internal coup, taking full control of the military. He then imposed martial law across the country, setting off protests amongst frustrated citizens. In May 1980, thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators rallied against the oppressive government, culminating in a deadly civilian riot known as the Gwangju Uprising. Shortly thereafter, Chun took office as the nation's 11th President, establishing a dictatorial government labeled the "5th Republic". Chun's repressive regime eventually fell to the public outcry for democracy. In early 1988, just a few months short of the Seoul Olympics opening, Roh Tae Woo became the first popularly elected Korean president, marking the end of the 5th Republic era.

Given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, 5th Republic faced many challenges even before the start of the production - one of which was pressures from actual political figures who threatened to sue the network for defamation if the script was not modified. Moreover, there was growing concern over the possible glorification of the drama's lead character Chun Doo Hwan played by Lee Duk Hwa (Woman's World) whose strong charisma helped draw in big audience during the drama's initial broadcast. Treading a fine line between fact and fiction, 5th Republic hit close to home for many, especially for those who still remember the events as if they happened yesterday.

Synopsis (WithS2):

Controversial political drama that covers the key aspects of the period from President Park Chung Hee's assassination to general Chun Doo Hwan'smilitary coup and his bloody rise to power. (Time range- 1979-1987)


Lee Duk Hwa

Lee Jung Gil

Download Links (AJA-AJA) & English Subtitles (WithS2)

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