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Kim Rae Won 김래원 ❤ Ardent Actor ❤ Shining Star KBS2 'Black Knight'

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What a pity that all the efforts were gone within just a few days/hrs/mins.......

Thank you all in the past for keeping RaeWon's thread running and growing....thousand plus pages.....

Anyway, it's no time to pity the past, let's start working for this new one......

AZA!!! FIGHTING for RW!!!!


Hi, Phoebe,

Here I come. I know how you feel because I had the similar experience myself with my old laptop. Cheer up! Try looking at the bright side. You lost something, but might gain something in other places. Don't be sad! "OK?"

Time for me to go to bed now. Pretty late! Talk to you soon.

By the way, I didn't know you like " Starry Night" too. That' s one of my favorites also.

Thanks for your encouragement, my dear friends from RW island^^

Hi, akie^^

So we do have much in common...

Share with you & all Raewoners my 2 favorite quotes of this great painter^^

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

--Vincent Van Gogh

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oh dear... now who is who?? hehe.. i only recognise PChoi, carrie... lol...

oh ya... I am snowdrops/p0urqu0i... heee... will post up pics of our beloved rae won oppa soon!!

it's such a waste man!!! to have all the previous stuff deleted :(

i hope we can quickly build this thread up again.












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Hi all.....

This is ling, I finally registered successfully. I use ling999 as my user name but I couldn't do any posting. So I re-registered using this new username with '05' added on it.

I was so surprise when I log in to soompi...... ur... all the data gone and we need to start all over again

Calling out to midnightblue, ling999, elinluv & all other Raewoners at soompi ^o^)))

Please gather & post your collection of Raewon stuff here.

It'll be a BIGGGG project!


A place for people all over the world to get to know Kim Rae Won,

a gorgeous star, a versatile actor, the Prince in our hearts...

A place for you to share your love and admiration towards him...

A place to see how he smiles, shines, sparkles...

WOW!!!! PChoi...... you started the thread now.... Well say.......

yes.... this will be a BIG project .

Let's start a fresh.... I will definitely post back all the past pics that I've posted before........ ....

now I have to use this new user name. '

Phoebe..THANK GOD YOU STARTED THIS... sure count me in... :)

Keep the Raewon spirit burning......


elin....... you're always so nice & sweet....... Yes... Keep the Raewon spirit burning

hey pchoi, i am celest

i change a new nick

thanks for starting this thread

a fresh new start is good too

so lets make use of this new opportunity to start our "raewon" mania again


Hi.... Celest....... you're the second to post. Miss you too. Hope to meet you and beelan soon

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Oh bummer, this really sucks to lose the whole thread, but just as long as we are still together as one big Rae Won family of fans, then that's all that matters right. ^^ ;)

Btw new Mr.Socrates posters to share! :P

Especially love him in the police uniform. e9j5w4.gife9j689.gif:wub::wub:




credit to: fanmir

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Guest luckycarrienew


ps ling^^haha~u log name is longer as me~^0^

apple^^miss u

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--- My Little Bride ---wbp_20050115193409.jpg









Credit to ---> www.koreafilm.co.kr

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Attic Cat











- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Front - Aug. 27, 2005


Actress Kim Tae-hee and actor Kim Rae-won show off a bride-and-groom ensemble by top designer Andre Kim during a fundraiser for the Seoul National University Museum and the soon-to-be-opened SNU Museum of Contemporary Arts in Seoul on Friday. The actress graduates from SNU this year. /Yonhap

Source: Digital Chosunilbo, http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/new...0508260014.html

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Hi all,

I do keep some of our old captures.

These are our celebration for reaching each 100th page

Ur...... this will be in our memory. Luckily I 've captured all the sweet memory that we've in soompi previously.....

Let's recap. I will try to find all the old posting.

Let's start this big project again.....

Calling middy now....... where are you??? having problem registered like me? I try 3 times using different user name before I can do posting here.

OK..... here are all the captures from this clip..... Let's recall all the past celebrations

Firstly... I must present the award to middy for her contributions.

The most contribution award. --> middy :D :D











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Guest luckycarrienew

ling crissy^^waving

love this one


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HEY ALL! this is crissy....i did not log in yesterday and i was really surprised that something happened to soompi :(

where's middy?

luckily, most of the data here were transferred to our english forum --- Rae Won's Corner

i don't have enough time to transfer them because of my work though :unsure:

don't worry guys, we'll get this thread running in no time ;)

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Guest travelgirl

hi rae-wonnie fans!!! i think it's high time i joined this thread hehehe, was only lurking in the past coz u guys seemed pretty tight already, was a bit shy >___<

i love him in all his movies!!! <333

just got to see him in LSIH and again, his acting shined!

can't wait to see him in Socrates <3333

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