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Dorky Micky & DBSG (New) + unseen Ting pictures

Guest saradah

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I havent seen these before!! their facial expressions are priceless!! ^^ i wonder what phones thoes are i cant really see them

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JAE JOONG should stick to black hair. He looks terrible with brown hair.

YUNHO looks hotter with grayish hair. HAHAHAHA

& didn't MICKY get eye laser cause he didn't want to wear contacts all the time? so why is he wearing glasses?! FOR STYLE?

CHANGMIN & XIAH looks great as always.

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Guest mickys_psychokick

wehehe i have the same glasses as micky haha

aww the ting pics! soo cute! i miss micky's old hair, but i still like his new style

micky&changmin are soo cute

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Guest changminini

ahh~ changmin changmin cchangmin!! u r so cute! bwahah xDD

they all are :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

kakaka x]

hmm, i want a balloon too T^T haha xD

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