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[program] The Clinic For Married Couples: Love And War

Guest irkou

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Guest altinneen

I just saw an episode where a dude returns to Korea from America and doesn't have a place to stay so he crashes with his best friend and best friend's wife who are clearly married. The couple is infertile and the husband's mom blames the daughter and makes her drink all these weird concoctions which sometimes make her sick. The husband is busy at work and often on goes on business trips, does take her for granted but clearly does love his wife. He also clearly cares a lot about his friend as he's letting him stay at their home and eat their food rent free. 

The wife and the friend start a sexual relationship on the married couple's wedding anniversary in the husband's house which he works hard to pay for, in the husband's bed, which he presumably paid for, in front of a picture of the husband and wife. This goes on for several weeks while the clueless husband is happy that he gets to live with wife and best friend. The girl gets pregnant and eventually the two adulterers decide to run away. The guy tells the husband he's going back to America and a few days later the girl lies that she was diagnosed as infertile (when in actuality the husband is infertile) and uses her mother in-law's scolding as an excuse to run away.

The husband is devastated, lives a solitary, miserable life thinking he and his mother caused his poor wife to run away. His own mother in law knows where the daughter is but hides it from him.

Eventually he runs into them at a birthday party for their son and as expected freaks out. He brings the police to charge them with adultery. The B**** of a wife and b****** of a husband ask him to let them go for old times sake. The b**** of a wife even claims it's the husbands fault for letting the dude stay with them and that she couldn't refuse the friend's gaze. This is even though she started the affair after knowing him for only like 2 weeks!

The counselor's on the show do blame the wife BUT say it's partly the husbands fault for working so hard and not tending to his wife as much as he should have. WTF? Seriously? That's some BS. BS BS BS.

They say that the husband should file for divorce and get alimony. Why shouldn't he charge her for adultery and have her and his best friend thrown in jail. He cared for them and let them stay in his house only to have them F' each other under his roof, they definitely deserve to be in jail. They ruined the poor guy's life completely. He should mess theirs up too. That's absurd

As one can tell, I'm super happy Korea still has an adultery law. That law is kind of amazing.

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