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Jolin Tsai

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No more stunts for Jolin Tsai

Taiwanese Mandopop diva Jolin Tsai will go back to basics for her world tour next year – to sing and dance without any stunt segments.
She had injured her spine in 2008 training for gymnastic acts, hurt her scapula (near the shoulder), thighs and right ankle dancing ballet a year later and even fell from a metre high during pole dancing practice.
While the 34-year-old has been challenging herself with these high-difficulty stunts and is satisfied with her performances, Jolin announced yesterday at the media conference of her latest album Play that she will leave these stunts to professional dancers who can deliver the acts better than her.
The songstress also stated her perspective as to why artistes engage in these acts, especially after her good friend Wilber Pan’s injury which also happened during a stunt practice. Explaining that different singers have different concepts to their concerts, she feels that they should not be criticised for simply trying to bring an element of surprise to fans.
Jolin, who will still be dancing, added that she hopes to dabble in musicals too. In line with her album promotional activities, she will be filming a reality series which will see her take on different odd jobs. Jolin shared that she wants to try out certain jobs like working in a convenience store, being a surveyor or taxi driver.

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