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The 10th Kingdom


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Something magical is about to happen...



Two centuries after Snow White and Cinderella had their adventures, the Nine Kingdoms ready themselves for the coronation of Prince Wendel, Snow White's grandson, to the throne of the Fourth Kingdom. But an evil once-queen has freed herself from prison, and turns the prince into a golden retriever. Wendel, by means of a magic mirror, escapes into a hitherto-unknown Tenth Kingdom (modern day New York City) and meets Virginia and her father Tony. Pursued by trolls, cops, and a wolf in man's form, the three blunder back into the Nine Kingdoms and begin their adventures to restore Wendel to his human form and throne, and find the magic mirror that will take Tony and Virginia back home, all the while unknowing that Virginia already has a connection to the Nine Kingdoms that may prove deadly before we reach Happily Ever After.

The Kingdoms:

The 1st Kingdom ... Ruled by Cinderella

The 2nd Kingdom ... Ruled by Queen Riding Hood III in the North, and Gretel the Great in the South

The 3rd Kingdom ... Ruled by trolls and giants

The 4th Kingdom ... Ruled by Prince Wendell (Snow White's grandson)

The 5th Kingdom ... Ruled by the Naked Emperor VI

The 6th Kingdom ... Ruled by Queen Rapunzel

The 7th Kingdom ... Ruled by Olaf the Elf King

The 8th Kingdom ... Ruled by the Ice Queen

The 9th Kingdom ... Ruled by Dwarves


Kimberly Williams ... Virginia Lewis

John Larroquette ... Anthony "Tony" Lewis

Scott Cohen ... Wolf

Dianne Wiest ... The Evil Queen/Christine White

Daniel Lapaine ... Prince Wendell

Rutger Hauer ... The Huntsman

Ed O'Neill ... Relish the Troll King

Hugh O'Gorman ... Burly the Troll

Dawnn Lewis ... Blabberwort the Troll

Jeremiah Birkett ... Bluebell the Troll

Camryn Manheim ... Snow White

Ann-Margret ... Cinderella

Moira Lister ... Grandmother

Warwick Davis ... Acorn the Dwarf

Jimmy Nail ... Clayface the Goblin

Kim Thomson ... Queen Riding Hood III


Has anyone seen this before? It was broadcasted on NBC in 2000, but it didn't get that many viewers. It runs for almost 7 hours, so it's like an Asian drama. haha

I absolutely love it!! XD

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Guest jogii

i thought it was a mini-series with 5 episodes, not a movie.. i remember when it was on tv in 2000 here on monday-friday night and i'd tape all of them and kept re-watching them. i was in love with the show :lol: i serrrrriously loved it to bits though. i found it all magical and funny and everything. i sorta felt sad around the end.. when you know.. virginia and the queen.. and what the queen said to virginia.. i don't wanna spoil anything to anyone who hasn't seen it.

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Guest MissMonika

Oh, wow, I loved this series! I completely forgot about it until I saw this thread. I should rewatch this sometime...

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Guest Melyxcious

Ahhh, I remember watching this!

On TV and on VHS.

It was like.. 4 tapes long, 4 hours each or something lmfao.

i don't remember. I just remember that it took forever to finish haha.

Loved it oh so much <3

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Ahhh, I remember watching this!

On TV and on VHS.

It was like.. 4 tapes long, 4 hours each or something lmfao.

i don't remember. I just remember that it took forever to finish haha.

actually 3 tapes long...I loved the mini-series so much that I bought the VHS right after its final episode.

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Guest Aireia

omg. I think I remember seeing this.

I mostly remember the Wolf. This was totally interesting, although I don't think I clearly remember the whole storyline.

But I loved it because of the whole Fairy Tale thing in it. Ahhh. I seriously want to see it again.

I wished they did these kinds of mini-series more often.

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Guest nanshi

I love this mini-series! It's just...so cute and refreshing! I love anything that "retells" fairy tales (like Shrek was fun too) and this is just perfect!! It shows a more... well, accurate side of fairy tales. After all, they did have rather sinister morals (most/some of the them).

I actually have them on DVD!!! It was at Blockbuster for $12. Didn't even have to think twice. Went home and watched the ENTIRE THING that night. It was lovely...!! =D You can probably find it at Amazon too... We recorded it on VHS too, but my dad turned to it while randomly channel surfing and thought it looked interesting and kept on watching, so we missed like the first hour of the show... so I was excited to get the DVD and actually see the beginning too... haha.

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I was really excited when they advertised for it prior to broadcasting. I'm a sucker for fairy-tales and fantasy stuff like this. But I guess I put up too much expectation or something, because I remember not enjoying it all that much. Something was off in the story telling. Maybe the experience will improve if I try it again.

Now, Merlin, that was an awesome mini-series.

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  • 3 years later...

It's so nice to see some other fans! (I'm glad I checked the Movie Index.. this thread is so old, so I think it's time to revive it!)

I first watched it back in 2005 and have been a fan ever since. :wub: Also, Scott Cohen is so sexy as Wolf ;)

So happy cuz I wanted to share what I just received in the mail:


10th Kingdom Boxset with 5 VHS (still sealed!), paper weight & book... :wub: :wub:

Also the inset image is a 3d holograph of NYC/10th Kingdom (you can watch a video of it changing here).

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