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[variety] Delicious Quiz 이 맛에 산다

Guest silverwingz

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Guest silverwingz

did episode 11 have a farewell or anything like that?

i'm looking at the official website for the preview for today's episode, but there isn't one for DQ.

this usually means that there isn't going to be an episode... so maybe episode 11 was the last episode??

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^Yeah it looks like it didn't air, couldn't find it on CB.

RIP I guess, it was good but nothing special.

Any word on what will be replacing IMC?

멍청이 (Mungchungi) = 바보 (pabo) is synonym means "stupid".

Ah, that's what it means.

I'm just used to them using Pabo for that.

Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I've heard MC Mong use Mungchungi before as well.

Thanks a lot~

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