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[movie 2005] Princess Aurora 오로라공주

Guest virgo_star

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Guest virgo_star
Uhm Jung Hwa
posters: lp1.jpglp2.jpg pics: s1.jpg big: http://cinema.chosun.com/movie/17549/1.jpg s2.jpg big: http://cinema.chosun.com/movie/17549/1.jpg s3.jpg big: http://cinema.chosun.com/movie/17549/1.jpg s4.jpg big: http://cinema.chosun.com/movie/17549/1.jpg s5.jpg big: http://cinema.chosun.com/movie/17549/1.jpg s6.jpg big: http://cinema.chosun.com/movie/17549/1.jpg c: http://cinema.chosun.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Info... Starring: Uhm Jung-Hwa, Mun Seong-Geun Director: Bang Eun-Jin Genre: Thriller, Drama Production: East Films Distribution: Cinema Service Language: Korean Country: South Korea preview: mms://nhnext.hvod.nefficient.co.kr/nhnext/movie/movieclip/trailers/T0002683_700.wmv homepage:http://www.aurora2005.co.kr/ Brief... Princess Aurora (working title), the directorial debut of noted actress PANG Eun-jin, wrapped up shooting on July 30. The film, a thriller centered around a serial murderer, originally opened shooting on March 14, and is set for a release in October. It is distributed by Cinema Service, and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment. The film stars MOON Sung-keun as a detective in the violent crimes division, and UHM Jung-hwa as a key suspect. It is being produced by East Films, the acclaimed production company behind Peppermint Candy and Oasis. PANG has appeared as an actress in such varied films as PARK Chul-soo's 301/302 and Push! Push!, and KIM Ki-duk's Address Unknown. This is only the second time in Korean film history that an actress has taken up directorial duties, following CHOI Eun-hee in the 1960s. c: http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/ ----------------------------------------------------- other info: C7243-14.jpg 오로라 공주 (Princess Aurora) Director: 방은진 (Bang Eun-Jin) Cast: 엄정화 (Eom Jung-Hwa), 문성근 (Moon Sung-Geun), 현영 (Hyun Young), 최종원 (Choi Jong-Won) 권오중 (Kwon Oh-Joong) + Teaser Trailer (Streaming, Windows Media): mms://media1.maxmovie.com/av/Maxauroratease.wmv + Teaser Trailer (Streaming, Real Media): http://www.film2.co.kr/realservice/trailers/T0002683.ram + Making Of (Streaming, 300k, Windows Media): mms://nhnext.hvod.nefficient.co.kr/nhnext/movie/movieclip/making/K0002691_300.wmv + Making Of (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media): mms://nhnext.hvod.nefficient.co.kr/nhnext/movie/movieclip/making/K0002691_700.wmv Produced By: 이스트 필름 (East Films) Distributed By: 시네마 서비스 (Cinema Service) Rating: 18 and Over RELEASE: October 27 c: http://www.twitchfilm.net/ ^ some kick richard simmons thriller giving sympathy for lady vengance a run for its moolah
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um jung hwa looks beautiful in these pictures! makes her look sophisticated and mysterious. [x can't wait to see this! sounds interesting! [x

-S0LLY <3

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Guest virgo_star

Box Office in Seoul (Oct. 28 ~ Nov. 3, 2005)

1 The Beast and The Beauty


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/beastnbeauty.wmv

Opening Date : Oct. 27

Director : Lee Gye-byeok

Main Cast: Ryu Seung-beom, Shin Min-a, Kim Gang-u

2 Princess Aurora


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/orora-pre.wmv

Opening Date : Oct. 27

Director : Bang Eun-jin

Main Cast: Uhm Jung-hwa, Moon Seong-geun, Kwon Oh-jung, Choi Jong-won

3 My Lovely Week


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/lovelyweek-pre1.wmv

Opening Date : Oct. 7

Director : Min Gyu-dong

Main Cast: Uhm Jung-hwa, Hwang Jung-min, Lim Chang-jeong, Kim Soo-ro, Suh Young-hee

soompi: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6224

4 Sad Movie


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/sadmovie_trailer-pre.wmv

Opening Date : Oct. 20

Director : Kwon Jong-gwan

Main Cast: Jung Woo-sung, Lim Soo-jung, Cha Tae-hyun, Yum Jung-ah, Shin Min-a

5 The Legend of Zorro


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/zorro2-pre.wmv

Opening Date : Oct. 27

Director : Martin Campbell

Main Cast: Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rufus Sewell, Nick Chinlund

6 Monster-in-Law


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/perfectwedding-pre.wmv

Opening Date : Oct. 27

Director : Robert Luketic

Main Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan, Wanda Sykes

7 You¡¯re My Sunshine


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/sunshine-pre.wmv

Opening Date : Sept.23

Director : Park Jin-pyo

Main Cast: Jeon Do-youn, Hwang Jung-min, Suh Ju-hee

soompi: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5588

8 The Merchant of Venice


Preview - n/a

Opening Date : Oct. 21

Director : Michael Radford

Main Cast: Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes, Lynn Collins, Zuleikha Robinson

9 The Cave


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/cave-pre.wmv

Opening Date : Oct. 20

Director : Bruce Hunt

Main Cast: Morris Chestnut, Eddie Cibrian, Cole Hauser, Piper Perabo

10 Welcome to Dongmakgol


Preview - mms://chosun.lgcdn.com/chosun/entertainment/LiveShop/cinema/coming/dongmakgol-pre.wmv

Opening Date : Aug. 4

Director : Park Gwang-hyeon

Main Cast: Kang Hye-jeong, Shin Ha-gyun, Jeong Jae-young, Lim Ha-ryong

Sourced from CINEMA CHOSUN

c: http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/new...0511040021.html

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Guest xosandy


Cinema Service - 2006/02/14

오로라 공주 (Princess Aurora)

2005 - 2DVD

Director: 방은진 (Bang Eun-Jin)

Cast: 엄정화 (Eom Jung-Hwa), 문성근 (Moon Sung-Geun), 권오중 (Kwon Oh-Joong), 최종원 (Choi Jong-Won), 현영 (Hyun Young), 김용건 (Kim Yong-Geon), 김익태 (Kim Ik-Tae), 박효준 (Park Hyo-Joon), 장현성 (Jang Hyun-Sung), 박성빈 (Park Sung-Bin), 이지수 (Lee Ji-Soo), 최예진 (Choi Ye-Jin), 이대연 (Lee Dae-Yeon)

CAMEO: 박광정 (Park Gwang-Jung), 정은표 (Jung Eun-Pyo), 김연재 (Kim Yeon-Jae), 유혜정 (Yoo Hye-Jung), 김선화 (Kim Seon-Hwa), 정성화 (Jung Sung-Hwa)

OAR 2.35:1/16:9, Dts, DD5.1, NTSC DVD-9, Region 3, English/Korean Subtitles

Complete Review + Extra Features Breakdown here


Excerpt from the Review: "Eom Jung-Hwa's performance is excellent, transforming herself once again in a vortex of emotion, from the scary intensity of her killing ways, to the playful irreverence of her games against her 'predators', to the almost disarming display of emotions in the film's climax. But personally the real winner is Moon Sung-Geun's performance. I felt Moon fell into a sort of mannerism with his role in Hong Sang-Soo's 오!수정 (Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors), playing similarly cynical and cold characters in two consecutive films, but his Sung-Ho here feels like a huge u-turn in his career. His mix of melancholic nothingness and his gradual opening in the second half marks one of the most hard hitting performances of the year, and is his best work since Lee Chang-Dong's 초록 물고기 (Green Fish). But then again if the film works the way it does, it's all thanks to Bang Eun-Jin. Debuting with a film like this, set up like a big project with a burdensome cast, marketed by a major in a way which partially betrayed the intentions of the film, wasn't going to be easy for anyone, let alone a female director in Chungmuro. But she did it, scoring decently with the public (almost a Million tickets), and impressively well with the majority of Korean critics. Princess Aurora is a very accomplished debut, something which allowed Bang to enter Chungmuro with a bang, and makes me crave for more. It took many years to get here, but we have a potentially impressive directing career in the making. Director Bang Eun-Jin. I like the sound of that already..."


AUDIO: 8.5






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well, twitch liked it, I didn't! My mini-review:

Despite starring the lovely and talented Uhm JungHwa and possessing very slick production values, Princess Aurora is a strictly by-the-book serial killer tale. UJW makes a beautifully scary killer, and the methods she employs to off her victims are quite gruesome at times. Unfortunately we've seen it all before... or, well, a LOT of it before. In fact, other than to say she kills a bunch of people and the police try to figure out who and why, there's not much else to tell!

The problem I have with the film is that it's very stylish, contains oodles of violence, but all of it is basically meaningless because they never give us any reasons to care for the characters. Obviously Uhm is on her killing spree due to some dark, psychological trauma. Characters of this ilk are so common, you basically spend most of the movie wondering if her motivation will be half as creative as her techniques. Unfortunately, not so much. Then there's her cop ex-husband who's studying to become a pastor; obviously he has issues as well!

The last 10 minutes ALMOST save the film, as there's one of those unexpected twists that are so popular with script-writers these days. However, it's a case of too little too late. By that point I'd fast-forwarded through so much bloodshed almost nothing would entice me.

Well, except for the fact Kwon O-joong from "Damo" played one of the cops.

NOT recommended!

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