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The song that made you cry...


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남자답게 - fly to the sky

becuz i am a girl - kiss

the crush of love - j

grace - lee soo young

and probley alot cuz when i am sad i just start listenin to a slow song; so most songs will make me hav a sad mood

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g.o.d - to the sky

the first time it started playing on my ipod was when i was standing in front of this memorial for a student who committed suicide at my school. I was reading an article about his death when the song came into my ear and even though i didn't know the student personally, the lyrics of the song somehow applied so well with the situation and i started tearing up

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Guest chattaboxie

To Mother - god

Ah Peuh Gae Hwee Mahng Hah Gi - Tei w/Yiruma <== this is the most depressing song ever T_T and the piano is just so beautiful..

Noon Ggot - Park Hyo Shin <== not so much of the song,, but whenever i hear this i think of MISA and ...waaaaahhh

Sal Da Ga - SG wannabe

Jook Eul Mahn Kkeun Sarang Haet Ssuh Yo - SG Wannabe

Geuh Nahm Jah Geuh Yuh Jah - Vibe

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Guest astarael

Its hard for me to cry, so these songs are just.... ._. really good IMO.

TAKE - Butterfly Grave

SG Wannabe - Timeless, Saranghago Shipuh

FTTS - Like A Man, Kaseum Apado

Yiruma - Kiss the Rain

I think that's about it.

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well no song ever made me cry

but I ALMOST cried when I listened to

some of Shin Hyesung's songs. such beautiful lyrics T__T

[i think it was Same Thoughts & Tears.]

Sung Shi Kyung's Hwee Jeh.

SG Wannabe's.... um uh some songs that they sang XD lol

I can't remember lol

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Guest falling U P

The Sun That Sets In My Heart - Kim Bum Soo.

^ I was going through a really rough time at one point in my life and that song happened to be playing on my ipod and I was bawlin' like a mad woman.

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Guest XhoXho

For me it's

1.) WheeSung- Haneul e suh? From the Sky. gosh that song makes me tear up when he goes (according to aheeyah lyrics lol) "until we meet again, maybe somewhere in your dreams"

2.) TAKE- Nabi moo duhm.


3.) Youme- WIndstruck's knocking on heaven's door.

^----I just finished watching this movie. ToT I totally teared up when it came up in the movie. (XJapan always makes me tear up, but it's not a Korean band, so I won't list their songs)

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Guest phear.

Kim BUm Soo - Bo Go Ship Da

Dong Bang Shin Ki - Midoyuh

Dong Bang Shin Ki - Babo

HOT - A Song For Mama

Lee Minwoo - Girlfriend

Lee Minwoo - The song he dedicated to his fans.

Jo Sung Mo songs ..

Park Hyo Shin - Snow Flower

that's all i can think of atm. O_O

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Guest ADORE.you

ahhh yeah here comes the times for listening to songs that suddenly make tears cascade down your cheeks >< .. the ones that did that for me were:

Fly To The Sky - Monologue

HowL - Parrot

M - Girlfriend

Shinhwa - My Own Secret

TAKE - Butterfly Grave

TVXQ - Insa

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Guest prequality

I haven't really cried to Korean songs but I do have a few which I could regard as the saddest k-pop songs I've heard...

"My Last Breath" - Mc The Max

"Pine Tree" - Kang Ta

"Still In Love" and "Old Love" - JK Kim Dong Wook

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