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For another taste of Lee Minki's acting abilities, here's an action-comedy

Drama City episode entitled "Oh! Sarah" High Quality

avail @ my CB: http://clubbox.co.kr/creidesca


"Oh! Sarah" is Minki's 2nd Drama City, aired on KBS in Jan 2005. The writer is Park Ji Suk (known for the acclaimed Drama City aired in 2004, "Blue Skies of Jeju Island"). The PD is Kim Kyu Tae (known for the very same "Blue Skies of Jeju Island" Drama City episode, which starred Uhm Tae Woong, and recently A Love to Kill). Minki, that year, was nominated for his role in "Oh! Sarah" and another Drama City episode in the One-Episode/Special Drama category at the KBS 2005 Drama Awards.

The cast of "Oh! Sarah" consists of aspiring/upcoming actors/actresses:

Lee Minki, who starred as the brother-in-law to title character Geum-soon in the 2005 hit MBC daily drama "Be Strong Geum-soon", and soon to be airing 2006 weekend drama "Really, Really Like You" with Eugene for MBC.

Na Yoon, whom many have become familiarized with through the 2005 KBS drama "A Love to Kill" as Bongku's roommate.

Seo Do Young, who took part in the hit 2004-2005 KBS drama "Emperor of the Sea" and is currently the lead of the 2006 KBS drama "Spring Waltz."

Yoo In Young, "Ja-kyung" in the 2005 KBS drama "Loveholic" starring Kangta.

Ahn Nae Sang, "Shinhyeok" and "Ganghyeok"/"Haeun"'s father in the 2005 mania drama "Resurrection" and Sang-young's manager in "18 vs. 29."

Others in "Oh! Sarah" include: Park Shin Ma (supposedly he either guest starred or had a role in MBC Non Stop 5), Jeon Do Young, and Nam Chang Hee.

I'm planning on subbing this particular Drama City, however, I am lacking a translator.

If anyone is up to the task, or is interested, please contact me.

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