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hehe, i've had this picture since my 'goong' obsessive days.

min ki looks so adorable!


it's so nice to have hot friends like joo ji hoon, moohahaha. ;)

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^ what happened to MinKi's hair? Thanks for the pics :)

don't worry, if you watched the YTN Star clip of the above (which is completely different in interview), there were more behind the scenes, and you'd see that something like hair extensions were put in to give him that look. Not a bad look. I just wish I knew for what magazine or line of clothing he was having the photoshoot for because I would love to see the pictures.

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translation credits to Telly

Lee Min Ki To Come Up With A Painful Love Song

"Because of the situation with Eugene, a painful song is created in the mind."

MBC's weekend drama, "Really Really Like You" will increase the tension between the characters of Eugene and Lee Min Ki, by giving him a song to express his feelings and thoughts.

The score of the song is like Eugene's song, "Like Candy", but Min Ki's song is about the sincerity of his feelings for Eugene. Considering all of this, it is a painful love song.

The song, "Like Candy 2" [Lee Min Ki's Version] was introduced during episode 22 that aired on the 18th. Viewers who heard the song are expressing their anxiety and anticipation. Although "Like Candy 2" is influenced by the original Like Candy in terms of composition, the lyrics are different, and the melody is much slower.

The President's son's increasing interest in Bong Soon seems to hurt Lee Min Ki's character, as he has to witness the love struggle between her and the doctor. Lee Min Ki had to put up with his internal struggles within himself, and was afraid to express his feelings to Eugene because she is still confused, and may not understand anything yet. This is the main reason why they made a song that would not only express Lee Min Ki's feelings and sentiments, but will hopefully reach Eugene as well.

Lee Min Ki keeps his bodyguard role from the MBC drama, "Be Strong, Geum Soon!" and the show "Rainbow Romance", but this time, he is initially recording for the series' OST.

"Like Candy 2" [Lee Min Ki version] will be available for purchase online on the 26th, as a full track and ringtone.


I have a feeling that purchasing of that track will only be at the RRLY official webpage, hopefully some kind soul will be able to make it available somewhere for us to dl. If only they could make it easier for foreigners to purchase that track.

And here's the song taken from EP 22 (the audio clip, I took from the start of the bus scene, at the bus stop, all the way till Bong Ki is outside Bong Soon's room, so there will be a part where you supposedly won't hear anything because Bong Soon is in her room witnessing the "sky"): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9YS3MWRS

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hhaha yea im starting to like minki after watching rainbow romance and really really like you...

i dunno, there's something thats just really REAL about him.

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hes one of my favorite actors now...

i never saw him on NONSTOP but i saw him on XMAN & I REALlY REALLY LIKE YOU & SOUL STAR'S MV LOL..i lOVE HIM! hes soo adorablee and he has this really nice vibe to him plus hes so funny and HOT. :D

i just really fell for him soul star mv :lol:

HES A MODEL TOO?! DID NOT KNOW..but thats even more hot lol.


his singing isnt so bad on there.....lol

it was so funny how he was a singer in soulstar and i was thinking...but he can't really sing in real life lol.

love him <3 <3 <333333333333333

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