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was he born in 85?

wow he's so young! i thoought he was born in 83.

Yup, '85...I don't think any of his profiles online were in conflict? Taken from his daum cafe:


trivia: the hairdo of his was from his Drama City "Oh! Sarah" which aired the 1st weekend of January 2005.

you can understand why he had to call nearly every girl that appeared on X-man "noona".

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from http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...1007184646420b6

October 7 2005

Lee Min-ki, during his appearance on X-MEN,

he wanted to be close with Yoon Eun-hye


In an interview Lee Min-ki said that he wanted to be close with Yoon Eun-hye--not as in a deep relationship, but as in being good friends with her. Since the two were on different teams on X-Men, they couldn't be couples, but he thought Yoon Eun-hye and Kim Jong-gook looked great together. Lee Min-ki was sad because he appeared on X-Men three times, and for all three, he was paired up with a guy. He thinks that girls don't dig him. Because of this, the female staffs cheered him on. During the time he was on X-Men, he grabbed a lot of fans' attention and placed number on those internet searches, especially the parts where the love triangle formed between him, Yoon Eun-hye, and Kim Jong-gook.

credits: purpletiger86 for a summarization of the article.

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October 5 2005:

윤은혜 카메오로 '궁' 전초전


전 베이비복스 멤버 윤은혜가 화제의 드라마 ‘궁’에 앞서 시트콤을 통해 먼저 안방 신고식을 치른다.

윤은혜는 오는 24일부터 방송되는 MBC 새 일일시트콤 ‘논스톱 레인보우 로망스’(연출 김민식)의 1회 또는 2회에 카메오로 출연해 시청자들에게 본격적인 연기자 변신을 알릴 예정이다.

7일 제작진에 따르면 윤은혜는 이 시트콤에서 부유한 집 딸로 출연한다. 가난한 집 아들인 이민기의 남자다움에 반해 교제를 시작하지만 가정 환경의 차이 등 현실적인 문제에 부딪치면서 갈등을 겪게 되는 역이다.

베이비복스를 탈퇴하고 연기자 변신을 선언한 윤은혜는 첫 영화 ‘카리스마 탈출기’가 다음달 개봉을 앞두고 있으며 사전제작을 거쳐 내년 1월 MBC에서 방송될 드라마 ‘궁’에도 여자 주인공에도 캐스팅돼 화제가 되고 있다. 윤은혜는 이에 앞서 ‘논스톱 레인보우 로망스’를 통해 연기자로 첫 선을 보이며 영화, 드라마, 시트콤 등 각 장르에서 ‘그랜드슬램’을 노린다.

한편 ‘논스톱 레인보우 로망스’ 관계자는 “윤은혜가 드라마 ‘궁’ 촬영이 끝난 후 내년 초부터 ‘논스톱 레인보우 로망스’에 고정으로 출연하는 것도 논의하고 있다”고 밝혔다.

/김은구기자 kingkong@sportshankook.co.kr

Yoon Eun Hye will appear on the first 2 episodes of NONSTOP 6 to show viewers her improved acting skills. She's coming out as a daughter of a rich family who falls in love with Lee Min Gi, a son of another poor family. But since their social classes are different, there's going to be a problem between them two falling in love.
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information on Lee Min-ki's debut drama role in 2004:


Short Drama of Lee Gyeong-hee, Who Wrote

One-act drama <Uri Haem> written by Lee Gyeong-hee, the writher of <Hey, Sangdu! Let’s Go to School!>

- Colorful cast including Hong Su-hyeon, Yun Ju-sang, and Onjo

- Features film-resembling beautiful scenes, such as the field in Hadong Village where barley is dancing along with the wind

- Outstanding dialect performance by main characters Min-gi and Cheol-gi

- Airing time: 11:20 pm, Sunday, June 13, KBS 2TV

Along with the program rescheduling in May, Drama City has changed its airing time from 9:40 am on Sunday to 11:10 pm on Sunday. This week episode of Drama City is <Uri Haem> written by Lee Gyeong-hee, who once wrote popular soap opera program ‘Hey, Sangdu! Let’s Go to School!’

It is a family drama figuring three adults who are no better than a child in terms of maturity and 9-year-old Cheol-gi. <Uri Haem> is a drama displaying the steps of getting mature of the main character Cheol-gi, who lives together with a dotard grandfather, a grumpy grandmother and his hopeless brother Min-gi who disappointed school, family and the village as a whole. The story of a mature 9-year-old boy with indiscreet three grown-ups is pictured in an interesting and impressive manner.

The title is also funny. <Uri Haem> is a Gyeongsang-do dialect meaning ‘my brother’. It is a short drama written by Lee Gyeong-hee who once wrote popular trendy drama <Hey, Sangdu! Let’s Go to School!> especially among the young viewers last year. The sensible lines and atmosphere in her previous work has transformed into Gyeongsang-do dialect and country sceneries. However, it is really funny and touching. The view of Hadong Village where vast barley fields are spanning is dramatic itself. The fields are full of barley and the Seomjin River running along the village shines at the sunlight of late spring and early summer. The shooting staff intentionally selected this particular season for the drama. The behind-the-scene story goes that Director Kim Gyu-tae was reluctant to throw away cut-out films. Due to time constraint, he had to give up on some scenes but he thought that they captured all beautiful images. Delivering the most traditional Korean environment and the heart-warming human story, <Uri Haem> is a short TV piece resembling movie to put it in one word.

Only main character is a new figure!

Well-known and experienced stars including Hong Su-hyeon, Yun Yeo-jeong, Yun Ju-sang and Onjo were cast for this drama. But the main character Kang Min-gi went to Lee Min-gi who has no acting experience at all. Although he is a new figure, if you saw what he performed in the audition test, it is hard to believe that he is an inexperienced novice in the acting field. The background of the drama is Gyeongsang-do, so that how realistically the local dialect is spoken was the most critical issue. Lee Min-gi’s home-town is Gimhae, Gyeongsang-do, so that speaking Gyeongsang dialect was not a big deal to him. For his childhood, a child actor was recruited. He also lived in Busan until three years, so that he still remembers how to speak the dialect. The child’s acting talent added a new flavor to the drama.

Interesting is that the main character’s name (Kang Min-gi) is identical to the real name of the actor (Lee Min-gi). The writer saw Min-gi first time in the audition test. In hindsight, it was a ‘great coincidence’ and ‘remarkable karma’.

The roles of supporting actors/actresses make the program even a great fun.

Yun Ju-sang, who was starring in the recent box-office hit <Arahan>, has transformed into a dotard grandfather. Onjo, who was starred in film <18 years old> along with her twin sister Biryu, has converted into a waitress in a country-side coffee shop. The unique characters in the drama are adding fun and renewed job, claiming the viewers’ attention.

Ad-lib competition between new figure actor Lee Min-gi vs veteran actress Yun Yeo-jeong

Although new to this field, the acting of Lee Min-gi is remarkable. PD Kim Gyu-tae is always asking for ad-libs. In response, Lee Min-gi says funny ad libs, which prevent other actors from continuing their parts sometimes. In particular, his unscripted response was outstanding in the fighting scene with Onjo in front of a mom-and-pop store. Even Onjo famous for her spontaneous reaction praised Min-gi’s ability, and all shooting staff were cracked up by Min-gi’s acting.

In the #72 scene where the grandmother repeats herself saying that she wants to die but she never dies, the PD ordered Min-gi to create proper ad-libs. Then Min-gi said “Still more way to go. Isn’t it a time to put all the things to end?” as ad-lib, but the shooting staff managed to control their laughter. At that moment, Yun Yeo-jeong acting as grandmother said out of breath, “You, bastard!” It cracked all people up at the site. Laughing hard, even the director couldn’t say the word ‘cut’.

Experiences may affect the ability to say ad-libs. The ad-lib competition between Min-gi and Yeo-jong ended up as Yun Yeo-jeong’s victory.

‘Beginning’ and ‘end’ of daily TV drama meet

Grandmother Yun Yeo-jeong also acted in the previous drama <A Million Roses>, which recently ended with highest viewers’ rate. To the contrary, Hong Su-hyeon cast as Hyeon-jeong is a heroin of the daily soap opera <My dear children>, which is a successor to <A Million Roses>. The both actresses were cast due to their close relations with the director. After the casting is done, it looked as of the casting of the two actresses is not an accident, but a careful planning.

< Uri Haem >

Producer: Hong Seong-deok

Director: Kim Gyu-tae (Directed ‘After Love’ of Drama City starred by Shin Seong-wu)

Writer: Lee Gyeong-hee ('Hey, Sangdu! Let’s Go to School!')

Synopsis: A 9-year-old Cheol-gi who is a child but acts as a grown-up is living together with dotard grandfather, grumpy grandmother and his brother Min-gi who is regarded as a hopeless case in school, home and village. He has a big secret surrounding his birth. His brother Min-gi is actually his father. Cheol-gi came to know the fact, but pretended not to know it.

Cheol-gi fell in love with Hyeon-jeong who is much older than him. One day he realizes that she loves his helpless brother Min-gi. Min-gi and Hyeon-jeong are exchanging chatting messages flirting with each other. One day while Min-gi left the computer for a while, Cheol-gi sent harsh and inappropriate messages to Hyeon-jeong as of they are sent by Min-gi. She broke up with Min-gi. Heartbroken, Min-gi lost his reason.

Feeling scared, Cheol-gi decided to leave his family, wishing happiness for his

brother and Hyeon-jeong. He found out his mother’s address and determined

to leave home to find her.

link to info on the Drama City at the KBS website: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/dramacity/view/1321043_1355.html

trivia: Lee Kyung-hee & Kim Gyu-tae are collaborating on the 2005 KBS Mon-Tues drama "This Love I Want to Kill" starring Bi that will air Oct 31 2005.

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news on Drama City Gyeh Ryong San Boo Yong

Aug 2 2005


Model/Actor Lee Min-Ki does martial art acting by getting

accupuncture and puts band aid where he is sore


According to the article, Lee Min-ki hurt his hip while shooting a scene where he tries to help a kid that is bullied by these gangsters. The staff applauded him for putting much effort into his acting while having accupuncture and band aid on.

credits: purpletiger86 for translating/summarizing the article.


infor on the Drama City @ KBS website: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/dramacity/view/1358662_1355.html

Lee Min-ki portrays Hyung-soo, the son of Yang San. Although he doesn't have skills, he acts like a gangster. He's jobless, though he works as a delivery boy at his mom's chicken store. His dream is to become a great martial artist.

credits: purpletiger86 for translating/summarizing Lee Min-ki's role.

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summarization of the 3 articles, relating to the MBC Best Theatre 태능선수촌 set to air Oct 28 2005

[1] Sept 21 2005


[2] Sept 29 2005


[3] October 6 2005




top: Choi Jung-yoo, Lee Sun-kyun

bottom: Lee Min-ki, Kim Byul

According to [2], MBC's Best Theatre is returning after a 6-month hiatus. To start off this return, will be a MBC Best Theatre entitled 태능선수촌, consisting of 5 70min episodes [3] (originally it had been set at 8 30min episodes). The premise of this Best Theatre is athletes involved in the Olympics. The cast of 태능선수촌 includes Choi Jung-yoo, whose role as gold medalist archer Bang Soo-ah is involved in a love triangle with yudo/sumo wrestler Hong Min-ki (portrayed by Lee Min-ki) and swimmer Lee Dong-kyung (portrayed by Lee Sun-kyun). Kim Byul, as gymnast Jung Ma-loo will be a rival to Bang Soo-ah as the two have both fallen in love with Hong Min-ki. Her character does not like losing.

In order to take on the role of a yudo/sumo wrestler [1], Lee Min-ki needs to gain 8kg. He is currently at 67kg and his goal is 75kg.

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summary of the above article from MBC's September 2005 Guide issue:

credits to purpletiger86

1st paragraph:

'oh my, what are you doing here not going home? Oh jeez, I'm sorry. I thought you were a person that I knew.' A lady tapped LMK on the shoulder thinking that it was someone that she knew. After looking at LMK's face, she gets embarrassed. She see's 'BSGS' every day and thought that he was the person she knew. Although LMK was shocked, he feels proud that the lady thought he was a close neighbor rather than a celebrity...and thought of him as a comfortable person.

2nd paragraph, summary:

describes 'tae-wan's character' in general and it says that tae-wan's character is very similar to LMK in real life.

during his high school years, the the most memorable thing was his lunch that he brings to school to eat.

and his favorite thing to do was hanging out with friends playing pump and drum games.

then it says stuff about how he thought about what he wanted to become (his dream) after seeing his senior friends living life without any dreams or hopes for the future. he thought that if he keeps living likes this, than he would look like them. he thought he should make his dream come true becoming a model.

In real life, LMK's actually 21 and his role as tae-wan was a bit older. he said that it was pretty easy to act as tae-wan, but thinking like tae-wan was a bit hard because of the age difference.

there was a scene where he was telling GS to not worry, but he acted very plainly with no emotions. and there was a scene where his mom was yelliing at him...and he had to act in a way that will drive his mom extremely nuts, but his acting came out a bit choppy and ackward.

while doing daily dramas...he said that it was hard to express his emotions right/correctly since it is a long series. He thinks that if he watched all the scenes he acted in...he would of questions himself: 'how did i act like that?'

the last paragraph refers to a nickname his friends gave him...purpletiger86 has no idea what it means, so if anyone has it figured out please do respond.

And in conclusion, the article says how as he keeps acting, he'll find more things about himself.

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Guest ilubTVXQ

BWAHAHA I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS THREAD! i love this man so much. :) so young too!! awwwwwjklfdsjlfjsldjflfkfdsj. yay thanks for sharing all these hott pics.

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▶ 이민기

- 어린 시절 부유하게 성장하였으나 뜻하지 않은 아버지의 사업 실패로 좌절을 경험하게 되었다. 그로 인해 절친하게 지내오던 친구들과도 멀어지게 되었고 어려운 형편에 장학금을 받기 위해 경호학과에 지원하였다. 아버지의 뒤를 이어 대통령 경호실장이 되겠다는 과 친구 은경과 사사건건 라이벌이 되어 부딪힌다. 그러나 은경과는 선의의 라이벌이자 티격태격하는 좋은 친구이다. 은경 이외에도 은경의 쌍둥이 남동생인 재경, 수다쟁이 홍철과 친하게 지내고 있다. 민기는 이들과 경호학과 멤버이며 그들 중 리더 역할을 하고 있다.

자존심도 강하고 남자다운 고집도 있는 민기지만 의외로 칭찬에 약해 조금만 추켜 세워주면 뭐든지 하는 순수한 마음도 지니고 있다. 이상하게도 자신의 칭찬을 하는 소리는 저 멀리에서도 알아들을 수 있다. 슬램덩크의 강백호와 비슷하다. 잘생긴 외모 때문에 민기를 좋아하는 여자들도 많다. 그러나 성공하기 전까진 절대 여자를 사귀지 않겠다는 다짐을 한 민기는 사랑을 거부한다.

레인보우 로망스'에는 최근 MBC '!느낌표'의 '눈을 떠요' 코너를 진행하며 한층 친숙하게 다가선 임은경 이 출연해 눈길을 끈다. 중견 연극배우 서희승씨의 아들이자 영화 '웰컴투 동막골'에서 분위기 띄우는 남한 병사로 출연해 좋은 인상을 심어준 서재경이 임은경과 이란성 쌍둥이로 출연한다.

임은경과 서재경의 동생으로는 영화 '몽정기2'로 얼굴을 알린 강은비가 등장한다. '굳세어라 금순아'에서 금순이를 괴롭혔지만 결국 가장 든든한 우군이 돼준 태완 역을 맡은 이민기가 임은경이 좋아하는 남자로 나온다. '반올림2'의 김기범, KMTV '쇼 뮤직탱크' MC인 김희철, '건빵선생과 별사탕의 정의철 등 신선한 얼굴이 대거 출연해 시청자들의 평가를 기다리고 있다.

here's a summary of the above "character description" for Nonstop 6: Rainbow Romance, credits to purpletiger86:

LMK's character seems sad and very isolated. During his childhood, he grew up from a unheartwarming father...his business goes bankrupt, so LMK goes into this whole baffle/disappointment. After growing up like this, he becomes distant with the friends he grew up with...and living his life rough...he signed up to some class in order to get some scholarships. Falling into his father's footsteps, he wants to become the president's escort/secretary kind of stuff...and he comes rivals with his friend Lim Eun-kyung...although they seem like rivals, they are also good friends.

Lim Eun-kyung plays a fraternal twin, her twin is Suh Jae-kyung, and Kang Eun-bi is their younger sibling. Lee Min-ki comes out as a person that Lim Eun-kyung loves. Suh Jae-kyung and LMK are members of a club, and LMK is the leader of that club. Before LMK becomes successful in what he does, he promised himself that he would not date any girl...because of his handsome face, he is very popular with woman.

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