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[OFFICIAL] JYJ Kim Junsu - 김준수 Thread

Guest bbsarac

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Guest bbsarac

Let's spread the Junsu-fever Kim Xiah Junsu (김준수)

Real name: 김준수 [Kim Junsu]
Stage Name: 시아준수 [Xiah Junsu] (Korea) | ジュンス [Junsu](Japan) | XIAH junsu (Solo artist – Japan) | 细亚俊秀/金俊秀 (China)
Birthday: 15 December 1986 (Actual) 01 January 1987 (Registered)
Hometown: Gyeonggi-do
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: B
Dog: Xiahki (Breed: Samoyed)

Solo Works:
- Beautiful Thing - Recorded in the OST for "Vacation"
- Rainy Night - Recorded in Japanese Single "If.../Rainy Night"
- XIAHTIC - Performed at 3rd Asia Tour "Mirotic" ft. Key(SHINee), Recorded in Japanese Single "Break Out!"
- Intoxication/Kanashimi No Yukue/Kimi ga Ireba~Beautiful Love~ - Recorded in first solo Japanese single "XIAH"

- Love After Love (Rap – with Yunho and Yoochun) – Recorded in 2nd Korean Album “Rising Sun”
- 네 곁에숨쉴수있다면 (White Lie) - Recorded in 3rd Korean Studio Album "O Jung.Ban.Hap"
- My Page – Performed at 2nd Asia Tour “O”
- Rainy Night (Music) - Recorded in Japanese Single "If.../Rainy Night"
- 노을..바라보다 (Picture of You) - Recorded in 4th Korean Studio Album "Mirotic"
- 사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love)(Rap – with Yunho) - Recorded in 4th Korean Studio Album "Mirotic – C Version"
- XIAHTIC (Korean Ver.) - Performed at 3rd Asia Tour "Mirotic" ft. Key(SHINee)
- XIAHTIC (Japanese Ver.) - Recorded in Japanese Single "Break Out!"
- Shelter (with Jaejoong) - Recorded in Japanese single "Colors ~Melody & Harmony~ " (By Yoochun and Jaejoong)
- Intoxication - Recorded in first solo Japanese single "XIAH"

- TPL (Talk, Play, Love)/Promise You/Day Dream - Anyband (With BoA, Tablo & Jin Bora) for Samsung Anycall
- Timeless - Duet with Zhang Liyin

Acting Feature:
- Banjun Drama : The King’s Men, Dangerous Love, Tokyo Holiday, Unforgettable Love, The Uninvited Guest (2006)
- Vacation (2006)
- Dating on Earth (2007)

- Played the role of “Mozart” in the Musical “Mozart” (2010)


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Guest ohsonice

lmao im like racking my brain trying to remember if there ever was a xiah pic thread... and i think not so YAY!! THANKS FOR MAKING ONE HEHE he is sooo hot, sweet, and innocent LOVE JUNSU FIGHTING! xD

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My future husband~! (*hides from other Junsu fans*) ^^* He is like...the most attractive guy living in the universe...ever. Seriously. Why is he so perfect? I love guys who are musical (singing, piano), I love guys who are athletic (soccer), I love guys who are Christian (like me), I love guys with the surname of Kim (well...yeah...because the majority of the guys I've liked in the past were Kim's, lol), I love guys who were born in the winter (don't ask), I love guys who love dogs (lol, our Junsu adores his Shaki)...I just love Kim Xiah Junsu. He's cute, sweet, funny, innocent, talented, and has the most amazing voice ever. He can pull off any image too - tough, babyish, dorky, formal, etc. :::Mini Junsu spazz::: Thank you for making this thread~! I will be back when I have more time to share some of my kazillion Junsu pics, haha.

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Guest iara888

OMG! THERE'S A JUNSU THREAD!!!! YAYYYY!!!! Haha, Junsu is one of my favorite celebs ever! He's so cute, hot and sexy at the same time! Not to mention extremely talented!!! Junsu truly defines "charisma," because if you look up the word "charisma" (<- it was for my SAT class), the definition is "a seemingly magical attraction," and that's exactly the "aura" that Junsu gives; when you first look at him, the other members outshine him in appearance, but the more you get to know him, the more you like him. So while he may not seem like the typical "hot guy" at first, he somehow has an entrancing attraction that will... mesmerize you? lol Okay, so maybe that was a little exaggerated, but w/e. Haha, and when dbsk first debuted, each member was assigned a role, and Junsu's was being sexy. Remember how his angel pose ruined everything? I think he's getting back on that "sexy route" with all the "My Page" performances, lol. Didn't mean to go on a rant... but had to give my share... in a picture thread? Oops... sorry... I don't save pictures... lol

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Guest fobbiyo

There were NO PICTURE THREAD FOR HIM?? I shall contribute to this.. amazing singer for simply being.. well, Amazing. FIRSTpsedpic4.jpg1194416474_xiah_08copy.jpg1194416474_xiah_07copy.jpg1194415214_xiah_03copy.jpg1194051661anyvf4.gif000664cecopy.jpg0006cz0scopy-1.jpgbp6di2.jpg2ndLiveTourFiveinBlackDVD7.jpgxiahinhwancuteok.jpg1194416516_xiah_14sidesmBWcopy.jpgdbsk20288329-1.jpgdbskmusing.jpgSuMin1.jpg credits: Soompi Be back later to add more pictures ;D


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Guest star17s101

gahh hes so gorgeous! im having trouble picking which pictures to save x] hes getting soo much better looking, whoever decided to give xiah that hairstyle is a genius oh and his singing is improving too

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XD the title is so true! junsu IS getting hotter by the second! haha! his adorkable-ness was distracting me all this time but now his hawtness is overtaking. LOL. love his style in anyband!!! but suddenly u see him in paris photobook :sweatingbullets: lol.. shall share some of my fav of su~ susu.jpg love his smile! minsu.jpg minsu.. ^^ yoosuparis.jpg my fav yoosu.. XD susu-1.jpg sexyy~ smexysu.jpg enjoy! credits : most are from soompi. >_< others i forgot! saved so long ago..

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Guest happyhappyjoyjoy

It's so weird...when I first saw tvxq's picture I automatically pointed out that Junsu was the best looking. I watched a video of them (not knowing they were the same group) and said that Junsu was the best looking and that he had the best voice. The weird thing is that I saw so many pictures of them and videos and I seriously never knew that they were the same people and I never knew that I was pointing at Junsu the whole time. I realized it was the same person about a year later. :blush: He's been my favorite ever since lol. and no matter how much I like the other dongbang boys, I like Junsu a bit better LOL! There really is something about Xiah Junsu...something about him sucks a person in. What I know for sure is that ONCE YOU'RE IN YOU REALLY CAN'T GET OUT! Oh and btw he has the best side view in the world and his jaw line is very nice! on and BTW#2...when I watch cute videos of him I think to myself: "this is the cutest he'll ever get" but oh lordy am i wrong! He seriously surprises me everytime! he does something hilarious or something so innocent that makes a person like him even more and more. There's no point in asking: "can junsu get any cuter?" because that boy gets cuter and cuter by the minute!

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junsu is really awesome..... what makes him stand out is his passion and soul that he puts into his music.... when his on stage, his stage presence is so captivating and his talents are really acknowledged by the music industry

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Well I don't have any pictures of Junsu.. But I have a lot of GIF's of him! Haha<3 2-1.gif Can he get any cuter? >3< d25617e0.gif Aigoo him and his hwaitings. XD 48dd3823.gif No comment.. xD bed22504.gif LOL 8.gif Kyaaaaa! So cute! TAT 7.gif We all know Junsu's live performances are breathtaking, no? <3 5.gif Ooljimah Junsu-yah... You're going to make me cry, too! 4.gif Hehe, pure hotness. >D 3.gif *waves back* 2.gif Are you hitting on me? ;D 0.gif:o6b4c18a4.gif EU KYANG KYANG KYANG! Hope I didn't cause any computers to lag! XD credit: www.cyworld.com/skdud147

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