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Epik High - Fly

Guest Raix

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Re-mixed and rewritten.
You can fly sky high~

You guys might remember this from Round 2 of Soompi Idol. Where I got around 3 or 4 votes? xD Thanks to whoever voted for me <3

Anyway, before I entered this song. I did 2 takes. In the first one, the rapping was okay and the chorus handled heavy autotuning pretty well while in the 2nd take, the rapping was good, the chorus had harmonies but couldn't autotune without getting all choppy.

So for another competition, I mixed in both takes and got my final mix, not the best, but better haha

Just so you know, I don't autotune my singing, ever. Usually anyway. I just wanted to robotisize (wt...is that a word?) my voice for this because it just sounded so...bad. But yeah. Hope the rapping's decent.

It's cool to see a bunch of girls rappnig now ^^ I know its not as impressive since it's in English, but I had to rewrite it or else my tongue would...fall on itself or something >_o

I posted this thread for you to critique. So please do so ^^ I didn't get much of a chance during SI, although I appreciate what the judge's said =D


I apologize for my horrible, horrible Korean and the singing. >< It's a hard song to sing for me. ._.;

The lyrics if anyone wants to know what I'm mumbling about haha


Originally by Epik High, Rewritten by Rai

Translation credits to Yoonie@Aheeyah

- Verse 1 -

힘들죠? (힘들죠)

[isn't it tough? (It's tough)]

Getting by everyday when you really don’t know

You’re in today, will you stay or are you out tomorrow?

Don’t know where to go

Left or right, just one wrong turn and it’s gone

Take it all in, gotta learn to glide by

Spread your wings cos

You can fly

When you wake up in the morning

Curtains drawn, let the sunshine in

Even when it’s completely dark

Silver lining’s there, look hard enough

Oops you fell, get back up again

Remember why you’re in this game again

Take a deep breath, you’ll be fine

Spread your wings cos

- Chorus -

You can fly (No matter what anyone says, I won’t give up that easily)


저 하늘위에 새들보다 (No matter what anyone says, I won’t give up on my dream)

[Than the birds in the sky]

You can fly (No matter what anyone says, I won’t give up that easily)


단 하나뿐인 그대와 나 (No matter what anyone says, I won’t give up on my dream)

[Than the birds in the sky] <= I got 'Just you and me' in a translator =/

You can fly

세상이 뭐라고 말해도

[No matter what the world says]

Fly, fly, get em up high

No matter what they say just go, go


사랑이 널두고 떠나도

[Even if love leaves you behind]

Fly, fly get em up high...

- Bridge -

You can fly

Even when you think everything is lost

You can fly

Even when you’re without the ones you love

You can fly

Even when it’s too painful to go on

You can fly

You’ve got to fly sky high!

- Verse 2 -

So you think you’re stuck, got nowhere to go

Keep on kicking but never reach the goal?

Even when you think you’ve gotten pretty far

You’re thrown right back, to the very start

Fight back!

Never give up keep on going

Though people try to bring you down, take it knowing

Your dreams and hopes, stay strong and they’ll never die

Spread your wings, let’s go everybody fly

- Chorus -

날개를 피고 You can fly

[spread your wings]

- Verse 3 -

Every now and then my dreams start to fade

With every fall and failure something dies away

And every single time I close my eyes

I see what I want and wonder why I try

But slowly and steady, I’m getting closer still

I’m good enough to get there, I know I will

The obstacles I face, I’ll get over in time

The darker the night, the brighter stars will shine

- Chorus -

As you can tell, I based the lyrics off the original. The last line of verse 3 is exactly the same, just translated. I really like that line. =D

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Aww, the singing wasn't bad--I liked it, especially the chorus. Female rappers are awesome <3 Haha I wish I could rap. T_T;; I liked that you re-wrote (I'm kinda lacking sleep; is "re-wrote" a word? lol it sounds funny :x) the lyrics. I agree with amurokenji on having more words in the lines. The flow in the first verse sounds slightly awkward to me, but it's really slight, so it's not too big of a deal. Other than that, I really liked this. Great job, Rai! ^^

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This sounds awesome ^^ In the beginning it sounds sort of messy, like it's missing something.

Also, it could be only my computer, but at times it sounds like the music is louder than your voice. Other than that, it sounds great!

Yay more female rappers! xD I do rap (sort of) but never much in English (unless it's in the song) only in Japanese. So if you wanna team up, let me know ^^

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Guest sikkony

Yo dawg, that was good stuff. Really enjoyed the whole rendition, props for the lyrics and rewriting the song yourself, takes effort. Your singing was really smooth, I really liked it. The singing sounded slightly under powered compared to your rap, but the singing itself was definitely good stuff.


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Pinaiicolada: I'll add them later on ^^

amurokenji Yeah I noticed that at times. The first verse is more based on the original though. Thanks.

Tempo: How can you say you can't rap? Dude. You can rap in Korean, write awesome full original songs <3 Thanks for commenting!

Chris: Hols in 2 weeks! And I should be free of assignments now =DD Remind me of what I'm meant to sing haha

Soochi: I'd love to collab with you. I got a few Japanese songs I wanna cover. I do have that problem with mixing. Gotta figure out how to push out the vocals haha

sikkony: Yeah, singing was so hard though ><

Will reply the rest later.

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Guest 4th.ave.cafe

wow O_O I like it. I think the rhythm of your rap is a bit awkward...like it pauses at weird parts but other than that, it's nice :D!

I enjoyed listening to it ^^ Very nice~

And your Korean sounds cute ^^~

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gene: zmg. its been soooo long =DDD Thank you for listening <3

rainy.seasons: Yeah, my flow or whatever. I need to learn how to get good hahaha I can't get it to roll nicely T_T Thanks for listening ^_^

hangbok_2007: Confused? When? xD Yeah, my mixing is like that. I need to learn how to get the vocals to pop more >< Thank you~

Thank you everyone that's listened.

I should really stop bumping ^^;; But I'd like critiques and whatnot haha

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