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Guest lambutan

Fans of Snubbed Beauties Up in Arms

With the cable TV channel m.net selecting a list of Korea's 10 most beautiful women to mark the company's 10th anniversary, fans of stars who were left off are launching severe protests on the Internet. Using Internet balloting and expert opinion, m.net selected a list of Korea's 10 representative beauties. Those making the list were Go So-yeong, Kim Tae-hee, Kim Hee-seon, Mun Geun-young, Son Ye-jin, Song Hye-kyo, Eugene, Lee Young-ae, Jeon Ji-hyeon and Han Ga-in.


Go So-yeong (left) and Kim Hee-seon

With upturned eyes and the spot on the ride of her nose, Go So-yeong is a combination of Eastern and Western beauty. Judges said Kim Tae-hee, with her high forehead, possesses both classical and modern beauty.Kim Hee-seon, on the other hand, has received praise as a first-rate beauty, with a perfect nose, mouth and eyes.


Mun Geun-young(left) and Son Ye-jin

Mun Geun-young, with her round nose, kind, warm eyes and chubby cheeks, has created for herself a cute, new-age beauty image. Son Ye-jin, a neat-looking beauty with soft eyes that express everything, also made the list. Song Hye-kyo, known for her perfect face shape and the warm vibe she gives off, has an exquisite charm possessing both purity and sexiness. Eugene, on the other hand, has received praise for reminding fans of Olivia Hussey with her well-formed, prominent forehead and high nose.


Song Hye-kyo and Eugene

Lee Young-ae's eyes, nose and mouth perfectly harmonize, and her slightly down-turned eyes give one a very distinct feeling, and while Jeon Ji-hyeon's features aren't particularly defined, she's has a modern beauty that the nation's young people are just crazy over. Han Ga-in is a looker with a distinctive nose and eyes that are shared by few others.


Lee Young-ae(left) and Jeon Ji-hyeon

Fans of major Internet pinup star Hwang Shin-hye, "Korean Wave" star Choi Ji-woo and other snubbed stars, however, are making their complaints loud and clear, raising doubts about whether the ten that were selected really belong on the list. Since the list was announced, countless Internet users have been battling it out defending the beauty of their favorite stars on all sorts of entertainment bulletin boards. Considering the difficulty of ranking "beauty" and plethora of beautiful female stars in this country, outsiders looking in at the mess ask whether this was perhaps the natural result of a "dangerous" poll.


Kim Tae-hee (left) and Han Ga-in

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Guest youngmageee

Woohoo! Way to go, Eugene unni!!! B):D


Source: Yahoo! Korea

Wow! nice fashion show. Actually I was able to watch this wayback in Arirang STYLE segment. Thanks and hope for posting new and old pictures of our Eugene! Hurray


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Guest whizzer's_rose

I've been looking for this thread for days now...I've finally seen it! anyone post some pics of Eugene from Save the last Dance? any news on her?

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