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[movie 2007] Rainbow Eyes / Mask 가면

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

Kim Min Sun, Kim Kang Woo, Lee Soo Gyung
Debuts 27 Dec 2007.

Director : Yang Yun Ho (Libera Me, Holiday, Fighter In The Wind)

Cast : Kim Min Sun, Kim Kang Woo, Lee Soo Gyung

Distributed by : Lotte Entertainment

Official Site : www.mask2007.co.kr

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Links to trailers/making of :


Links to photos/still cuts :


SYNOPSIS (credit http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr) :

Inspectors Kyung-yoon CHO and Eun-joo PARK have been an inseparable duo ever since their police academy days. One day, the two inspectors take on the case of a young rich sports center owner, violently stabbed to death. The only clue to the case is a piece of body hair with AB blood type found at the scene. The two inspectors identify a swimming instructor as a major suspect to the case, but he later gets brutally murdered in the same way. It is later revealed that the two victims and a third party were once in the same army and committed a disgraceful act together. The police see the murders as a serial murder case in revenge for the victim at the time, ‘Yoon-suh LEE’. But as the murderer’s identity slowly unfolds, inspector Kyung-yoon comes across another shocking mystery….



Press conference special clip


OST Album :



1 Prologue 신이경

2 행복한죽음 (Vocal Ver.) 신이경

3 Title(가면) 신이경

4 스포츠센터 신이경

5 회상(눈덮인계단) 신이경

6 그대곁 신이경

7 강간남 신이경

8 회상(배웅) 신이경

9 위험한연인들 신이경

10 가면 신이경

11 질주-회상-행복한죽음 신이경

12 그대곁(지하철역) 신이경

13 게이클럽 1 장재형

14 치욕 신이경

15 게이클럽 2 (Let Go) 장재형

16 겨울밤 신이경

17 살해현장 신이경

18 피흘린벽 신이경

19 취조실 신이경

20 회상(내동생윤서) 신이경

21 입맞춤 신이경

22 비밀-질주-회상 신이경

23 낯익은그대 신이경

24 행복한죽음 1 신이경

25 도주 신이경

26 회상(펜던트) 신이경

27 행복한죽음 2 신이경

28 그대곁(불꽃) 신이경

29 Epilogue

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Here's a review of Kim Kang Woo's latest film, Rainbow Eyes.


Ever since Kim Kang Woo won the Best Actor award at the 25th Torino Film Festival in Italy for his role in the critically acclaimed film "The Railroad", expectations about his performance have skyrocketed. Aside from his seemingly innate ability to put himself into the character he plays, one of the reasons why I like Kim Kang Woo is because he is easy on the eyes and would always seem to have a pleasant demeanor which were quite evident in his roles in "Le Grand Chef" and "The Railroad". That is probably the reason why I was quite doubtful that his role as detective Jo Kyeong Yoon in "Rainbow Eyes" would be convincing enough. And yet, I was also not surprised that he proved me wrong after watching this latest movie of his. Kyeong Yoon was definitely a 360 degree turn from the previous characters he had played and perhaps the most intriguing, by far. [Read on.]

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