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Ahn Chil Hyun 안칠현 (aka Kangta 강타)


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Is that so??? :o Wow! I din know that! Um....Angel think u can get me the title of the song? I'll add them into the already so long list! :lol: - advantage to soompi DB being wiped out is that I'm re-learning all the stuff abt Kangta too! :P

I'm juz too tired to continue now! *taking a break* :lol::rolleyes:


oops! my bad...it's already in the list you posted. since most of it is in korean, i overlooked it. sorry!

by the way...been meaning to ask you...have you seen the Magic School (or Saturday Is Coming) skits? He co-hosted a show w/ Eugene, JunJin and HeeJun a few years ago and they always did these comedy skits...they're hilarious!

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*push jd off her chair*

aiyoh! jd, your hubby's list of accomplishments keep getting looooooooooooooooonger.. ;)

<_< why are you pushing me off my chair for???? *go n sit on kangta's lap* :lol:

errr is already long, jo....juz that u din know!!! :P

oops! my bad...it's already in the list you posted. since most of it is in korean, i overlooked it. sorry!

aha! It's already there then? :lol:...yah....I don't read Korean either so....it's like copy paste for me! :P I like SHINHWA too, but I havent listened to all their songs yet. They've a lot of albums! Guess now I hafta to n search for that particular song in their 4th Album...by any chance, you know which track number, angel?

Ps: Magic School? I heard of it. I think I've seen few of them, but very bad quality, blurry and all. It's LQ clip, and since no translations to it, I couldn't understand a word they're saying either :(

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Guest BiTa Stone

Translation to Selected VOD/News Clips

Jihoon visited KT in his studio


Translated by Rxgoodleaf

Caption: Would Ji Hoon join Kangta's project?

Ji Hoon: I am sick you know. (apparently Ji Hoon had a flu)

Kangta: Did you have any plans?

Ji Hoon: Why did you ask me to come?

Caption: For Ji Hoon's next album, Kangta wrote this new song

Ji Hoon: Oh, real nice!

Ji Hoon: This piano is real nice!

Kangta starts to play Doll...

Ji Hoon: That's not how you should sing.

Ji Hoon: Ah chuimi (instead of Ah chimi)... (chuimi = interest or hobby in Korean instead of morning)

Kangta: You mean your BAD hobby!

the guys are singing various vocal versions of Doll... going overboard and exaggerating... ^^

Caption: The best singer and the best producer

Caption: When you hear "Pak", turn your head

Kangta: You and I have this in common... same feel (for the music)...

Caption: Kangta, getting into business mode

Couldn't hear Kangya here very well, sorry...

Kangta: I don't think I can find a better member, even if I search the whole world!

Ji Hoon: Did you hear? There is a rumor going around that you are crazy.

Kangta: Yeah, I am hitting Mi (piano keyboard). Mi~

Kangta: I've already talked to Michael Jackson and Babyface. You know that I have an agent in US.

Ji Hoon: You really are crazy!

Ji Hoon: If Michael Jackson is participating, I'll do it!

Ji Hoon: You remember. How I was tricked by Park Soo Hong.


Old clip of how Ji Hoon was tricked into believing that he was meeting Michael Jackson...

Ji Hoon: I was so completely tricked into believing. Now, you are telling me you are going to hook me up with Michael Jackson? You really are crazy!

Kangta: Oh come on, let's do it~

Ji Hoon: This is really stupid. This is why you asked me to come over?

Kangta: Hey! This can change your life!

Ji Hoon: Don't go around telling people this. They really are going to think you are crazy.

Ji Hoon: They may send you to a sanatorium like they did with Soo Hong Hyung.

Kangta: I am asking you seriously. What am I going to do?

Ji Hoon: How about forming the group with chimpanzees?



TVBM Interview on 2006.08.10

translated by Bita Stone/stoney

Host introducing K&V to the audience.....

Greetings by KT and V in cantonese....

Host said KT is the one wrote the lyrics while V did the rap for songs

in their Scandal album and asked why is that so....

V said that from the start, KT was the one who composed 127 Days

and One Day...when it comes to the rap part, V offered to do it ...

KT spoke about how he composed the songs and produced the album....

They further explained how they communicate with each other....

and V praised KT's mandarin....host asked how he learn his mandarin....

V and KT explained how they got to know each other, how this collaboration

comes about and how they felt about it.....

They said that they don't have any disagreement with each other......

not much communication problems too....

how they met up to discuss the production of this album.....

Host asked them to describe how they feel about the songs in it.....

KT likes Scandal.....and V likes 127 Days coz it's KT's lovestory....

KT talks about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and how 127 days

came about.....

Host praised their dancing skills....

V explained they had to employ a few choreograhpers to plan, arrange, teach

and direct them....

KT said the dance steps in Scandal is very difficult but V danced very well.....

Host asked how do they find each other dancing skills....

V and KT praised each other....^^

KT said he started to learn dancing at the age of 15....

Host finds their characters are very compatible.....asked how they find each other....

V said KT is very nice...takes good care of him whenever he's in Korea....

that he's very nice not only to him but everyone working together with him!!

V said KT loves xiao long bao and must eat it everyday when they

were in Taiwan and he bought a lot of food when they went to his house

on the last day there...

KT said V is very disciplined where food is concerned.....

Host asked how they do find their fans in different parts of the world....

V said different fans in different countries behave differently ....

but HK fans are very warm, get excited, hysterical and wild very easily....

how they crowd round them when they arrived at the airport.........

K&V are very thankful to them.....

but are worried about their safety, afraid that they may get injured ...

so advise them to be careful.....

They further said their fans are very united....how they shouted their

names in unity while they were singing...

(they demonstrated how they did it.....^^)

They did receive a lot of gifts from fans....

Host if they have received any gifts that are memorable....??

KT said he's very touched by a fan who keeps sending letters to him writing

in korean though she's not a korean....

Host what they like to eat or buy whenever they are in HK.....

They said HK is a shopping paradise....and has lots of delicious food around....

KT admires HK's night scenery and loves shopping too...

Host asked what would they like to buy in HK as souvenirs...

KT said he would like to get some electrical goods and would want to get

a camera with zoom lens coz it's cheaper here....

Host asked which HK artistes would they like to work with ......

KT said he likes Chow Yuen Fatt , would like to work and act with him,

maybe as his son....

Host taught them to address Chow in cantonese.... " Fatt Gor" "Fatt Gor"....

He said KT is so cute....he has used whatever chinese or cantonese

that he knows!!!

K&V explained they would also like to venture out into movies, dramas together.....

They are planning to visit Malaysia and other parts of Asia for their promotion....


2006.09.02 Hunan TV "Kuai Le Da Ben Ying" / Happy Camp in Changsha


Translated by Bita Stone/Stoney....caps by Moojuk@OMK

K&V performing Scandal

Hosts: Let's welcome K&V

K&V greeted everyone.....

Host: Since they have transferred to my school, i want to test

their language abilities. I'm sure V has no problem with that....

How about KT ?? What's your level of mandarin??

Can you use mandarin to speak to us??

KT: (in chinese) I'm very happy to meet all of you here.

Thank you.

Host: Wait !! We didn't give your fans a chance to cheer for you....

(walking towards the audience) Ok, do you have anything to

cheer for KT??

Crowd screaming : An Qi Xuan !!! An Qi Xuan!!!

Host: This is the first show that you have chosen to

appear after coming to China....therefore you have sparkled

lots of 'heat' here!!!

KT: thank you !!

Host: How do you guys normally communicate???

K&V : Mostly english....

KT: (in chinese) Oh...his korean is very good....

for me, i only know a little of mandarin!!

Host: Hey...i notice KT is a very bashful and shy person....

i'm sure he has charmed all of you with his bashfulness right??

Host: Ok, now we are going to conduct our lesson....

Lesson 1 : Language test...mandarin....

Host: Nana, can you name some chinese poems for them

to try??

Nana: Ok, let me teach you some chinese poems....

(^^speaking very slowly)

Host: Hey, I don't think KT will understand you even if you

were to speak slowly !!!

Nana: Oh, before i begin, normally new students who come

in here will hug each other when they meet....

Host: Oh...No!! No!!! Don't worry.....don't worry....

this won't happen....i'm sure you won't let KT hug her right???

(to the audience ^^)

Our school rule is....only the principal of this school will

get to hug his new student!!!!!! haha!!

Nana: Ok....now let's start.....

(She started telling KT the words to say^^)

Wow!!! KT's pronunciation is so good!!!

Now they are testing V's english rap.....

Host: Ok, although we have a lot of foreign fans here to

support both of you, i would like to teach you some

native words ....the language we use here in Changsha....

Fans who don't belong here can also learn them, ok??

The first word is : Girl

KT : (in changsha) Mei Toh........*so cute!!!!*

Host: The second word means : something which can't be solved...'hao bu de ti' .....

KT: (in changsha) Siow bu de ti !!!

Host: Third word...'why'....huo kai .....

Now V is supposed to use changsha to act out a

scene with the host....

Host: Ok...now we shouldn't neglect KT....

Come....KT....(looking at his shoes)

Is this your style ?? Your shoelaces are loosen....

is this the latest , modern style????

Other hosts quickly untie their shoelaces to keep up with

KT's style!!!

Host: If this is the style, won't he fall while dancing??

V: Oh...he was careless, the shoelace came off during

the performance!!

Host: So you see, everyone will follow his style blindly even

if it's not intentional!!! I was born to be short and now

everyone is not willing to grow taller!!!

KT, you are going to talk with this girl in chinese for one minute!!

Nana : (jokingly)Wow!! Don't envy me....i'm only doing a

program!! thank you!!

*Acting out now*

Nana: Oh...he looks like An Qi Xuan !!!

KT: Mei Toh....(hey girl!!) Your eyes are very beautiful!!!

Nana: (bashfully) Oh really??? (to the audience)

I'm only doing a program....thank you...

Everyone says that to me too!!


KT: What's your telephone number??

Oh...ok....got it.....thank you !!

Nana: Do you think i'm pretty???

KT: Very Pretty !!!

I'm hungry now....

Nana: I have Mantou....(bun)

KT: er....i also want Xiao long bao and spicy hotpot...

Nana: Oh....spicy hotpot is our Sichuan specialty.....

KT: Really??? I want to eat...right now !!!!

Give them to me now !!

Nana: Now ?? Ok...you guys continue with the show while

i go and buy them!!!!


Nana: Wait.....i interviewed you once when i was in Korea,

do you remember??

KT: (in chinese) Ah....long time no see!!!

Nana: Oh !!!!!!!!! He remembered!!!! *jumping very happily!!*

Host: Do you find her prettier now????

KT: (in chinese) Yes...very pretty....

Host: Good !! That shows her facial surgery is very successful !!!

KT laughs!!!!!!

Nana: I have a request...can you please sing me a chinese song?

KT: Ok...Moon Represent my Heart....

Host: Wait....i'm sure all of you have already heard him sing

this song, right??? Shall we teach him a new song then??

May i ask...what do you like about KT???

Girl: I like everything about him!!!!

Host: Do you like him to sing you a new song????

Girl: No... i don't like...i just like him to sing Moon !!!!

(KT is so cute here!! He looks so worried that he has to really

sing a new chinese song!!!)

Host: Ok...now we are going to lesson 2.....didn't KT say

he's hungry??? So now we are going to have cooking lesson!!!

Host: What can KT cook???

V; Oh....he can cook very well!!!

KT: Fried rice.....

Host: Wow!! You will charm girls with your cooking skills!!!

Ok...i have also noticed both of them know magic !!

*Both of them performing magic trick*

Gee......KT looks so cute!!

*Clips of the chef making noodles*

KT making the noodles.....

Host: Oh mai !!! KT is still beating the dough !!

He's so gentle in it!!!

Why worry...he got the skills to do it !!!

Note: The host can't stand the way KT does it, so slowly

and gently....so decides to do it for him!!!!

Host: Let's look at KT....he's making the noodles strand

by strand !!! Later we are going to have 5 people coming

up here to taste his noodles, so KT is preparing and making

only 5 strands of noodles!!! One strand for each person !!!

(looking at the way KT cooks....)

Hmm....he really looks like a homely person who can cook

very well .....really charming!!!

Oh dear...the noodles looks so stiff !!!

Ok...they have finished cooking !!!

Host: What's the name of your noodles???

KT: (in chinese) Casual Noodles!!!

KT feeding the girls his noodles!!!

KT: Do you want?? (feeding the host)

Host: Hmm....not bad, it's cooked...very delicious coz

he has added some sauce to it....

Ok....we will be back for more!!!

Female Host: I find both of them are very wonderful !!!

They learnt to speak Changsha language in such a short time

and are good in praising girls !! They are also very talented !!

Host: We are going to have dancing lesson next.....

Now we are going to invite 4 of our schoool dancers to perform

for us!!

*4 female dancers performing*

They have difficulty in getting up!!!

They introduced themselves.....^^

Then V demonstrated his dance, the movement of a robot....

The rest of them started to imitate him.....followed by KT...

Host: Did you realise that this robot (referring to V) is

very energetic...whereas this one (to KT) is so bashful

when he's dancing!!

Now.....we want you to watch another dance by our 4

female dancers.....

Can you please teach us your head movement ??

Ok....let's see our K&V imitate their dance....

Nana: Oh...let me show you my movement.....

Then both K&V show their fighting movement.....

Host: KT's fighting demonstration is so gentle!!!!

Now they are going to act out a scene.....

Host : ( explains the script ) Both of you are in a relationship

for many years....but he fell in love with another girl,

broke up with you and took all your life-savings with him.....

Suddenly one day, he appears in front of you....

you want to hit him on his left cheek....

but decide to hit his right cheek instead.....

then you realise he has a mole on his right cheek,

decides to hit his mole instead.......

but....on second thought, you don't have the heart to

hit him at all....and finally shed a tear....

V and the hosts start acting out the scene.......

KT is supposed to act as V's good friend, trying to defend him...

KT: Mei Toh !!!!! (trying to stop Nana from hitting V )

Host : *laughs* Wow!! What a noble friend !!!! Mei Toh!!!

KT: Your eyes are so beautiful!!! Let's leave together!!!

Host: (to the audience) So whose performance is the best???

Crowd: An Qi Xuan !!!!!!!!!

Host: Then can we ask them to sing us another song???

Let's give them an applause!!!!!!!!

K&V performing 127 Days.......


2006.09.10 JiLin TV 8 o' clock Happiness Part 1


Translated by Bita Stone/Stoney....caps by Moojuk @OMK

Introducing An Qi Xuan and Wu Jian Hao.....

Host: Wow!!! Look at those fans holding KT's board, it's so

bright and shining !! Let's welcome them now!!!

KT and V performing Scandal.....

(oh boy!! I love how the chinese fans are screaming KT's name!!!)

Host: To those who have just switched on your TV set,

don't be alarmed with all these commotion, we are not

quarrelling, we are just screaming out KT's name!!!

Let's welcome them now!!!

I find your fans are really very energetic, keep screaming

your names....

V: Yup....and they end up calling "An Jian Hao" instead !!!!


Host: Oh, it's quite commmon to hear fans screaming their

names but the unique thing about them is , they can both

scream out their names and sing at the same time!!!!!

( acting out..... how to combine the screaming and

singing together!!)

*Taking out the poster and praising it*

Host: I saw a lot of these posters in shops when i

was in HK....shows how popular you guys are....

(to KT) Do you understand ??

KT: (in chinese) Don't know......

V started to explain how this collaboration came about,

how they met , how the album is being produced...etc....

They even came up with the design of their outfit....

Host: Which song do you like best in this album ???

KT: Scandal.....

V: I still prefer 127 Days....coz it's KT's story.......

Host: I know that KT can understand what we are talking about ...

he's a very intelligent guy....and i have watched some

of his gameshows in Korea and realised that he's

very quick and witty....

Now you are going to sing us another song....right???

V : Yes, it's called One Day.....

K&V performing One Day.....

V told host how KT took care of him when he was in Korea....

V: Everyone knows what KT likes to eat, right?????

KT : He gives me xiao long bao, everyday!!!!

Host: (trying to correct his chinese) He gives me xiao long bao

to eat everyday....

KT says after the host......^^

Host: I hope to give him a deep impression of our

hometown today....You guys have an intial of K&V ,

and today, i have also invited a cross cultural group with the

initial of LV.....one is a chinese and the other is a korean....

Do you want to have look???

*Let's welcome our Aaron Kwok from HK and Rain from Korea!!!*

LV performing.........

Rain: Hello....I'm 'Crain'.....

KT: What are you doing here?????

Rain: Oh, my fans love me here!!!

Aaron: Oh...he's a fake Rain, i'm the real Aaron !!!!

Host: Yo, i'm not prepard today to see so many 'stars' here!!!

I can't control myself !!!

Since we have both cross cultural here , let's have a comparison

between them....let's compare their eye expression ....

All of us know that both KT and V have eyes expression that can kill !!!!

You have to face the camera and try to electrify the audience....

Host: (to Rain) Do you have eyes behind your sunglasses ????

Host: Come girl....show us what will your reaction be when V look at you....

Now, V....look towards her direction....

Next...let's invite our gentle and charming KT to electrify you.....

KT giving his priceless, electrifying look.....

Host: Wait....this side did not get to see you.....you have to turn....

KT is sooooooooooooo cute here!!!!

Host: Ok....KT and V win this round....

Rain blames it on Aaron for having small eyes and start arguing..!!!!

Host: Next, we are going to compare your talents and originality...

What??? (walking towards the audience) They design their own necklace??

Fan: It's V who designed it....it's bought from his concert in Japan.

Host : Let's look at K&V poster.....

and now...let's look at LV poster....

Rain and Aaron showing off their posters and giving the audience their pics!!

Host: I think KT likes them....give him one ....

KT: (in chinese) No !! I don't want !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Now...we are going to compare their voices.....

K&V singing Faint.......

Host: (To LV) Now it's your last chance to win this round...

sing an original song....

Rain: Ok, we will sing Mouse Loves Grain....

Hey...we have won coz our song has english and chinese lyrics...

Host: Let's ask our audience who wins this round...

Everyone claps for KT and V.....

Host: Now, we are going to compare your dance movement...

V will represent the K&V Duo...

V dances to his robotic movement...

Host: (to LV) You should be glad i have asked only one of

them to perform the dance.....if both of them were to dance,

you are sure to lose...

Rain: Who says so ?? Let me show you my powerful dance!!

V: I surrender....we lose this round....

Host: Ok, LV win this time since V said so.....

Now the 4 of you will sing together....

and the only song that all of you will know how to

sing is Happy Birthday!!!

Translation to 8 o' Clock Happiness (part 2)


translated by Bita Stone/stoney....caps by Moojuk@OMK

(I'm translating only KT's part)

Welcome our hosts !!!

Host: We are now going to ask KT and V some questions by

their fans.....

Q.1 by Nana :

We would like to introduce some of our popular chinese

songs to both of you.

KT: (in chinese) Let's listen to it, let's listen to it....

Host: Here we want to test their listening and intonation

skills and how they impart the song....

let's give them a set of earphones to listen to some parts

of it so that they can listen and sing at the same time

and the audience has to name the title of the song after

which the actual song will be played out loud...

Now we are going to let them listen to a song which all

of us will know...but they have to learn how to sing it......

V sang first.....

Host: Oh dear, KT looks so anxious and worried!!!

He must have felt very strange!!

Host: Do you know opera???

KT: Yes...i know...

Host: Do you want to learn a word from me???

KT : Ok.... (oh boy!! he sounds sooooooo cute!!!)

Host: Wow!! So smart!!! Again....

KT sings sooooooooooo perfectly!!!!!!

Host:: Wow!! He learns it so fast!!! Whereas V sounds

so ghostly!!! Ok...now it's KT's turn!!

KT is singing now!!!!

Audience wanted to name it...but the Host said cheekily:

Wait!!! Wait!!! Don't say it yet......let him sing more of it!!!!!

KT: Oh....it's so difficult !!!

Host: Oh, he has tried his best!!! But at least there's someone

who knows the title!!!

(to the audience) So what song is it???

Audience: Good Days !!!!

Host: Wow!!!!! It's correct!!!!!!!

KT: Thank You to all of you!!!!!!!!

Host: Ok...the next song has more difficult rhythm.....

KT sings another song ..........the audience sing along!!!!

Host: Actually, it's pretty difficult for a normal person who has to listen to the song through

the earphone and sing at the same time...but KT is really amazing....he can do it very well....

Another Host: Oh...actually it's their fans who have helped

him achieve such a talent.....coz he has to concentrate

really hard when performing on stage as his fans are always screaming so loudly!!!

Anyway, they are really amazing!!!

Ok, let's listen to the actual song now....

we will teach you some of the words in the lyrics now.....

KT: (suddenly he said) Mei Toh....

Another Host: Oh....how does he know???

Host: Oh, we taught him this word in another program earlier...

Mei Toh.....

Host starts to teach them....and KT follows after them so cutely!!!

Host: Ok, let's test KT one more time!!!

KT starts singing.........sooooooooooo adorable!!!

Host: KT is one who really enjoys music and his expresion

while singing it is so cute !!

Wow!! We don't even have to guess the title coz everyone

seems to know it.........

ok....the title of this song is Woman is a Tiger!!!!!!!!!

KT: Right !! Right!! Right!!!

Host: er....you know??? Have you been bitten by a tiger???

Meaning, have you have bullied by a lady/woman???

KT: Right!! Right!!! Right!!!

Host: Aiyoo...you guys are always bullying KT!!!

No wonder he's saying right.........by the way, who

has bullied you ???????

Haha.....ok.....ok....better not ask further.....

Now we are going to listen and sing you another

very popular korean song..... (title ??)

KT: Wow!! It's very nice!!!!

Hosts: Can you understand what are we singing??????????

KT: Yes!!! .....He sings very well.....(to the fatty guy)

Hosts: er...how about us??? I'm sure we sing very

well too ???

KT: er.....he's very good.....

Hosts got angry!!!!!!!!!! Why??????????? Why????????

KT: Both of you.....both of you.......

His pronunciation is very good...

Host: See!!!!!!!!!! I told you not to let him write out the lyrics

on the paper!!!!!!!!! I think V also knows!!

Let's accompany V to sing along!!

Everyone ..........observe KT's expression!!!!!!!!!

Host: Does KT feels like he's in Korea now after listening

to this song?????

Translator: No...he feels he's still in China!!!

Host: Then does he have the urge to return back to Korea

right now??

Translator: He still likes to remain in China now !!!!!

Host: Wow!!!! He's so glib-tongue...(sweet talk)

How about you, KT, teach the 4 of us some korean???

Each person one word...starting from V....

*KT starts his teaching lesson*

Host: Now we are going to act out a simple scene using all

these korean words that we have learnt....

Fat Host: Aiyoo...i have already forgotten some of the words

that i have learnt!!!!

*Starting to act out the scene*

They are all so cute !!!!!!!!!!^^

Host: So who's the best????

KT: You...

Host: Finally!!! Now...let me sing you a korean song!!!

Please be seated!!!

Now, let us ask KT to talk to us and use all the mandarin words that he knows....

i love the way he speaks chinese...very mesmerising and charming!!!!

KT: (in chinese) Your eyes are very beautiful, that's why

i'm happy, i love all of you!!!!!!!!! I'm hungry !!!!

Host: Wow!!! Very clever!!!!!!!!!!!

Q2 :

I love the both of you...i would like to present you a present....

a box of Mooncakes.....

Host: Let them try it now....is it delicious???

Girl: Do remember us, especially me when you are eating

this mooncake...we will always support you!!!!!!!

Host: Ok, let's eat it later......

Aiyoo...KT is so hungry now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He keeps eating non stop!!!!!

*Note: Hey...i'm truly hungry!!!!*

Host : Producer......you can take a toilet break....!!!!

We are eating our mooncakes now...

In order to repay back your fan's kindness, you have to sing

them a song, Moon...

Host: Do we have another song related to Moon Cake Festival??

*they sang together!!*

Q3 :

What other ways/methods do you guys communicate

besides english???

KT: His korean is very good !!

Host: Oh, your chinese is good too !!!

V: Sometimes we also use body language.....

Host: Let's test them now....see how great their chemistry is...

KT is going to shake a person's hand ....you have to guess

who by looking at his/her body language....no talking/prompting

is allowed...

Then they test the fat host.......they are shocked by his

ability to guess!!!

They continue to play charades with words of Sun, Door

and Kangta!!!

Host: I'm describing KT...his handsome...dances very well.....

and fans love him....

Another host: You mean the word is kangta???

Then what is the slap for????

Fat host: Oh, i wanted to glue my kiss on his face!!!

Host: Ok, we'll stop here....let's give them an applause!!!!

K&V performing 127 Days........


2002.11.01 Taiwan MTV - Kangta in Fresh


Translated by Bita Stone/stoney....caps by Moojuk@OMK

Note: This is a group of protective fans of KT !!!

^^ Fans singing Saranghayo to KT.....plus some HOT songs....

KT walking to the studio with his manager........

Host: Today is a very, very happy day for everyone...

coz we have 11 very lucky fans right here waiting to

spend their time with him !! Better not talk any further....

let us welcome An Qi Xuan!!!

Hello Kangta!!!

Right now, we have 10 very lucky fans here whom we

have chosen.....and we have a lot more fans down there

waiting....so we are going to choose one of them from there

to come up to the open studio later.

Let's invite KT to speak a few words with us....

KT: Hello everyone !! I'm very happy to meet all of you.

We don't have such a close-up gathering with fans in Korea...

that's why the feeling is really great and i'm very happy...!!

I supposed this will be a very memorable event for me

coz i can meet so many of my fans here.

Host: We have a lot of fans down there.....

do you wanna say hello to them???

Let's open this window.....

KT: Hello everybody !!! *waves*

Host: Wait !!! Wait !!!

Let's invite our first lucky fan forward now....

Fan 1: This wrist band was made and given out during

our fan meet-up organised by our club last year...

and this vcd has clips of our activities, what we did then

to celebrate ...

Host: Each one of you is allowed to ask him one question....

Q : After becoming a celebrity, i'm sure he has some

regrets when he looked back to the past....

may i know what is the thing that he would regret most??

KT: Frankly speaking, i have gained more than i have lost...

but the most regretful thing is i don't have much memories

of the days in high school.....the time spent with classmates...

it seems so far away....not much of a memory....

Fan 2 gave him a monsterous mask!!!

KT: Actually i do receive some stuff toys and masks during

the press conference and i'm very happy to receive these

coz they are made here...

Q : Since KT has been acting in Korea, can i request him to

act out a scene to promote his album???

KT: This album reflects some of my sad moments and the

hurts that i had experienced....so i hope all of you will like it!!!

*trying to look sad!!!*

Host: *smiling* Hey...you are killing him !!!!!!!!

Fan 3 gave him a puppet.....

Q : Does he have any habit or anything he needs to do

when composing songs??

KT: I have the habit to drink some wine....

it's not a must or habit, but i just want to add some nice

ambience to it...and i will just write a few phrases which

will become the lyrics!!

Host: Now it's time to pick a note to see what he can do for you....

Wow!! He can leave a message for you in your cellphone!!!

KT left her a message !!

Fan 4.....

Q : What is the most romantic thing has he done and with who ??

KT: She's my ex-girlfriend....while running, we love to

leave our footprints on the ground when it snowed on the

first day....it's really a very beautiful memory...

When it snowed last Christmas, i wrote 2 love songs and

thus it was also a lovely and romantic memory...

KT hugs fan 4 !!!

Fan 5 gives him a booklet describing KT !!!

Host: This is what this fan has always imagines him to be....

she would like to know what is his actual personality....

KT: This book looks more like my personal coverstory....

feels like i'm the one writing it !! It has a lot of my

stories in it....she really understands me!!

I feel like i'm reading myself !!

Fan 6 ......

Q : (in korean????? what did she say??)

KT: Everyone has their happy and sad moments....

i hope that everyone who listens to my songs will be

consoled by them coz my sad love songs will elevate

their moods and feelings to a higher level.....

Fan 6: Has he ever experience such a feeling of hurts

and sadness???

KT: Of coz...breaking up with your first love is always

very sad, depressing and hurtful especially for men....

they will always keep such hurts in their hearts!!

Fan 7 .....

Q : What does he normally do when he's tired???

KT: I'll go jogging coz it refreshes my mind and body...

i'll feel more energetic and my eyes will become brighter!!!

Fan 8 ...

Q : Did anything happen in his high school days which

he finds it difficult to forget??

KT: As i had mentioned earlier, i was already into

the entertainment scene then...so i do not have many

unforgettable moments during that time....

that's what i regretted the most !!

I think the only most unforgettable moment was when i

was surrounded by my female classmates during one of

our class outings and i felt very awkward and embarrassed!!

Host: Aiyoo....it's really unlucky to be his friend coz all the attention is on him!!!

KT: Oh...but all my friends are very handsome!!!

Fan 9 ....

Q : How many days has he ever stayed up without sleeping

when he's at work...

KT : There was once i go without sleep for about 5 to 6 days..

only took catnap in the car....

Host: 5 to 6 days?? Oh dear.....it's a wonder you are still alive!!!

KT hugs fan .......she's so shy!!!

Fan 10 ....

Q : How does he feel being in Taiwan now???

KT: I was actually very tired before i arrived....

but upon reaching here, suddenly i feel very energetic....

I haven't been to Taiwan for 3 to 4 years already....

feel that fans here have become more warm and friendly!!!

and there are still so many fans giving me their support!!

That's why i'm very happy!!!

Actually there's this girl who told me i have a lot of fans in

Taiwan when i was in Singapore, i didn't believe her at first

but now i believe after seeing so many of you here....

Host: Now we want to choose another fan up here....

Oh, we also have a birthday cake for him to

celebrate his coming birthday!!

KT chose the male fan to come after thanking them for their

love and support.....

Fan crying so hard ....and KT has been embracing him!!!!!!!

Host: Everyone down there...

he's very excited now...can all of you give him a

clap to boost up his courage???

Wow!! You have lot of good friends out there!!!

KT hugs him....

Host: Oh dear...your hug will make him cry harder!!!!

KT: He dares not look at me coz it's his first time meeting me!!


Host: Hey....quick!! Give him a good look!!!

They are looking through all KT's stuff that the male fan brought....

Host: Ok...we also have a gift for KT...it's a cushion from the studio...

KT: Thank you...i'll make use of it when i'm in the plane...!!!


There are more translation to VODs/selected news clip further down under my post......

check them out, ya?? :rolleyes:

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<_< why are you pushing me off my chair for???? *go n sit on kangta's lap* :lol:

errr is already long, jo....juz that u din know!!! :P

lol...that's fast!

well, i did it so you could sit on ur hubby's lap ..shouldnt you be thanking me then? :rolleyes:

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You sit around and sip your ice blended coffee wif him????


Oh mai........


Don't waste his time , ya??? ;)

and let me quote someone to reply you "Don't say he's wasting his time, juz becoz he din spend his time with you!" :P

email?! give me a break omma!!! I'm resting....will check in a bit.


oh mai.....all close ups pics!!! mango....u wanna make me faint in the midst of my work? :lol: *hyperventilates* chest-hair....yummy!!! and the last pic!!!! hubba! hubba!!!! *faint*
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Hi hata!!!!!

I love Loveholic too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm addicted to it......

I'm sooooo in love wif Kang Wook and Yool Joo!!!!!!!!

and now i'm obsessed wif Tata as well!!!!!!!!

Jus wanna thank you for the YSI earlier on......

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been watching it non-stop 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi BiTa,

Exactly, exactly. Love Kangwook so much.

Because of Kangwook, made me so curious about Kangta. After listening to his songs, I've become a Kangtaholic. Listening to his songs and watching his video clips are my daily must-do. :lol:

Glad that you like the clip.

Just in case someone hasn't download his clip of Agape/Paralysis/23/The best in KM showtank on 23.9.05, here is the YSI link.


Wow, thanks for all the nice pictures of him. :)

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Guest BiTa Stone

Translation to Selected VOD/News Clips

30/07/06 X-Man (KT Parts only)


translated by Starylosophy

Pulling off the belt segment

(Lee's team last defender! Kangta)

(The two team's last defenders, LZX VS Kangta)

(The respective team's victory will make a difference between them)

(It's still intact! Still intact!)

(The sportsmen of the entertainment scene)

(Powerful Kangta)

(Electrifying ZY)

Lee's team leader: Sporting skills must be good

(The skills are important)

(ZY's main skill is overthrowing his opponent off his shoulder)

(But Kangta is not flustered)

(He caught hold of it)

(A skill with a wink of an eye)

(Kangta wins!)

Couple selection segment

MC Yoo: Next is Kangta

(Kangta's turn to show his admiration)

KT: I would like to express my feelings for someone

(He's going to express his feelings for a woman)

KT: I've prepared a pop song

(He prepared a Love Pop)

MC Yoo: We finally can hear Kangta's lovely vocals after sometime

(Awaiting, Awaiting)

(Love Melody, Kangta)

(Now and Forever by Richard Marx)

*KT sings

(This beautiful pop song only for her)

(Who is Kangta going to sing this song to?)

(It's because that he treasures it so much that is why he does not get close so easily...)

(He walks nearer)

(Step by Step he walks to her)

(There is someone very nervous)

(The woman gets nervous immediately)

(Her cheeks starting to turn red)

(Our old young man gets very happy when he sees couples in love)

(Curious, Curious)

(Because of his song)

(She gets very shy and her face turns red)


(Great vocals by Kangta)


MC Yoo: When Kangta walked over

MC Yoo: OK Bin and KillGun just stood there

(Before Kangta walked over, she was still unmoved by his singing)

MC Yoo: When Kangta walked over, she gets energetic immediately

(When he walks to her she also got nervous)

MC Yoo: It's the most nervous moment for her today

(XJ was nervous the whole day)

(But love nervousness during anytime are the best moments)

MC Yoo: Her face turning more red

(Kangta Special Love dance)

(Asia's Prince, Kangta)

(The dance after the song is only to win the girl in his heart)

(Firstly, he dances to Kill Gun)

MC Yoo: XJ is very nervous



MC Yoo: Oh my, this is very funny, RXJ


MC Yoo: Oh my, it's very finny, RXJ

MC Yoo: She looks very shy and when he comes forward, she dances lightly

(It looks like she didn't care much and just stood there)

(Slowly follows the rhythm)

MC Yoo: Kangta pulls of his jacket...


Part where RXJ Dances

MC Yoo: Next up is our cute and nervous girl, RXJ

MC Yoo: We can see that she's very nervous now

(When Kangta walked over, she started to get nervous)

MC: She'll definitely will... Please give her the music

(The 2nd seductive woman, RXJ)

(Walks over to him)

(The dance is only for Kangta)


(Totally acting like a spoilt child)


(A man full of happiness)

(And the others feel very unhappy)

(I don't know~)

(He gets happy again)

(The shy and nervous girl acts like a spoilt child totally)



MC Yoo: RXJ is really funny

MC Yoo: The dance is only for Kangta and not the others

(It's only for Kangta)

(Its just all for Kangta)


Couple selection

MC Yoo: Kangta, one two three


XJ: Thank you

MC Yoo: I haven't said my lines

(Before MC Yoo can say anything)

MC Yoo: Congratulations to this couple

The part where KT is being chosen by another girl and KT's girl being chosen by another guy (Briefly translated)

Ok Bin: Kangta-shi

MC Yoo: Who will Kangta choose? One, two, three

KT: Sorry

*Lee Kyun chooses RXJ for revenge

RXJ: Sorry


Translations to X-Man Ep 66/123 (KT Parts)


translated by Starylosophy

Danyunghaji (Of Course Segment)

Ayumi VS Kangta:

A: I like oppa before you went into the entertainment industry

KT: You are also my favourite member in Sugar (a group name i suppose)

A: I also want to thank oppa as I got encouragement (dream that sparked off) when I went to H.O.T concert

KT: I'm very happy because of what you've said

KT: I've heard that you are in debt at Japan (Ayumi attacked PMS that she had a debt in Japan earlier on)

KT: Oppa has some money recently

A: Just now I said that my dreams sparked off when I went to H.O.T. concert

A: But actually I'm a fan of Hee Jun

KT: Of course

KT: I'm also a fan of Ayumi in Sugar, but as time goes I realise that XY is prettier

A: Of course

A: But XY is a fan of V

KT: I heard that you thought you only owed alittle money, but from some sources it said that you owed quite alot of money

A: Don't worry, I will solve the prob with my events/projects

A: There's actually one thing that I'm unable to say to oppa

A: Didn't I say that I'm oppa's fan?

A: Actually I'm V's fan

A: Please help me to tell V that I like him

A: I also want his autograph

KT: Of course

KT: I will help you to tell him and also get his autograph

KT: But V may not know you

KT wins.

Minwoo VS Kangta:

M: Kangta is my senior and also my friend

M: Finally this is the chance were I can see him in a tv programme therefore I'm very happy

KT: Normally I'm very close with Shinhwa members

KT: But there isn't much of a chance to talk to Minwoo and I finally have the chance today too so I'm very happy

M: Kangta, you are the most handsome out of all the H.O.T. members

M: In the song, "Decendant Warriors" rap, he stands out so much, but what are you doing now?

KT: I'm not sure if it's because when you went into SM and I was the senior then, so you are very nervous now?

M: Of course

M: Before Shinhwa went into the entertainment scene and knew that H.O.T. is coming...

M: You know that the dance room?

M: Do you still remember that small room at the northern side of it?

M: There isn't any ventilation or windows

M: Once you get in, you'll feel very hot

M: It's perhaps only 2 square metres

M: When we heard that H.O.T. is coming, we hid there

M: We cannot see them, because H.O.T. is a mysterious group (I guess they are not allowed to be seen)

M: And do you know what we were doing in that small room?

M: It's not that we are unhappy with H.O.T

M: To speak the truth, we were your fans

KT: I also have something to say

KT: When H.O.T has been in this scene for 2, 3 years

KT: At that time, Shinhwa started to get popular

KT: Although we have already released three albums, but we still watch your dance steps to practice

M: Of course

M: Because H.O.T and Shinhwa lives in the same hostel

M: We often have meals together

M: When we became closer, we didn't go into that small room

M: We often practice our dances together too

M: Kangta, you also taught me how to dance that time

(Kangta teaching a dance machine?)

M: I wanted to learn the dance for "We are the future"

M: When KT taught me this dance I pretended I didn't know how to dance

(Minwoo pretended that he dunno how to dance just to have the chance of KT teaching him how to dance)

KT: Of course

KT: That time... I admit is my fault

KT: To make things clearer, Eric, Hyesung, Junjin when all the members of Shinhwa are together

KT: I only taught you dancing is because you are not one of Shinhwa's members

M: Of course

M: I'll talk about another sad occasion

M: In H.O.T.'s hostel...

M: Whenever H.O.T.'s performance ends, Shinhwa will go into the hostel

M: That was before Shinhwa debuts in the entertainment scene

M: But in the hostel, there were alot of H.O.T's stuffs/memories

M: The mittens, gloves and hats of Candy

M: We wore them and dance to Candy

M: Do you know why we did that?

M: It's because we respect you guys

KT: Of course

KT: It seems like you've filmed a movie

KT: The name of the movie is "Table Warriors"? (It should be "Round Table Angels")

M: Of course

M: The current Kangta is good in his looks, talents but there's still a problem

M: Now it's 2006

M: But your hairstyle is still similar to those of the 90s

Minwoo wins.

For the bus game, here are the rules:

The players must say it in beats of four and they cannot be off-beat

A player can say board, alight, go

The player will say a name and a number following it to the opposite team

Eg: If Kangta says 4, Chae Yeon and board, the 3 persons that follows Chae Yeon must say "Hello, Hello". The sequence must follow.

If the player says everyone, the opposite team must all stand and say "Alright"


Ep 124 X-Man (Kangta Parts only)


translated by Starylosophy

Bus game:

MC Yoo: Let's now welcome Kangta to dance for us

(Bus Dance Parade! It's now Kangta!)

(Awaiting, Awaiting)


(An action of a mischievious kid inside a bus)

(The dance blends well with the music)

Before the Survival Monkey Bars:

KT sings: Who is the X-Man? Who is the X-Man... I don't know

Survival Monkey Bars Round 1:

MC Yoo: Ji Hoo, say something about Kangta's virtues

Yoon Ji Hoo: He's very handsome and sings very well

Yoon Ji Hoo: And is very popular all the while

Yoon Ji Hoo: Now it seems it's the time that he should leave...

MC Yoo: Kangta, say some bad points of Minwoo


Kangta: Minwoo is now representing Shinhwa attending events

Kangta: He ages the fastest out of the other 5 members

(He ages the fastest out of the 5 members in Shinhwa?)


(The last two contenders in each team, Minwoo and Kangta)



(They finally meet)

(Close attack)

(He will fall! He will definitely fall!)

(An unpredictable situation)


(At this time Minwoo...)

(Because of Minwoo's success in the tickle attack)

Survival Monkey Bars Round 2:

MC Yoo: It's now Kangta and Minwoo

(Minwoo and Kangta meet again)

(Going for a revenge)

(Bring it on!)


(Kangta's unspoken agony?)

MC Yoo: So it's an advantage situation

(Although Kangta smiles shyly...)

(Anyway, Kangta is eliminated)


MC Yoo: Is it ok?

Minwoo: Kangta, sorry

Survival Monkey Bars Round 3:

MC Yoo: Next is Minwoo, sing something to Kangta

*Minwoo Sings*

(Using H.O.T.'s Warrior Decendants)

We have stepped on you

We have taken your only dream

Have you gone for yesterday's schedule?

Or is that you have not done any and came back?

(Using the opponent's own song has twice the impact of the attack)

MC Yoo: Using H.O.T.'s song


MC Yoo: Kangta to Kang Ho Dong

*Kangta Sings*

Have you eaten your breakfast today?

(How is that...)

Your expression seems very sad

The guy who is sad as he didn't have his meal is by the name of Kang pig

(Kangta using a impromtu song to attack KHD)

MC Yoo: So this is the final ending...

(In a flash, the two teams have their last contenders left to battle)

(Is it the strong Ji Hoo?)

(Or the powerful Kangta?)

(An unpredictable ending)

(Kangta starts to attack swiftly)

(Ji Hoo manages to hold Kangta's attack)

(This time, it's my turn)

(Finally, Kangta who has used up all his strength is eliminated)

Couple segment:

MC Yoo: First up is Kangta

(Kangta's performance)

Kangta: X-Man is now recording out from the studios

Kangta: Though its at night, the ambience is great

Kangta: So, I'll sing a song for her

*Kangta sings Wildflower*

(He presents a song full of ambience just for her)

(Presenting his love song for her)

(A beautiful voice in the summer night)

(Kangta sings a nocturne just for her)

MC Yoo: (Ahh)

MC Yoo: (He sings very well)

(Taking his heart into this song)

(Bringing his love like flowers for her)


PMS & LHJ: (We're are rather good pretty boys)

(He walks near, walks nearer to her)

(So who is the lead of this nocturne?)



(He walks in closer)

(Getting more nervous)

(Stands in attention suddenly?!)

(She gets shy like a wildflower infront of him)

(A beautiful ending)

Kangta: Please accept my feelings

Hwayobi: (Nods)

(There seems to be no hesitation)

(She seems very happy)

MC Yoo: Just now when Kangta walks nearer, her eyes became bigger and later she puts her hand on her tummy

(Her eyes suddenly widens)

(Putting her hands on her tummy?!)

(Shyness, Shyness)

Couple Game segment:

(A very reliable Kangta)

(First attempt of Kangta and Hwayobi)


(Hwayobi running towards his arms)

(Wrongly accused)

(Just like the teenage fans who rush to their idols)

(A weird feeling disseminating from both of them...)

MC Yoo: Both of them do not dare to look at each other after the game

(Unnatural, unnatural)

(A concerned MC Yoo gives them another try)

MC Yoo: Kangta is very nervous

Kangta: (Extremely nervous)

(This attempt seems very good?!)

(Again, Again)

(Runs like a teenage fan again)


2006.10.02 YashiManMan


Translated by Starylosophy / Junie from CandyKangta...pic uploaded by anrein

Part on KT with his chest hair

The camera was actually zoomed in to show Kangta's chest hair LOL. They were talking about any secrets they have of their bodies and Kangta was saying, "I have lots of chest hair-" when Lee Hyuk Jae was like, "You have chest hair??" That's when Kangta showed them haha. Then LHJ got all excited about finding another person who has chest hair (LHJ has LOTS of chest hair ^^;; ). So they were saying how if you look at Kangta's image, he doesn't seem the type to have chest hair. ^0^ So Park Soo Hong was like, "I don't think I've seen them even though you filmed without your shirt before." And Kangta said that when he was filming drama, he had to use this hair remover thing (?) the day before hahaha.

Part on KT saying about his first kiss


It's about a previous experience on skinship

During my first relationship, it was my first time telling her that I like her

But for my first kiss, it's actually not I really wanted (it to happen)

In actual fact, it's a noona who kissed me

After I got into my first relationship with the girl who kissed me first

In the next relationship, I'll tell her that my first kiss was given to her

I feel that alot of men had said this before

In another words, it's also known as a white lie


But how did she know?


I went for a church meeting with friends

There's one noona in the church who was able to fight


There's a noona in church who fights


She's pretty popular

Micky:Maybe it's her

MC:You don't use your fists recently right?

NSY: It has been a long time since I've used my fists.


Then I went to have a meal with my friends

We were at a park and had some liquor

Then she told me that she's alittle dizzy

And asked if she could lie on my shoudlers

After saying, she immediately rested on my shoulders

But she was rather pretty

So, I lent her my shoulders

Not long after, her lips were touching my lips...

Both parties were half-willing


How did you felt then?


I was like in a daze

It was the first time, so I felt like I'm in a daze

I was also not really willing therefore I wasn't prepared

It was over in a while

MC: You've got the experience

KT: It's the first time

MC: But because you have someone you love, so you told her a white lie

MC: But how is the secret kept for other different girls?

KT: Pretend that it's the first time

MC: So how is it like?

MC: Wouldn't she know?

Part on KT saying about his omma helping him to clear up the graffiti on his school walls

And his mom story... During the H.O.T. days, some H.O.T. fans scribbled on Kangta's high school ceiling, hallways, and even desks. It was during his senior year and around that time, they take this really important final test. His teacher was pretty strict and told Kangta that it's his fault that the studying atmosphere got ruined and so it's his responsibility to wash all the scribbles and graffiti out. But he couldn't attend school for several days after that because of his schedule, so he decided to clean the school after he got back. But the day he went back to school, he noticed that all the mess was cleaned up. And when he went back home, he saw his mom lying down, sick. It turned out that when he was gone from school, his teacher called home and said that it's their son's fault that this happened so they have to do something about it. So his mom went to the school and cleaned those entire wide halls herself all day. Kangta goes on to say that he really felt a lot of love from his mom then and that even though she opposed his career in the beginning, he realized that she had always been supporting him from deep inside. T_T

Part on KT where he said he almost got hurt in an accident


Recently because I had to write lyrics, I would always go to nearby rivers

I go there to fish and to think alittle which will help me to write lyrics

I took my fishing equipment and was driving, perhaps I was too tired

I fell asleep unknowingly

My car was driving at a speed of about 100km/hr

At that moment, I was at an underground tunnel, there's also a road above it

When I was about to drive into the underground tunnel, I knocked into the centre of the divider

The car then swerved left and right

When I came out of the car, I saw that the car had already been badly damanged

Luckily, I was sleeping in the car

My body didn't use any force to react to the situation

So I only sustained minor injuries

If I was awake and the accident happened,

My whole body will be tensed up then perhaps I will be badly injured

But this time, I was asleep, which is why I didn't get injured

Part on KT where he almost got lost


This was when I was small

My parents opened a shop selling clothes at a market

They couldn't leave me alone at home, so they brought me to the shop and I had to stay there

When my parents were busy, I walked round the market alone

And played with the aunties there

Later on, I went to the bus stop

At that time, I really like Shin Hyung Hae teacher (some kind of a teacher in a show I guess)

That time, the bus had SHH's picture on it

But it was just an advertisement

The bus with the advertisement drove past me

At that time I thought that if I took the bus, I would be able to see SHH teacher

So I waited there for the bus that has SHH's picture to arrive

I only waited the bus that had his picture and finally one came

I held on to a uncle's hand and went up the bus

The uncle asked why I boarded the bus

I said that I wanted to see SHH uncle, there's his picture on the bus

If I took this bus, I would be able to see him

But that bus is supposed to go a children's playground

And coincidentally, SHH was having an autograph session at the playground

If I went there, I would be able to see him

The uncle told me and directed me how to reach there so I alighted at the playround

And it was really SHH's autograph session that day

But I wasn't able to find SHH uncle

The autograph session was perhaps over

That was when that I realised that I was lost

At that time it was rather late already and the bus which has SHH's picture was nowhere to be seen

So I just sat there and waited

And so coincidentally, there's a family who also had a business near our shop was there at the playground

When they saw me, they brought me home


HAPPY TOGETHER FRIENDS #55 -- Kangta & Tony An (05-18-2006)


Translation by jaye & k_variety @ LJ

Additional Credits to kangtagreen27 @ TempDTH ....caps by anrein

Ahn Chil Hyun (Kangta) & Ahn Seung Ho (Tony)

MC Hyori: Kangta, why don't you greet your friends as if you were still a kid?

Kangta: So, you're all here, huh?

MC Hyori: Sounds like you're saying "just you wait and see what happens" or something!


Kangta: Well, I used to want to be more mature, and give off this tough guy image..

MC Yoo: How about you greet your friends again with that personality then..

Kangta: So, you're all here, huh? Just you wait.

MC Yoo: Okay, then let's see meet our friend, Ahn Seung Ho!

MC Hyori: Wow, he's still got that cute image that he's always had as a child! Tony, you moved to the US when you were in fifth grade.. that must've been really hard for you to leave your friends at such a young age.

Tony: Yeah, I was very sad. And it was really difficult for me to leave the girl I liked too.

MC Hyori: Hrm, who must that girl be?

MC Yoo: Well, that will be revealed in a little bit.. but for now, Tony, why don't you greet your friends too?

Tony: Uhm.. I'm really happy to be here today, and I hope we can make great memories today and share fun stories like we used to.

MC Hyori: So, we're kind of curious who it was that Tony liked..

Tony: Her name was Kim Joo Hee.

MC Yoo: Oh wow, even her name is beautiful.

MC Hyori: Let's confirm if she's here today?

--a shy woman in blue raises her hand--

MC Yoo & MC Hyori: Ah...

--Hyori laughs--

Tony: Why are you laughing?

MC Hyori: Well, we just love to laugh here on this show!

MC Yoo: We can't cry on the show, now can we?


Tony: It'd be nice if she could be here today..

MC Hyori: So, since then, you haven't kept in touch or heard from her or anything like that?

Tony: Well, actually.. we attended the same university. Out of nowhere, randomly, we bumped into each other at a restaurant one day. And, I was really excited to see her, but then she was with another man, possibly her boyfriend at the time. So, she looked at me briefly, and then took the man's hand and walked away.

MC Hyori: Ahhh, what a shame!

Kangta: I liked a girl in elementary school too.. her name was Lee Kyung Hwa.

MC Yoo: Wonder if she's here today?

--woman in striped blouse raises her hand--

MC Yoo & MC Hyori: Ohhhhh..

--Hyori laughs again, hahaha--

MC Hyori: What are you so happy about?!

MC Yoo: What?

MC Hyori: Your face suddenly got all bright and excited. (haha, implying the meaning "do you have a crush on Kyung Hwa too?")

MC Yoo: What do you mean? We need to be bright and chipper on the show!

Assistant MC: Hyori, weren't you a fan of H.O.T.?

MC Yoo: That's right!

Assistant MC: Wasn't there a time when you stole Tony's diary?! Explain!

MC Hyori: That wasn't what I meant to do... --embarrassed--

Tony: After I heard Hyori's story, I remembered a time when I went crazy because I lost my diary. I remember there being a lot of personal thoughts written in there, and I wasn't even sure of what I had written! So I worried a lot when that happened..

Kangta: Out of all five members of H.O.T., Tony was the one who had the most personal life of all of us, so even I witnessed him having a hard time after losing his diary.


MC Yoo: How did you even get the diary, Hyori?

MC Hyori: That's not what I meant to do.. --embarrassed-- In a young state of mind.. you know.. I was just such a huge Tony fan back then.. so many fans would crowd around him and reach out for his bag, and sometimes his bag would just open, you know..

MC Yoo: And his stuff would spill out of his bag?

MC Hyori: Well, they wouldn't... spill...

Tony: Nothing spilled out of bag! What are you talking about! --laughter--

MC Hyori: Nothing spilled.. the diary was just about to fall out, so I just.. grabbed it!


So, I opened it and it just had lyrics. Lyrics to "Untitled", rap lyrics and practice notes of lyrics. ("check check check im jyuh" -- practicing three words?) And there was a couple diary entries, not a lot, maybe two or three pages? He just wrote about how hard it was for him being famous, and being 'stalked' by crazy fans.


Then, I started to cry a little.. because he was having such a hard time.. -laughs-, cuz of people like me.. so, I thought maybe I should return it. So, I slid the diary under his door, but I'm not sure if he received it.

MC Yoo: Did you get the diary back, Tony?

Tony: --in a cute, stern voice-- No, I did not receive it! Yes, I'm still apprehensive about where it is!


MC Hyori: I would like to apologize once again.

MC Yoo: Well, you were young..

MC Hyori: I also had an encounter with Kangta too.. before my debut (with Finkl).. I somehow ended up going over to Kangta's house one day..

MC Yoo: You?

MC Hyori: He was friends with a close friend of mine, so I begged my friend if I could somehow go to Kangta's house.

MC Yoo: I thought you were a Tony fan!

MC Hyori: Well, you know.. if I was able to get to Kangta, I could get to Tony too.


Kangta: The close hyung brought Hyori over to my house. And my mother asked who this girl was, so I just said "oh, she a co-worker". So, the three of us went in my room, and the hyung left the room briefly. So, it was kind of awkward between me and Hyori.. so we played little children games.. not much chance for any serious conversation.

--laughter--MC Hyori: Geez, Hyori! You must've been busy back then!


Tony: I actually don't think this is about me.. I think it's more about Kangta.. Just look at his facial expression! That pompous elitist face!

MC Hyori: Kangta, what do you think?

Kangta: I don't think it's about me either.. I don't ever remember trying to be cool or showing off..

MC Yoo: Okay, we have two celebrities who have given testimonials about our guests today.

Assistant MC: Yes, okay. I can't really imitate this person's voice, so let me start off by making his stomach. --sticks out his stomach--


MC Hyori: You didn't even have to try!

Assistant MC (imitating Jung Hyung Don): "Everytime Tony goes out to dinner with his co-workers, he'll politely pay for the bill.. but instead of just politely paying, he'll come back and show off that he paid for it!"

Tony: Well, to this rude fatty.. I don't know why he's so concerned with my life lately!


--Assistant MC imitates Bada by singing her song--

MC Yoo: .... must be Bada, then?


Assistant MC (imitating Bada): "Kangta always try to show off whenever I'm around. I wonder if he's interested in me? Please just tell him to confess if he likes me, and that he doesn't need to show off to me anymore!"

Kangta: First of all, it's nothing like that.

MC Hyori: So, you aren't interested in her?

Kangta: No, she's just an good colleague of mine..

MC Hyori: Kangta's really.. unlike Tony, whenever he pays for dinners, he just pays and doesn't show it off!

--Tony groans nervously and throws his head back--

MC Yoo: Well, at least Tony does pay.. you know..

--awkward pause/laughter--

Tony: --in a jokingly stern/mad voice-- GIVE ME MY DIARY BACK!

MC Hyori: Hahaha... I'm sorry.

MC Yoo: Let's see whether the friends agree to that statement or not.

"MY FRIEND IS A SHOWOFF": Kangta-5, Tony-2

[Kangta's friend] Park Sang Jun: Chil Hyun was always the type to show off.. he was good at fighting at school. He was so good at it that a lot of his friends were afraid of talking back to him. If his friends were to fight at school, Chil Hyun would watch for a little bit and then yell "KNOCK IT OFF!" See, he liked to fight, but no one else could do it! Back then, pro-wrestling was all the craze (WWF), so everyone avoided Chil Hyun because they were afraid they'd get hurt.

Kangta: I think I know who this is...

Park Sang Jun: --nervous-- ...yeah, you might know who I am?

MC Yoo: Would you like to stop talking then?

Park Sang Jun: Since I already started the story, hahaha.. so, Chil Hyun used to like raw ramen noodles..

Tony: He still likes eating that! --laughter--

Park Sang Jun: So, he would throw that on the floor and then he would elbow the bag of ramen, sit on it, stick it under his arm (wrestling headlock), and wrestle the bag of ramen.


MC Hyori: So, he wrestled with the ramen bag?

Kangta: --laughs, looking embarrassed-- I really wanted to practice wrestling with someone, I was lonely! And I had to eventually crush the ramen anyway, right? I figured I should happily crush the ramen.. I wasn't trying to show off, though.


Kangta: I think I know who it is.. last name Park?

--Park Sang Jun nods--MC Hyori: Park Sang Jun? That's correct? Ohh...

MC Yoo: Uh oh... --laughter--

[Kangta's friend] Lee Sung Chan: One day, we were walking home and we ran into these older middle school hyungs.. and they were punking our friends for money. Chil Hyun saw that and so he fought those older hyungs, took the money back and gave it back to our friends. Another day, we ran into some high school hyungs who were going to bully us for our money.. so, this time, Chil Hyun didn't really want to fight them since they were a little taller and older. So, instead, he yelled "my brother is freaking good at fighting! I'm telling!" (HAHAH HOW CUTE) And the hyungs were like "where's your brother?!" and Chil Hyun said "at home!" So, they followed us all the way to Chil Hyun's house.. Chil Hyun was like "you wait here, YOU'RE GONNA BE DEAD!" He went upstairs and we all waited, expecting Chil Hyun to bring his brother outside. Then, he just sticks his head out the window and yells "YOU GUYS, MY BROTHER ISN'T HOME! RUN!" Then he closes the window and even closes the curtains on us! So, we all ran away..


Kangta: Well, that was a situation that was out of my control, hahaha..

Lee Sung Chan (trying to keep himself anonymous): There was also a friend named Sung Chan, who wasn't all that fit/healthy/active.. so during PE, Chil Hyun would motivate Sung Chan from behind and help him run the mile and such.. and when Sung Chan was having a hard time, Chil Hyun would bring him water and help him out.. he would show a very caring side to his friend..

MC Yoo & MC Hyori: Wow...

MC Yoo: Very heartwarming kind of friend Kangta was.

MC Hyori: Do you by chance remember this friend named Sung Chan?

Kangta: Honestly, I remember making fun of him more than being nice to him.. looking back on it, I was very sorry about it and regretted it. I know that the story was told in a positive manner today on the show, but honestly, I remember making fun of him more than helping him out. I'm thankful that those days can be remembered positively though..

MC Hyori: Is Sung Chan here today?

--Sung Chan raises his hand and giggles--

--laughter-- (it's funny because he's the one who told the story!)

Kangta: Is he here?

MC Hyori: That'll be revealed.. later!

[Kangta's friend] Lee Kyung Hwa: As tough and charismatic as Chil Hyun was, he also had a soft side to him towards this one particular girl..

--Kangta laughs embarrassed--

Lee Kyung Hwa: He used to like this girl named Kyung Hwa (that's her), and he made his friend call Kyung Hwa's house. Kyung Hwa's mother answered the phone, although they did a very believable imitation of a female's voice... --laughter-- ..and managed to get on the phone with her. Chil Hyun had a very demanding kind of tone when speaking with his friends, but with Kyung Hwa, he was nicer to her.

Kangta: I think you're Kyung Hwa?

MC Yoo: Why do you think that?

Kangta: The voice! Her tone hasn't changed at all. I think I'm right.

MC Yoo: What was your image of Kyung Hwa?

Kangta: (drops a bunch of poetic adjectives) ...as a kid, to me, she was an angel.

MC Hyori: If you were to reunite with Kyung Hwa today, what would you want to say to her?

Kangta: I just regret that I didn't tell her that I liked her.

Assistant MC: Did Kyung Hwa ever tell you that she liked you, Kangta?

Kangta: To me? No, she did not. She asked about my friend a lot, and that friend liked her too.. so..

MC Yoo: Wow, this is like a child love story!


Now, let's hear some stories from Tony's friends..

[Tony's friend] Kang Seung Hyun: First of all, Seung Ho had a very eye-catching appearance. Of course, because he's made over his hairstyle, his hair is straight today.. before, it used to be ramen curly. --Tony laughs because his friend almost describes Tony's current hair as fiction/fake-- And he always wore jean from head to toe. Jeans, jean jacket, and even a jean cap. His favorite was the hat, of course. And on the front of that jean hat, was a zipper.

--Tony laughs embarrassingly, Kangta laughs! haha!--

So, one time, we all went to eat for dduk bok ki, and when we were done eating, Seung Ho stood up tall and unzipped his jean cap and took money out of it. And then he paid for the food, just like we talked about earlier, he would show off and say "I'm buying, guys!" then zip the jean cap closed all stylish.

Tony: I do remember that jean cap...

MC Yoo: Wouldn't it be funny if Tony still paid for things like that today?

Tony: Take my credit card out of the zipper! Haha!

MC Yoo: "Please put the receipt back into the jean cap, thank you." --imitates a zipping motion--


[Tony's friend] Park Hyung Gyu: During school, he liked a girl named Joo Hee a lot.. and there was a friend of ours who was pretty tough.. and Seung Ho liked to joke around a lot. Well, one day, Seung Ho said something and this friend punched Seung Ho in the mouth. After Seung Ho got hit, he rolled a couple of times..

MC Yoo: That's pretty serious, but you're talking about it as if it was nothing!


Park Hyung Gyu: He rolled.. and his front tooth fell out. Now, most kids that age would cry, right? But Seung

Ho took that tooth and showed it to all of us and told our friend, "that was a cavity! thanks, man!" And Joo Hee was watching.. it must've hurt! So, Seung Ho is dripping blood from his mouth, but instead of acting like it hurt, (because of Joo Hee), he was like "thanks, man!" I looked at it and it was a regular tooth!

MC Yoo: How do you know this story so well?

Park Hyung Gyu: Oh, I was standing next to Joo Hee when it happened.

MC Yoo: Why were you next to Joo Hee?

Park Hyung Gyu: I was standing, and I just happened to be next to her.


MC Yoo: But you weren't like her boyfriend or anything?

Park Hyung Gyu: No, I did not like Joo Hee then.


MC Hyori: Now, you're speaking in a dialect accent.. Seung Ho/Tony, do you by any chance have any idea who this friend might be?

Tony: Hrm... this isn't by any chance a concept/trick, is it?

MC Yoo: He's asking if it's a concept, how do you feel?

Park Hyung Gyu: The director of the show said if we're asked any questions, to not answer...


Tony: But I don't remember a friend having this thick of an accent.... *light bulb* OHHHHHH, WAIT?

MC Yoo: You remember now, Tony?

Tony: ...........no, I don't.


Assistant MC: The person who socked Tony in the face, are you here today?

--man in black shirt & glasses raises his hand--

[Tony's friend] Park Ji Hong: Seung Ho was a very fearful kid.. we'd ride our bikes together afterschool. And Seung Ho would always ride in the front, while I'd ride behind him. And while I was riding behind him, I'd ring the bell and he'd get so scared, he'd start wobbling on his bike and steering from side to side..


I had so much fun doing that, so I kept doing.. and then one day, he suggested that I should lead and he would follow.. so, we were riding our bikes and suddenly I had to brake. Then, as he was following me, he was like "AHHHHHH!" and fell off his bike. He got back up and he said to me "I'm never riding bikes with you ever again!" and just went home without me. I felt a little bad then, but then the next day, he said "let's just ride side by side from now on.."


MC Yoo: Tony was so cute..

Tony: Wow, I can't believe I was like that.. who gets scared of the bicycle bell?

MC Yoo: I used to be scared of everything too! I hated the night! When the sun was setting, I thought I was gonna die.


Tony: Haha! I was like that too!

MC Hyori: So, you're not scared anymore?

MC Yoo: No, I wander very well in the night now.. of course, of course. --shifty eyes--

MC Hyori: I see...

--laughter-- (OBVIOUSLY he should be able to walk around at night now... he's an adult! HAHA!)

--Assistant MC points to the blackboard sign that reads "Yoo Jae Suk babo, Hyori jjang!"--

-- [Tony's friend] Kang Seung Hyun raises his hand--


MC Yoo: Wow, he must have a lot of things to talk about!

Kang Seung Hyun: The day before Seung Ho left to go to America, he visited us. He came to the playground, holding his dad's hand.. and Joo Hee was crying too. So, all of us knew that Seung Ho liked her, but now we finally knew that Joo Hee had liked him too.. and Seung Ho and I were really close friends, so I promised myself that I'd become a famous baseball player so we could reunite one day. Well, that plan failed and now I just work at home. Then, one day, in 12th grade, I saw him on TV, debuting with H.O.T. And I thought to myself, "oh wow, my old friend made it big!" And now thanks to him, I'm just very thankful to be able to see him and my old friends today..

MC Yoo: Just hearing that moves my heart..

Tony: I think I know who that was.. and I remember crying a lot too. The thing that came to me as more of a shock was that Joo Hee had told me that she liked me the day before I was leaving for America.

MC Yoo: Why would you say that the day before? Aww..

MC Hyori: Such a shame..

Assistant MC: Don't cry! Don't cry!


MC Yoo: If Joo Hee is here today, what would you like to say to her?

Tony: Why did you tell me so late? If you told me sooner, we might've had something good going...

MC Hyori: Ahh, sad.. so, if you like someone, don't be afraid to confess that you like them.

MC Yoo: Yes, okay. I will not be afraid to confess my love to someone.

--makes a straight face and turns to Hyori-- I like you. --laughter--

OKAY, I don't need to hear your response! I just said it for fun. And we have other busy things to do on the show today..


-- Tony's first love/crush, Joo Hee is actually married now. You can tell Tony gets all nervous when he greets Joo Hee's husband, and then he asks for permission if the two can continue to keep in touch. She's also three months pregnant, so her husband almost didn't let her come to the show today. But he changed his mind because he found out the show's MC recently changed from Kim Ah Joong to Lee Hyori, haha.

-- Kangta apologizes to his friend Sung Chan through a kind hug. He also brought with him the rolling paper from sixth grade where Kangta wrote to him, "your prescence is enjoyed, friend."

-- Kangta's first love/crush, Kyung Hwa is currently single. She brings an old memory book where Kangta wrote a hilarious 'sad' love story in sixth grade. She says she used to like light skinned boys, and Kangta used to have really dark skin. Then she pats him and says "you're lighter now!"

-- Tony's friend, Seung Hyun brought an elementary school group picture to the show because he couldn't figure out where Tony was in the picture. Tony looks at it and even he can't find himself! Seung Hyun is also married, and brings out his wife who is wearing a matching shirt. His wife was a fan of H.O.T. back in the day, and never believed her husband when he said that they went to the same school together. "Can't you see the age difference? (Tony looks so much younger)"

-- Kangta's friend, Sang Jun says he was so big a fan of H.O.T. that he knows all the words to the songs.. but when MC Yoo asks him to sing a song, Sang Jun panics and reluctantly sings "Candy".. then Tony yells "THAT'S MY PART! [NOT KANGTA'S!]" Sang Jun also had no idea that Kangta would become a celebrity, but he found out one day when he was reading magazines at the hair salon.. in an H.O.T. magazine feature, under "Kangta", it had read "Ahn Chil Hyun" and Sang Jun was like "hey, I went to school with him!"

-- Tony's friend, Ji Yong thought Tony purposely didn't find him because he was mad at him for hitting Tony. He still apologizes for that, and says he only slightly hit him. Then, Tony laughs and says "what do you mean?! didn't you hit me so hard, I rolled?"

-- Tony's friend, Hyung Gyu was getting nervous when Tony couldn't recognize him.. he said he was going to be embarrassed to all his friends and family who were watching in Pusan. Tony says he doesn't remember Hyung Gyu having an accent, but Hyung Gyu explains that it's because he moved out of the city when he was in middle school.

-- Kangta's friend, Sang Hyuk actually came to Korea recently after living in Australia. Kangta says that it was fate that allowed them to have such good timing and reunite on this day.


-- Kangta: I'm so thankful that I could be able to relive these memories today..

-- Tony: I am so happy right now! Friends are important things that never change, no matter how many years have gone by.


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errr is already long, jo....juz that u din know!!! :P

aha! It's already there then? :lol:...yah....I don't read Korean either so....it's like copy paste for me! :P I like SHINHWA too, but I havent listened to all their songs yet. They've a lot of albums! Guess now I hafta to n search for that particular song in their 4th Album...by any chance, you know which track number, angel?

the last track in 4th album...if i remember correctly...i have the song...i'll upload it for you...although, i'm afraid to post downloadable links...are we still allowed to do so?

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Guest BiTa Stone

Hi BiTa,

Exactly, exactly. Love Kangwook so much.

Because of Kangwook, made me so curious about Kangta. After listening to his songs, I've become a Kangtaholic. Listening to his songs and watching his video clips are my daily must-do. :lol:

Glad that you like the clip.

Just in case someone hasn't download his clip of Agape/Paralysis/23/The best in KM showtank on 23.9.05, here is the YSI link.


Wow, thanks for all the nice pictures of him. :)

Thanks hata!!!!

Me too.............

I'm a kangtaholic now!!!

I've ditched all my other hunks for him!!!!!!!!!!!

His clips are my daily dose of breakfast, tea-break, lunch , dinner and supper......... :rolleyes:


I'm still not use to pple calling me Bita....... :unsure:

You can call me stone!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

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lol...that's fast!

well, i did it so you could sit on ur hubby's lap ..shouldnt you be thanking me then? :rolleyes:

yeah rite! as if! :lol:

mmm...wat are u doin here? u got more unfinished job in KSW thread! so get to work, missy!!! :P


Sorry I forgot the sources from which I got the pics.

I know where u got the last one frm....ME! :lol: that's one of the last pic I posted b4 soompi DB went kaput! :(

Hi Cyn!!!!

nice to see u stopping by! :)

Because of Kangwook, made me so curious about Kangta. After listening to his songs, I've become a Kangtaholic.

That's how I started too! :lol:

the last track in 4th album...if i remember correctly...i have the song...i'll upload it for you...although, i'm afraid to post downloadable links...are we still allowed to do so?

oh yes please. I wanna hear them. I tink it's ok to post so long it's topic-related.....:unsure:

and juz for the fun of it.....BiTa! BiTa! BiTa! BiTa!BiTa! BiTa! BiTa! BiTa! :lol:

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May i know what song did he perform for this ???

I love his image here.............

so hunkily sexy!!!!!

Anyone has this clip??????????????????????? :unsure:


does anyone have pics of his naked legs??

coz he has tummy hairs......

i wanna know if his legs are hairy as well!!!!!!! ;)

Yeah, I wanna see this clip too. So cool and sexy!!!

Could it be taken during rehearsal?

You are so funny and cute!!! :lol:

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Guest BiTa Stone

and juz for the fun of it.....BiTa! BiTa! BiTa! BiTa!BiTa! BiTa! BiTa! BiTa! :lol:


you notty gal..............

thot you said we aren't supposed to 'spam'.......... <_<

And you started spamming sooooooooo soon??

And no respect!!!!!

I'm your omma...........!!!!!

Calling omma by name??????????????

*spanking m1* ;)

Haha, JD, I got a lot of pics from you!

For LOVEHOLIC's fans



I haven't seen this!!!!!

They look soooooooooo good together!!!! :rolleyes:

thanks mango!!!!!

More pics please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me going to swim now...........

have a nice day all tata'ers here!!!!!!!!!! B)

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I'm still not use to pple calling me Bita....... :unsure:

You can call me stone!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

Aigo, then how come you use BiTa as your ID name now?

Was your previous name Stoneage Bae? You've dumped Bae? :blink:


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신화 4집 ‥ 바 램 (I Swear) - although, only HyeSung sings it...


awww thanks!!!!! I'm listening to it right now! It's so Kangta's style!!! Think it's him playing the piano? hehehehe...I juz love men who plays piano....:P - and of coz love Hyesung's voice too! ;)


you notty gal..............


BiTa BiTa BiTa! :P :P

and what spamming? I was replying to ehem....queries and pics B) ...n decided to have some fun at the end! :lol:

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Guest BiTa Stone

Aigo, then how come you use BiTa as your ID name now?

Was your previous name Stoneage Bae? You've dumped Bae? :blink:



Yes....stoneagebae was my last name...........

I was dying to get rid of Bae in my intestines......

he was a real nuisance in it causing me to have constipation everyday!!!!

Coz i hated him after he stripped naked!!!! <_<

Luckily honey Bi came to my rescue.....

he danced his way into my tummy, thus pushing the little 'poisonous Bae worm' out

of my butt...........

*he's my saviour*


Then now.............

Tata sauce has make its way into my 'alrdy digested intestine'

and filled it wif Love.................

So in order to 'commemorate' my saviours........

I think i sud imprint my name wif them!!!!! :rolleyes:

That's why it's BiTa now..........at least i still keep my name......

Sharon Stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bita Stone, you're welcome :lol:

More pics

The kiss




Know what you have done to me?????????????

I need/supposed to go for my swim now...............

I need to stay sexy.............

I need to look good and pretty...........

I need stamina............

I need to keep up wif my sexy SHG lookalike daughter, m1 here to chase

after our tata...........




This 'passionate kissing' here is holding me back.............

How to break myself off the PC now????????

Tell me how???????????????? :(:(

Sud i smash my screen????????


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