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Kare Kano


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His and Her Circumstanceskarekano-1.jpg
I checked all the pages and there's no Kare Kano thread image
So let's start one!

I'm only up to volume 13 where Kazuma confessed to Tsubasa. I think Kazuma's the cutest in the manga! And Tsubaki and Tonami are adorable!
It depicts the romance between "perfect" student Yukino Miyazawa and her academic rival Soichiro Arima, and the relationships of several of their friends.

Volumes: 21 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1047Published by: TokyopopAnime Episodes: 26



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Guest MoonChild

I'm going to repost what I put in "Kare First Love."

I like the anime. I thought it was one of the few shoujo anime that was honest about two young adults intimate relationship.

As for the manga, I didn't like the later chapters of the manga too much because it was dark and depressing. Arima become more lonely and relationship between him and Yukino grows further apart.

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Guest jeezchris.

the manga is better than the anime.. but it the anime has really good music.

wah.. I wanna read the whole thing.. >_<

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Guest kRaZiExLaDiE

i read the first couple of mangas .. but i got a little confused about the characters .. maybe i shouldn`t have skipped volumes hHhmm.

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Volume 21 (last volume) had been sitting in my room for almost 2 weeks now and I haven't even read it because I kind of suspect how it would end already.

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Guest chickyl3aby

i watched the anime... it was cute at first but yeah it did get depressing... and some parts of it got weird... like it wasn't really anime... it was made up of like paper cut outs it seemed like...

i duno i think i stopped after they were starting to fade away... but i'm not sure if the story goes on after that....

i have vol. 2 of karekano... arima is cute ^_^ ... he just has too many inner demons...

i love peropero... that dog is the cutest thing ever!



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Guest Take Five

it was weird transitioning from the anime to the manga for me. like it went from funny to depressing =/

therefore, i kinda like the anime better even though i didn't read the manga part that the anime covered. meh. at least in the anime, i could tell who was who too lol.

anyway, i'm on vol. 16. it's decent i guess.

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Guest pulang tala

OMG!!! i love karekano.. i havent read a single manga but the anime was superb.. in fact, i think i wont have a blast reading the manga as much as i had watching the anime.. to me, it's very exerimental and just out of the box.

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