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  1. Just want to confirm. Either the world end or park bo young's character love one dies, she still die right? Hmm i foresee that they kinda end up together and doom's togegther. Perhaps that why the writer introduce us to second couple with love triangle for us to root. It is first for me. Usually the drama that i watch, there is no love triangle for the 2nd couple. I just hope the writer can make make a sastisfied ending either sad or happy ending
  2. What if both of them are not pyscopath and the killer are some one else? Jaehoon little sister seems like not a normal kid. She can repeat what jae hoon said to his little brother and when jae hoon is hit by the father.. the little brother hide but the little sister keep drawing/playing.
  3. For now, only King's friend are aware about the explosion weapon, the one who use sniper. Since other arw shocked during the shooting demonstratiin about the sniper/rifle. He also kinda inspect the table before he see the mask guy. So me think the explosion is the king idea. But for what.. i dont have any idea. But i think the concubine will have another misunderstand with Sobong. Maybe she think Sobong is behind the explosion since she smell the oil. I dunu maybe she misunderstand about other thing also. About the food, we did not see the kwing fortunw right? I rwally
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