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  1. richard simmons one of BK fans, i realize usually episode in wednesday, BK have more significant/emotional scene compare to thursday ep. So yeah i think the final episode will be 95% haru and daoh scene!!. So dont worry haru-danoh shipper.
  2. This is just some fun and werid theory from me. Maybe the manhwa trumpeet is supposed to have a happy ending. In there baek kyung is evil but a main character as the hero right? Like namjoo. So my guest in the manhwa because of their changing the story line..the manhwa beome tragic. Becausr of dan oh fall in love with the 2nd lead in shadow, the dynamic of the manhwa changes. So the writer try to make another manhwa based on his/her orignal idea in trumpeet but different setting. Maybe that is why all the warning why they shouldnt changes the story. They may have a happy ending in stage but they may not like it in shadow And just some random theory for me. The writer idea is fate for them. So the drama is talking about how they go against the fate..
  3. I admit i like baek kyung. For me, i like to watch or read story of some one who changing to be a better person. Im hoping that baek kyung is that character but he just change like 20%.. but i still wishing there will be redemption arch for him. And he definitely not a boyfriend material in real world I dont want him to be with dan oh. I just wish that he know that sometimes you need to let go the person your love and dan oh to acknowledged his feeling. Like a true second male lead in most manhwa.. Hoping that lee jae wook play different character with happy ending like seol ji hwan in his next project
  4. I like baek kyung.. why? Because inside my heart i wish there is plot twist and he is seol ji hwan from www:search. But i dont understand the manhwa. Definitwly will not read secret and trumpet flower the manhwa. How come baek kyung is the main character when he is evil? And in secret, do ah doesnt look like an extra. Their love story, baek kyung and do ah, doesnt relate to the main character story. Like zero link.
  5. I wish there is page for lee jae wook so that i can rant about him. I feel guity to do it here On site note, i found it funny how the teacher teach inductive reasoning. That is what viewer done.. hehe
  6. I know baek kyung is a jerk and second lead in this drama but... I still feel sad for him.. espescialy in yesterday ep when he fight with his father and realize he is a jerk and he cannot change it.. I hope he at least got his happy ending
  7. Thankyou for your translation. How about the sentence beside them? It seems like character description or maybe their dialog?
  8. @Calligrapher i like and have similar thought too!. Poor baek kyung, he destined to never get the girl's heartin the past or the present Based on the preview, it seems that the three of them are close in sageuk manhwa. There are pic of three of them. Cant wait for today episode.
  9. I think when baek kyung ask haru to buy flower for him, baek kyung is trying to make haru remebee dan oh? Or maybe still testing if haru remember dan oh. Do you guys realizw, in the sageuk manhwa, i think its baek kyung is the one who give flower to dan oh in sageuk manhwa I think that secret is the reincarnation or modern versiin mahwa of flower. And that is why they are some part that repeating. But maybe foe some reason the writer did not put haru character in secret. I mean everyone feeling is kinda the same on shadow except dan oh. Baek kyung still like dan oh on shadow. Do hwa still like juda when shadow. And i think juda realy think do hwa as a her guardian on shadow during in hospital scene Poor baek kyung. He get the girl but not the girl's love. No wonder clamp stick to the pairing when they do crossover manga
  10. I remember in haru tv, behind the scene video, rowon already said that his appearene will be similar with baek kyung. I guess it happen on this episode
  11. I cannot wait for tomorrow to watch with sub and the new episod.. OMG Im lee jae wook fan. I wish to see him soft like seoljihwan in www and not rude like baek kyung for upcoming episode
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