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  1. Finally watched this drama and I enjoyed it. I feel it’s very underrated. I was watching on Viki but in the middle of the episodes, the English subtitles disappeared but fortunately, YouTube’s episodes all have English subs. Both Olivia Wang and Peter Sheng looked really good here. Big kudos to their stylists. I never saw Olivia Wang looking so beautiful and Peter Sheng so handsome though I only saw Sheng one other time in ‘Oh my General’ which I enjoyed very much. The only complaint is that the drama is too long. Too much airtime was given to the secondary leads and side chara
  2. However, in this drama, the age difference is not as great. The male leads are 26 and 27 and Tan Songyun is 30. She looks younger though and looks a convincing 16 year old in Go ahead. She is a good actress.
  3. I have not watched Albert Nobbs so can’t comment on similarity; however, FL did tell the 5th prince that having taken on the male identity as the male heir, she would have married a woman and adopted kids to carry on the Han family name. It’s my belief that if not for the 5th Prince, she would not have reverted to her female identity.
  4. I thought both the ML and the FL leads were gorgeous. I appreciated that the FL wore minimal makeup at the beginning and her clothing made her flat chested so that she looked more manly than other actresses who disguised themselves as men in other Cdramas. In other Cdramas, some of these actresses wore eye shadow, lipstick and were not flat chested so how can one even think they look like a man? LOL. So hats off to this FL’s stylist. I thought this FL is so beautiful when she had on her wedding gowns and at the end of the last episode when she returned to the capital. I also thought bot
  5. I too love the song that Zeyi sang playing the piano. So touching that his dad was there and that LTR wrote the Song and there were the holograms of her and her dad.
  6. I don't feel that way about it. It's like you grow up with your childhood friends and they are your best buddy. Then you fall in love with later when all of you have grown up and realised your feelings for each other. There's nothing incestuous about it. LX is her neighbour upstairs. JJ is the one who chased after LX when she was little. She fell in love with little LX at first sight. Kept pestering him like a gum. For LX, JJ was never his sister and he never view her that way even when he was little. He has already decided JJ is going to be his wife. Even when he
  7. I’m with you - so glad too that CT’s suicide was unsuccessful. The way the sucide note was written made me feel LX would feel even more guilt if she had died. The note targeted only him since she did not address Little Orange except to ask LX to take care of her. Just makes me mad. Made me feel like she wants to traumatize him even in her grave. Also glad FXX turned out to be a good person and gave CT the article. I’m also confused by how quickly she realized she was in the wrong after reading LJJ’s article. Maybe it was repressed memory that she did all those awful things to he
  8. I think Little Orange was already a spoilt princess before her father died. She was so rude to JJ and others. Also falsely accusing JJ of causing her fall where she broke her arm the first time she was in China. Of course she had a difficult time after her mother’s accident but LX bore the brunt of his mother’s demands and cruelty. She also begged her brother not to leave her when he first thought about going back to China. Glad she was able to see through her mother and changed for the better but she still wouldn’t hug JJ when they left China in ep 40- still a spoilt brat with maybe the sa
  9. I agree with you -can’t understand why people feel he’s a mama’s boy either. His problem is the tremendous guilt he harbored since childhood. Imagine being told as a 7 year old by your mother that you caused the death of your sister. He had to watch his sister die chocking on the walnut he fed her. His mother is the one at fault for padlocking the kids in the apartment while she played mahjong. Henceforth, he had nightmares of of trying to break the door down to get help. Breaks my heart when he asks his father if his sister had forgiven him since he doesn’t have nightmares of her anymor
  10. The portrayal of Zi Qiu as a neglected/abondoned child is not uncommon in China. Parents do leave their children in the countryside to go off to cities to work. Often children are left with grandparents who are unable to adequately take care of them. They are just neglected.
  11. It was terrible of Ling Xiao’s mother to just drop off his step sister and expect him to take care of her all night. Just goes to show how clueless and selfish she is. True it’s at the grandma’s suggestion but that means she has no common sense. LX feels terrible guilt from the death of his sister and felt he owes his mother( ep 40 where he asks his father if his sister had forgiven him and if he’s repaid his mother enough). His terrible mother had blamed him for the death of his sister though it was really her fault for leaving them alone to play mahjong and padlocked the door so he could
  12. Thanks for the update - there’s hope for season 2 though I hope she ends up with the 5th prince because I did not like Wang Er’s character in the drama. The FL is so beautiful in the ending scene. The problem is that a lot of people are not watching this drama because they feel it is a sad ending. I’m like you - believe it’s a good ending.
  13. You’re right! I didn’t even think about that but there was a 3 year mourning period if someone in your family died. It just looks like they’ll get together. Haha or that’s what I want to think The producers really should have ended the drama a few seconds later when their eyes meet to give us romantics closure even if they don‘t want to give us a too happy ending.
  14. I am going to guess it was the Prince though he did not recognize the dagger. Reason being the dagger says Yan and his shifu is the Marquis of Yan. It’s just a guess As I’m at ep 22.
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