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  1. Thats great!! Thank you dear. I got problem yesterday which register on last stage it’s keep saying no information match. But today I’m very surprise I could actually access Minoz zone. Ok so they quietly fix it without letting me know that I’m already accepted to become a full membership. Anyone who has this issue yesterday, please to go official website, go to Minoz zone see if u are able to access. If can Congratulation!!!
  2. It is must be a regular member will able to access Minoz zone? Like Minho Schedule, video, Wallpaper etc.
  3. Q. I filled out the application form correctly, but there is no matching information. A. If the 'User Information' you entered after entering the fan club through Interpark matches the 'Member Application Information' entered on the homepage, the rating will automatically be adjusted to full membership. ※ However, the data of those who entered 'user information' in Interpark based on the date until July 28th is currently registered on the homepage If you did not enter 'User Information' in advance or if you entered 'User Information' on the day of the official website registration, it will not match directly. It takes about 2 business days for Interpark "User Information" to be applied to the homepage. In order to relieve the inconveniences of members, only 10 members of Minoz will be graded as 'full member' if they request by mail or telephone. Please enter 'user information' in the Interpark and contact us
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