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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned before. The ornamental gift from YJ's mom was given a close up shot right after the heartening scene of JH hugging SH on his bed in ep6. MJ didn't just choose any random gift for the three moms to pretend that she went on the cruise trip. She had a message hidden within the ornament. It was a mom cradling her baby right? And JH was doing exactly that, although that just stems from her own character and not through interpretation of the sculpture ornament. In time to come I'm sure the moms will decipher the meaning behind the gift. Both twin's mom and HSJ were seen looking at the gift meaningfully. And more than once the director gave purposeful close up shots of the ornament with each family's family photo beside. I guess its not only what MJ wants to tell the three moms but also what this scriptwriter wants to convey to every parent and child watching this drama. Side note: I really enjoyed the revelation in ep6 that YS's dad has a different side to him. The characters are so layered, and that's so realistic unlike the cookie cutter good guy, bad guy, good guy forced by circumstance to do bad stuff, bad guy redemption arc yadah yadah we usually have. Ye Bin is pure gold, both as a character and as an actress. Bravo Sky Castle.
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