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  1. Hmm...I don't get what you mean disrespect about that. What is wrong if they did greeting in the same place at their house or someone house? Either friends or colleague can do that. Please understand the laws before practicing police. Some examples of guideline: soompi rules, respect personal privacy means what they are doing or where they are in their personal time, their non-celebrity friends, families,.... . If a question about a post from MSTeam or Vast is consider as non respect, then 95% content of this forum is disrespectful. Also, does the question cause any damage to the
  2. everyone has a different background. I guess it wasn't at MSTeam office. Everyone did at their own place. I wonder where SYJ was. Look similar to where HB greeting took place. Were they at their house or someone house? HB sat at a table not close to the wall, but SYJ stood close the wall so the tiles look bigger.
  3. HB: How do you know? Know what ? is it to follow SYJ questions in previous ads: How do I know it meant to be> How do I know it's the one? The way she was shy and then giggle, does the question imply how does she knows he is the one or they are meant to be?
  4. Smart is smart . The ad is perfect. i had wondered how would they do it without being criticized for crossing border line between couple private and public life. We see same pattern. Did HB forget to turn his head to say Simplex when he was looking affectionately at SYJ? It was so beautiful that Ms Jane tweeted about it
  5. LOL, i think many people expect him to take off his shirt. What a disappointment What ? It's a teaser. What if in the ad, he slowly takes of his shirt. Sorry SYJ, please move aside few seconds. Can't wait to see them together in Smart cf
  6. because HB is so hot, i want him all for myself . Just joking. But it reminds me someone jumped the ship because of that Who are on this forum long enough know whom
  7. i hate SYJ now. Is other ship still around for me to jump over, lol. Doesn't matter which one as long as it doesn't sail
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