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  1. Does anyone know the app Seohyun used in episode 1 where she erased the background and cropped herself in a new background? so cool!
  2. Did anyone understand the leaves part? The part where they found the Joseon period and TE was looking through the luggage asking LG why he brought leaves. I couldn't understand what he meant
  3. OMG today's episode!! I am still SO CONFUSED about EVERYTHING! What?! Lady Noh is from ROK? I have a feeling JTE is from Corea and not actually ROK. The whole cancer thing throws me off - JTE's mom died of cancer, and now Luna has cancer. Is it just a coincidence? Or is JTE really from Corea? And that glorious outfit that LG wore - what happened there? I AM SO CONFUSED. I wonder why he was crying or sad. Is it glorious in that he *won* the war with LR but that means the two worlds will close? The episodes we keep getting are not in order, and it's throwing me off. I couldn't tell if at that ti
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