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  1. SHK looked so beautiful last night! Her beauty is like from another era...Hollywood in the 50's. I am glad she signed on with Jet Tone Film Production company. It's clear from last night how much respect and love she garners from China and HK. Two of the most respected directors in Asia, Wong Kar-wai and John Woo, both Chinese, cast her in their films . But, for some reasons unknown to me, Korean famous film directors do not cast her in their films. Fact that she was not even nominated for Baekjong award this year for Encounter is just flabbergasting to me! Encounter almost had no story or dialogues. She and Park Bo Gum through their amazing acting skills elevated the drama to an art piece. Unlike other nominated actors and actresses who had complicated scripts, SHK had to act out emotions with almost no scripts...yet through her eyes and expressions she was able to convey SO MUCH raw emotions! What I would love for SHK to go after next is what the film director Park Chan Wook (from Old Boy, Snowpiercer, The Handmaiden} had discussed in his interview. He said he wanted to do a romantic comedy about a detective and his love interest. SHK will be amazing in it! I hope Park Chan Wook and the Korean entertainment industry realize just how special SHK really is and cast her in it. And I hope SHK and UAA go after that film with everything they got.
  2. Reading March Elle featuring SHK, I once again realize why I like her so much..she is just so humble. She has it all--goddess like features; impressive acting skills; fun, lively personality; kind, generous heart; and a love for her country. People expect her to be arrogant and condescending to others, but she isn't. She never boasts about herself, ever. She perpetually gives credit to others instead of herself when her dramas do well. There is no actress in Korea who has been in a hallyu status longer than SHK. In fact, she is the first Korean female hallyu star. With Autumn in My Heart (2000) she became one of the top Asian actresses and in 2019, she is still one of the top Asian actresses. Both Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee became famous through out Asian and in Korea later than SHK. SHK is already a Korean icon in the entertainment world. She has nothing more to prove. Yet, she seems to want to still expand her acting repertoire--I love that. One thing worries me though. She mentioned in Elle she reads SNS and Internet stuff about her ( I know she said they are from her fans but what if she reads other stuff?). As she should have realized in recent disgusting posts in her instagram, there are some disturbed people who just want to write negative, awful, and false information about her. I hope she doesn't read them. These people are sad individuals with depressing lives who can't stand that SHK seems to have it all. Best way for SHK to continue to have a happy marital bliss with SJK is for her to not read any of these comments...and don't even give thoughts about them, EVER. I was very impressed with SJK's comments in Esquire about his marriage. He stated that his most important goal in life is to maintain his love for his woman forever. Very romantic. In fact, SJK, at the height of his fame, at young age (in Korean standard since Korean men seem to marry later than other foreign men), decided to marry SHK even though this move could potentially hurt his career. He chose his love for SHK over his career. That's true love and that's kind of love SHK, the goddess that she is, deserves.
  3. It's been a while since I posted but I wanted to personally thank Song Hye Kyo and her agency for agreeing to take part in "Encounter". I have been under a tremendous stress from work and watching Encounter enabled me to relax and put a smile back on my face. It's so pure..it's about an unconditional first love between two people who, despite all the external pressures, managed to hold onto their innocent love. I LOVED IT! This drama is unlike anything that Korea drama had shown in recent memory-especially now when they are all about fantasy, crime, legal, or societal pressures. I am also amazed by how SHK manages to have out of the world chemistry with all of her male co-stars. Park Bo Gum, while numerically is not so young (25), acts quite young when you see him in fanmeetings or reality shows. Yet, she managed to make him look manly sexy! In fact, every actor who plays opposite Song Hye Kyo is his most manly sexiness when he is with her. I hope the Asian entertainment industry realizes once for all SHK's acting skills--she can do it all! She can do sexy action movies, she can be an evil villain.or a powerful prosecutor. But, what I am hoping is...and please, please, make this happen, for her do an extremely sexy romantic comedy with Won Bin. I recently watched Autumn in My Heart and Won Bin and SHK had this undeniable sexy chemistry between them. They are also visibly just stunning! Since Won Bin has never made a romantic comedy movie, if he does one with SHK, the movie will definitely generate an incredible number in the box office. If the Chinese market shows this movie, it will probably make around billion dollars worldwide!
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