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  1. Welcome back Ms Song Hye Kyo! We have missed your Instagram posts! I see once again there is one Korean Naver and one Nate article each with the intention of taking our queen down. Yawn...it's getting old..couldn't you guys at least become little more creative? You always decide to use one article to attack our queen to making it trend..and your little brains couldn't come up with at least more than handful of negative comments? They are always "Pay your taxes", "You are looking like ahjumma (middle aged)", "You are short...that photo is way too photoshopped to make you tall", "You are never meant to marry and have kids", "You are no longer pretty". The negative comments are the same and juvenile for both naver and nate. At least be little more philosophical about life and why people might divorce... Ms Kyo's Korean fans have already caught up to this trolling..always attach to one article, post at the same time, and post similar juvenile comments. They have notified Ms Kyo's lawyers, but I don't think it's necessary since the powerful entertainment folks in Korea know this one negative trending article is done by one group of folks. All other Song Hye Kyo' articles are positive but there is always one and they have thousands likes and dislikes. People create multiple accounts and write the same negative comments and click on likes at the same time. What I don't understand is why are you guys doing this? This is way too much time and money you are wasting. Song Hye Kyo's is one of the most talked about Korean actresses right now. Her latest IG post had over 700,000 likes in a matter of 9 hours and it's soon to reach one million likes. All of her endorsed brands are top sellers in Asia and Korea and no brands dare let go of her, and in fact they are more afraid that she will no longer be their muse. People are waiting anxiously for her next drama or a movie. And trolls, what's more important is Ms Kyo is not bothered by your disgusting efforts. She could have chosen any of her latest commercials and advertisements for her return to SNS posting. While the latest Suecomma Bonnie photos are innocent and subdued, she chose the sexy, sultry, confident photo shoots she did while back for her Instagram post. She is telling you she cannot be controlled or mentally manipulated. This again proves that she is confident, strong, and self assured woman. Korean society needs someone like her....a female celebrity who is this confident, this strong, and this self assured and self motivated. I am sure Song Hye Kyo, like she had done before when she pave the way for the hallyu movement, will motivate Korean female celebrities and non celebrities to take control of their lives and give big FU to the naysayers and live their best lives.
  2. Yes, feel free to post my comment above. I am so proud of our queen! Ralph Lauren’s twitter account has 3 pictures of her! I think many of the companies are beginning to realize if you want to penetrate the Asian market, they will need Song Hye Kyo to advertise for them.
  3. Song Hye Kyo is fierce! Seeing her at the Ralph Lauren fashion week, seated front seat among fashion powerhouses, I cannot help but think she represents the female empowerment that Asian women need now. In Korean society, there is a stigma when it comes to divorce, especially for women. They are supposed to feel ashamed, so thus, many women stay married even though they suffer physical and mental abuse, and often have to endure their husband's cheating on them. Then, there is Song Hye Kyo, who left her own home when she felt that her marriage wasn't working, and who asked for a divorce. But, wanting to still be respectful to a husband she had once loved, she waited to file for a divorce until the end of his current drama. Even after her ex had informed the media of the divorce, and made a declaration implying he is the wronged party, she stayed silent. She became a target of the most vicious vitriol, but she kept the moral high ground. Looking beautiful, and behaving most professionally and gracefully, she made an appearance at the Sulhwasoo event in China, even after her ex informed the media of the split. Despite her selfless discretion, his comments to the media allowed him to claim the position of the betrayed husband, and to do so in a manner timed precisely to correspond with her own recent professional appearances. In other words, his actions were timed to do the most damage possible to someone who had done everything she could to shield and protect him. Though many women in a similar position might have folded under the intense ensuing scrutiny, she went to Monaco at the Chaumet exhibition looking sexy, sultry, and as the W. Korea editor had stated, "looking like the most beautiful person there". What many conservative Korean men and women cannot handle is that her life is not falling apart because of the divorce, that a woman is not defined by her marital status. She is her own person, strong, confident, and beautiful. She is a top female actress in Korea, and one of the top in Asia. Every movement she makes becomes news. Now, they see her in the front seat for Ralph Lauren, her photos posted all around Asian social media, Twitter, and Weibo. The conservative, public view about how women should behave and live is falling apart, and many in Korea are having a difficult time processing it. The massive flood of negative commentary for Song Hye Kyo on social media is a symptom of this. Song Hye Kyo, like she was 20 years ago when she became the first Korean female Hallyu star, is redefining the lives of Korean women. No longer is a woman defined by who she is married to or divorced from, no longer is she prevented from pursuing her own successful career or her own happiness, rather, she is defining joy, public life, and professional aspirations as things that no one else can give to her.....She will seek and find her own happiness!
  4. Beautiful Kyo! Chinese tourist took a photo of her and her friend walking around in Cannes (this was during the time she was at the Chaumet event.). If you have the time, let's show SHK and the Korean knetizens how much we appreciate her. Leave comment here (the naver link below) and say where you are from....I plan to.. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=416&aid=0000247803
  5. Yes. Please feel free to share my post above. The Twitter and other websites are dragging Song Hye Kyo into the latest Korean celebrity divorce and as her fan, I really hate it! They are even misquoting her. She had never said “ I still love him but I don’t have a choice.” But that lie is going viral. Also, people who are defending Ahn Jae Hyun are attacking SHK for some reason. I think it’s because people who are defending Goo Hye Sun is linking her to Song Hye Kyo. They really need to leave our queen out of this! The latest negative knetizens’ comments regarding her lphoto shoots are clearly stemming from this awful linkage. Song Hye Kyo has suffered enough and should be left alone to enjoy some peace with her friends and family before her next project.
  6. Young Korean female celebrities should definitely look up to Song Hye Kyo if they want to survive and thrive in the male dominated and controlled Korean entertainment industry. There is a reason why she was able to maintain her status as one of the top female actresses for 20 years. She is first emotionally strong. Arguably in Korea, there is no top female actress who is criticized or becomes tabloid fodder more than her. Almost every project she was involved in she had to deal with dating rumors and had faced scrutiny for her acting. But, she never let that impact her performance. She gave her all and her co-stars gave interviews where they stated that they observed her acting whenever they didn't understand their parts (e.g. Jo In Sung, Park Bo Gum). Second is her professionalism. Clear example is how she dealt with her work in Encounter/Boyfriend. Now, we all know that her marriage dissolved during the shooting of Encounter. In the episode 14, you almost feel as if it was Song Hye Kyo and not Cha Soo Hyun who was talking to her friend in the restaurant tent. Her expressions, sadness..it was just heartbreaking. But, she didn't let her personal life affect her work. She knew the director, the staff, and her co-stars depended on her for a successful completion of the drama. So, even though she must have been emotionally distraught, she did not let that impact her performance. I am certain the people who were involved in making Encounter--director, staff, co-stars, investors-- are extremely grateful to her since they know now that she was going through the worst part of her personal life during the shooting of the drama. Third, she is pure class inside and out. Not only is she one of the most physically beautiful women in the world, but she also conducts herself with grace and class. She never says anything negative about anyone. She is also very humble, always giving credit to others instead of herself when her projects do well and critiques herself when they perform poorly. Perfect example is how she dealt with her divorce. She was willing to wait and stay silent in order to not impact her drama and her ex's drama because she knew there were people who will be impacted if her marriage woes became a public knowledge. Even when she was targeted by the media and the PR groups after her ex filed for the divorce without her knowledge and made the public statement while she was shooting the new Suecomma Bonnie ads in Thailand, she stayed silent. By the way, the photos are just breathtaking! She must have been in such pain, but she did not let that affect the photo shoot..another example of her professionalism at display. Lately, some of the Korean netizens have been giving her the utmost respect for how she had conducted herself during divorce, especially given how other celebrities are handling their situations. Finally, she is also a very savvy business woman. It would have been easy for her to make a statement when she was viciously attacked during the first month of her divorce announcement. But, she waited until she gathered enough evidence to file legal charges against the perpetrators in order for them to actually face consequences for their actions. Also, most agencies would love to have her as part of their team, but she chose UAA in order to be in charge of her professional career. I am sure she lost great parts because UAA is not a key player in the Korean entertainment industry, but she chose independence over being managed by a firm. That shows that she is never desperate in need of maintaining her hallyu status. She is a hallyu star without ever trying to be one. Side note: Song Hye Kyo has worked hard too long to be defined by her divorce, so as her fans I hope we refrain from bringing her name up whenever we discuss other celebrities' divorces or relationship troubles. Let's focus on her and her work only.
  7. There seems to be a misunderstanding or mistranslation by the English websites regarding so called "The Divorce Clause" stemming from Song Joong Ki's actions. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/07/divorce-clause-added-to-acting-contract-following-song-songs-divorce https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1005376291 The "Divorce Clause-- "If the actors/actresses cause controversies due to a divorce in the middle of the drama, they will have to pay at most three times of their contract fee as a penalty"--is not due to Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki divorcing. It's actually the byproduct of Song Joong Ki unilaterally filing for the divorce and then announcing it to the media that he had filed for the divorce and that he was in pain while his drama, "Arthdal Chronicles" was still on air. The drama costed 54 million dollars to produce and Song Joong Ki had received $200,000 per episode for his work. Without conferring with his management, nor the director, the investors, or the staff of his drama, he announced to the media of his divorce filing. This is unprecedented. This has never been done. Given that Song Hye Kyo wanted to divorce but was willing to wait until his drama stopped airing, and also given that Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki were no longer living together, there was no reason for Song Joong Ki to publicize his divorce proceeding. His actions gave birth to "The Divorce Clause" because the investors and the staff opined that Song Joong Ki did not think about the effort--blood, tears, and grueling long hours--they had put into the drama. This is why the knetizens are writing negative comments about Song Joong Ki. They also noted that Song Hye Kyo's name nor her picture should be part of this discussion because she is not the cause of the divorce clause. I agree. We need to leave her out of the divorce clause discourse and just focus on Song Joong Ki and how his actions negatively impacted the investors, the staff who put in tireless hours, and the fellow co-stars of Arthdal Chronicles. Fact that he only thought of himself and not others is what is upsetting the knetizens. Side note: Negative comments and articles regarding SHK reduced drastically ever since she filed legal actions against the PR firms and the individuals who were targeting her. This is a clear indication that the majority of Koreans were not in fact against her..but it was a PR driven campaign to frame it that way.
  8. Please feel free to share my post. I want to defend Song Hye Kyo...there are people in Korea who are deliberately attempting to hurt her career and reputation.
  9. I have been monitoring knetizens' comments since the divorce announcement by SJK and few things I found interesting: 1. On June 27th, SJK gave a public statement and sent it all over to the media declaring that he had filed for a divorce from Song Hye Kyo on June 26th and that he is in a great emotional pain. The Knetizens pounced on this and the majority of people blamed her..that she must have done something awful for SJK to file for the divorce. A rumor of SHK 's affair with PBG as the reason for SJK filing for the divorce started spreading. Blossom quell the rumor by stating that they will file a legal action with anyone who is responsible for spreading this rumor. 2. A photo of SJK smiling and enjoying himself with the staff and fellow actors for his upcoming movie, "Victory" taken day after he had filed for the divorce surfaced, along with the information that he had gone to see a play with his co-star from "Victory", Kim Tae Rhee, on the day of the divorce filing. The knetizens started turning against him..questioning whether he was being truthful when he had stated he was in a great pain. They even questioned whether the divorce was actually Song Hye Kyo's fault. His fans defended him by saying he was working. 3. Then, the photos from Song Hye Kyo's work trip for Chaumet started garnering a massive exposure in Korean media. The Knetizens, the same people who had defended SJK smiling day after the divorce filing as being work related, started writing really awful things about Song Hye Kyo..she shouldn't show photos of herself smiling when she is in the process of divorcing, that she never wanted to marry, etc. The discussions of SJK smiling photo on the day of divorce announcement completely disappeared. Awful Youtube videos from KIm Yong Ho, a tabloid writer who went to the same college as SJK, went viral. ( I don't want to spread his nonfactual, disgusting theories, so I am not going to mention them). People forgot all about SJK working as well and that he was smiling and socializing on the day of divorce. And the table was completely turned...most of the vitriol was directed at her. 4. A news article disseminated information that it was in fact SHK who had left her home early this year ( a house she had bought and lived for years prior to dating SJK) and moved into a rented villa. They also reported that SJK and Song Hye Kyo had never moved into the newly bought house but SJK had moved into Song Hye Kyo's house after the marriage and reported that all the houses SJK purchased had either his name or his brother's name but never SJK and Song Hye Kyo. Kim Yong Ho, the same tabloid journalist who is now facing criminal charges for spreading false information, made a Youtube video commenting that Song Hye Kyo was the one who wanted to divorce. SJK had filed for the divorce when SHK was in Thailand for work without informing her first and then told the media. Generally, Korean celebrities file for a divorce discreetly and then announce to the media when the divorce becomes finalized. The Knetizens started writing negative comments about SJK when they found out about this information. 5. As soon as SJK started getting negative attention, a distorted article was sent to the media about Song Hye Kyo giving an interview after the divorce where she stated that she should be a princess and that getting divorce is her destiny. Given that the original news article was in a simple English, I do not believe the Korean journalist who wrote that article misunderstood Song Hye Kyo’s comments. Korean people learn English from the elementary school on. The Korean journalists also are highly educated, so the article was definitely a hit piece to ensure the knetizens stay focus on Song Hye Kyo and just attack her. As you can see, whenever Song Joong Kyi gets a negative attention, there comes distorted articles or videos to have knetizens' stay angry at Song Hye Kyo. This is really disgusting! Song Hye Kyo has always been calm, quiet, and classy on every aspects of her life. She never says anything negative about anyone. She just endures. But, I truly believe she will come out on top when all this quiets down. Her career will thrive and she will show the Korean women that it's okay to divorce if you are unhappy, and that women can empower themselves to live their lives as they choose... she has laid a hammer down to crack the Korean misogyny and patriarchy.
  10. Our Queen will not only survive but will thrive... Her life started with a disadvantage. She was raised by a divorced mother in a society that stigmatized such a term. Yet, today's SHK is strong, independent, beautiful, and full of confidence. She has shown an ability to overcome any obstacles that are thrown her way. After she broke up with Lee Byun Hun, she started in Full House. Full House had a rating of over 40% and she became the most popular actress in Korea and in Asia. After her relationship with Hyun Bin had ended, she had to endure similar media and a public condemnation as now because, like SJK, Hyun Bin's actions deflated all the responsibilities of the dissolution of their relationship away from him to her. She channeled all her energy into her role in "The Grandmaster" with director Wong Kar-wai. While her role was very small, she stole all the scenes she was in because people just could not take their eyes off her. The movie, and her subsequent time in China, also helped her to become one of the most famous Korean actresses in China. When her accountants erroneously filed her income taxes with incorrect earnings, the Korean media and the public also went after SHK and screamed for an end of her career in the entertainment industry. However, she started in the mega rating "Descendants of the Sun" and cemented her status once again as one of the most powerful actresses in Korea. So, I am confident she will also overcome these disgusting lynch mobs. The Korean media and the public have historically been very unsympathetic to SHK. I am clueless as to the reasons behind it. Maybe it's because she does not play victim and she never appears too desperate to hold onto her career or her A list celebrity status. She just gives 100% effort in whatever role she is playing at the moment. Friends, I am confident SHK will be fine. She is surrounded by love....friends and family who love her dearly. And her career once again will not only survive but will thrive because after all it's Song Hye Kyo we are talking about.
  11. I am heartbroken for SHK. I hope she is surrounded by friends and family who love and support her unconditionally. As some have stated, I am also very disappointed with SJK filing for the divorce and then releasing a statement filled with "I" and "me" instead of "we". And he ends with this: "...I will recover from my current wounds and do my utmost as an actor to repay you through great productions in the future." It's all about his work and being worried about disappointing his fans. His words clearly opened the door for the netizens to viciously attack SHK, which they gladly have done. There are hardly any negative comments about SJK nor any that says he should also take a responsibility for the divorce. NO, they falsely accuse SHK of all sorts of ugly, vile things. A woman who is almost forty had 3 relationships, one leading to a marriage. UAA and SHK, on the other hand, released a statement filled with "we" and "SHK and her husband" and wrote "they" came to conclusion together to divorce and that it was due to a personality difference. This should have been the formal statement from both parties. I believe SHK is too nice to her ex-boyfriends. Hyun Bin did the same thing. He made SHK wait until he went to the military service to publicly announce their break up, and thus have SHK take all the public blame and be attacked by the media while he was safely inside the military compound. And now, SJK writes a statement that serves nothing more than to take the responsibility of the demise of his marriage away from him to SHK. If he truly loved her at all, and that it was not some infatuation or idolization of SHK, then he should not have done this. SHK, be strong. You have fans who love and support you unconditionally. I am looking forward to seeing you in "Anna". You will be amazing in it! I hope you left Korea with few friends and family. Come back when you film "Anna". And please, please DO NOT read any comments from the netizens. They are filled with speculations/gossips and from people who clearly are jealous of you. We love you.
  12. SHK looked so beautiful last night! Her beauty is like from another era...Hollywood in the 50's. I am glad she signed on with Jet Tone Film Production company. It's clear from last night how much respect and love she garners from China and HK. Two of the most respected directors in Asia, Wong Kar-wai and John Woo, both Chinese, cast her in their films . But, for some reasons unknown to me, Korean famous film directors do not cast her in their films. Fact that she was not even nominated for Baekjong award this year for Encounter is just flabbergasting to me! Encounter almost had no story or dialogues. She and Park Bo Gum through their amazing acting skills elevated the drama to an art piece. Unlike other nominated actors and actresses who had complicated scripts, SHK had to act out emotions with almost no scripts...yet through her eyes and expressions she was able to convey SO MUCH raw emotions! What I would love for SHK to go after next is what the film director Park Chan Wook (from Old Boy, Snowpiercer, The Handmaiden} had discussed in his interview. He said he wanted to do a romantic comedy about a detective and his love interest. SHK will be amazing in it! I hope Park Chan Wook and the Korean entertainment industry realize just how special SHK really is and cast her in it. And I hope SHK and UAA go after that film with everything they got.
  13. Reading March Elle featuring SHK, I once again realize why I like her so much..she is just so humble. She has it all--goddess like features; impressive acting skills; fun, lively personality; kind, generous heart; and a love for her country. People expect her to be arrogant and condescending to others, but she isn't. She never boasts about herself, ever. She perpetually gives credit to others instead of herself when her dramas do well. There is no actress in Korea who has been in a hallyu status longer than SHK. In fact, she is the first Korean female hallyu star. With Autumn in My Heart (2000) she became one of the top Asian actresses and in 2019, she is still one of the top Asian actresses. Both Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee became famous through out Asian and in Korea later than SHK. SHK is already a Korean icon in the entertainment world. She has nothing more to prove. Yet, she seems to want to still expand her acting repertoire--I love that. One thing worries me though. She mentioned in Elle she reads SNS and Internet stuff about her ( I know she said they are from her fans but what if she reads other stuff?). As she should have realized in recent disgusting posts in her instagram, there are some disturbed people who just want to write negative, awful, and false information about her. I hope she doesn't read them. These people are sad individuals with depressing lives who can't stand that SHK seems to have it all. Best way for SHK to continue to have a happy marital bliss with SJK is for her to not read any of these comments...and don't even give thoughts about them, EVER. I was very impressed with SJK's comments in Esquire about his marriage. He stated that his most important goal in life is to maintain his love for his woman forever. Very romantic. In fact, SJK, at the height of his fame, at young age (in Korean standard since Korean men seem to marry later than other foreign men), decided to marry SHK even though this move could potentially hurt his career. He chose his love for SHK over his career. That's true love and that's kind of love SHK, the goddess that she is, deserves.
  14. It's been a while since I posted but I wanted to personally thank Song Hye Kyo and her agency for agreeing to take part in "Encounter". I have been under a tremendous stress from work and watching Encounter enabled me to relax and put a smile back on my face. It's so pure..it's about an unconditional first love between two people who, despite all the external pressures, managed to hold onto their innocent love. I LOVED IT! This drama is unlike anything that Korea drama had shown in recent memory-especially now when they are all about fantasy, crime, legal, or societal pressures. I am also amazed by how SHK manages to have out of the world chemistry with all of her male co-stars. Park Bo Gum, while numerically is not so young (25), acts quite young when you see him in fanmeetings or reality shows. Yet, she managed to make him look manly sexy! In fact, every actor who plays opposite Song Hye Kyo is his most manly sexiness when he is with her. I hope the Asian entertainment industry realizes once for all SHK's acting skills--she can do it all! She can do sexy action movies, she can be an evil villain.or a powerful prosecutor. But, what I am hoping is...and please, please, make this happen, for her do an extremely sexy romantic comedy with Won Bin. I recently watched Autumn in My Heart and Won Bin and SHK had this undeniable sexy chemistry between them. They are also visibly just stunning! Since Won Bin has never made a romantic comedy movie, if he does one with SHK, the movie will definitely generate an incredible number in the box office. If the Chinese market shows this movie, it will probably make around billion dollars worldwide!
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