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  1. Hello everyone!! I am late in discovering this drama but as the saying goes better late than never. I am hooked after watching some snippets of the drama in Youtube and as suggested by my older sister. Then i searched online about this drama and I the main couple very cute! They have an amazing chemistry which led me to be addicted to this drama and shipping them in real life. I love Marcus and Vivian as well as their characters in the drama. Rooting for them till the end in the drama (and in real life as well, hehehehehe . . . .) So sorry about the many emojis, I was glad that I discove
  2. @whiteclover Mine would be: LSH - Born Again JSY - Born Again and JKY - Born Again. Which is I think I was invested too much in HB/HE and SH/SB's lovestory and also regarding true love. The ending of this drama really broke my heart. Right now, I am trying to watch When My Love Blooms and also would want to watch Find Me in Your Memory plus I am watching a Chinese Drama entitled "What If You Are My Boss" (without subs yet, still waiting for the sub) in order to forget the heartbreak brought to me by this drama.
  3. @nitttss Thank you for acknowledging my presence in this thread. Up until now, I still cannot get over the ending of the drama which is the worst for me. I really hope I can find another drama to watch to appease my heartache I suffered in this drama. I even cannot watched the last 2 episodes, I just cannot accept what they did to HB&HE and SH&SB lovestory. The writer totally destroyed it. @Haeun You are right, they did not even showed why SB was in love with JB?? I don't get it, I just don't get it. I thought she just pitied him. In fact, SB even told JB she likes SH and
  4. @whiteclover and @nitttss Maybe the editors of the drama are shipper fans of SH and SB and they would want SB to suffer in the end. Me too, I want SB to suffer in the end. I thought it was an open ending 'coz I thought SB was just imagining that JB was there inside. Hays till the end, the crazy writer still makes us all feel crazy!!! Love you all guys and I love this thread and thanks for staying with the drama till the end even if it is the worst drama ever I have watched!!!
  5. You are correct there my friend, SB cannot forgive SH/HB on what he has done on the past but she can forgive JB/GJC for being a stalker and killing her fiancee!!! This is ridiculous and what richard simmons+¥ writing from the writer!!! I will not anymore watch it with sub because my heart aches for Soo Hyuk/Hyunbin.
  6. Really?? But there is a scene after the bookstore scene?? That JB is in the hospital in a coma? How come it was the last scene I saw before the credits?? See till the end I am confused with the ending!!! The writer is making me mad!!!! I thought it was just SB's imagination??
  7. @whiteclover It just an imagination of SB I think?? Coz the next scene he is in the hospital in a coma. What shittiest ending!!! I have wasted my time watching this drama and I only stayed till the end for LSH. They made his SH character pitiful!!! What a shame!!! Right now, I just want to hug him and tell him that you did a good job in this drama and you portrayed your role well which made me a fan of his after watching "Born Again".
  8. What a worst drama!!! As in this is much worse than When a Man Loves A Woman. I want curse!!! I am really pissed off with the write, the lovestory of HB and HE put down the drain. I have suffered enough already. Kudos to LSH and the cast for finishing this drama even if it is already ridiculous!!! And the worst ending for SB coz JB is in a coma and the ending is that she is crying because JB has not awaken and may not awake in the future. At least, SB gets to suffer in the end. I pity SH as he has been there for SB till the end. Come SH, I will just give you a hug. Do
  9. Also thinking back, the present is mirroring the past because in the past, HE met GJC first just like in the present where SB met JB first and get to know him better as compare to SH. However even if HE met GJC first, she still fell in love at first sight at HB, which is also the case in the present wherein she confessed first to SH that she likes him and even kissed him. Also, we get to see a side of SH/HB who is not stern looking and intimidating and always in control but a softer side of him. So in the finale, will it be eternal love vs. "pity" love (i don't know how to call it
  10. @whiteclover I am at loss of words just looking at the pictures you posted for tonights episode. SH/HB looking pitiful at the side and SB comforts again JB/JC. Why is this writer making JB/JC a hero?? Grrrr....... and making SH bad. I cannot accept it!!! I know SH has done bad things in his past and in these past few episodes, he is already remorseful of what he has done by resolving all the issues in the GJC case, prosecuting Sang-Ah and Go In Woo. Maybe he will pay it by resigning from his job as a Prosecutor. But where is the redemption of JB?? Is he not remorseful also for killing HB?? D
  11. @whiteclover Thanks for your insight. I was kind of panicking and going crazy when the pictures of SB and JB were shooting and no sign of SH. Waaahhhh . .. . This writer makes us all crazy looking for spoilers. I just want SH to be alive and happy and also, I want a happy ending for SH and SB!!!
  12. I agree with your analysis with regards to the 3 characters. May I add also, that in JB/JC rebirth, he first wants to have revenge to those who wronged him in the past but now, he just wants to let SB/HE knows that he loves her or shall I say he wants to point out that he loved SB/HE first (becoz he met her first?) before HB came in, but in real life it did not happen coz SB/HE love SH/HB even if JB/JC met her first. In fact, he wants SB to remember him first but SB told him that she will always remember SH first however it was not properly shown by the writer and director in the la
  13. After watching the past 2 episodes in KBS World with Eng. Subs, there are scenes that were sub differently from other sites, like in the kissing scene, other site used "sting" but in the official translation it was "ache", so it just confirmed my earlier post that I said that SB does not love JB but only pities or sympathises with him because of what happened to him . . . wherein he was shot by SH. In short, SB was still protecting SH by being nice to him and cannot in a way antagonize him in order for him to pursue his intention again of killing SH. Also, in he scene when SH was d
  14. Thanks for the pic @whiteclover. I think maybe this is the reconciliation scene 'coz the setting is at the park and LSH & JSY are wearing the same clothes in the last episode, which is Ep. 14. I feel giddy just imagining the "reconciliation" of SH & SB so to speak.
  15. After watching the episode with subs, I think GJC in the body of JB is tying loose ends because i think there is a possibility that he will 'coz in the final scene with SB, he said he was reborn because he wants to revenge and get to say to HE/SB that he loves her?? The line were he was "too late in the past" becoz HE was with HB, now he was given a 2nd chance with SB and wants to be love by her first?? I really don't get his logic because he clearly knows that SB likes SH, maybe his hopes are high now that SH and SB have a misunderstanding. I'm confused too, hahahahaha . . . . . . GJC/JB her
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