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  1. @justright The DVD has english sub or not?? I am interested to buy 'coz it is much cheaper than the Blu-ray.
  2. @BlissfulMoments That is what i want to know as well if there is an English Sub?? Does anyone know about this??
  3. @kdrmalover4444 Me too, I think I am gonna be stuck here forever!!! I keep rewatching Episode 15 and 16. Now, I am gonna start my marathon from Episode 1-16. Love this couple so much!!!
  4. @kdrmalover4444 Me too, I am happy about it too. Hehehehe . . .. . I am gonna miss both of them as well as them acting as SeoGye couple! How can i move on from TBI?? My Mondays and Tuesdays will never be the same again. As of now, i am not in the mood of watching another KDrama. I am still stucked at The Beauty Inside and don't know how to move on.
  5. @aSHJfan No it is not from the beginning because Min Ki was not wearing a denim jacket at the time he arrived at the place where the wrap-up party took place. The picture i was referring to was to a 2nd resto they transferred after dinner. If you look closely at the chairs, the ones in the wrap up party were in black wood whereas in the pic i was referring to the chair was maroon and it is upholstered. You are correct about the pic. At first, i was not sure if it was Minki's hand until someone pointed it out. I compared it and realize it was at a different place.
  6. @shjfan23 No there is another picture that shows Minki's hand at the back of the chair of Hyunjin. Sorry i don't know how to attach the pic. Just check Do Jae's Secretary's IG and you'll see the particular picture i am referring to.
  7. @Nanana85 I saw a pic of Hyun-Jin side by side with Min Ki at the picture of the Secretary of Dojae's Instagram, however, Minki's face is not shown. Look closely at the pic and you'll see.
  8. Me too i started to watch from Ep. 1 onwards. I am also joining the rewatching team! I can't get of Do Kungsuk and Mirae as well Cha Eun Woo and Im Soo Hyang. I am also always visiting this thread to browse on the latest post and update on our fave couple. I don't think I am gonna watch another kdrama for now, I am still stucked with My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. How to move on?? But it seems that i don't want to move on from Kyungsuk and Mirae. I am also one of those hoping for a season 2 for this drama (even if it is .0001 chance). So i'll just linger here once in a while. Hello to all those who love DKS and KMR! FIGHTING!
  9. IT IS FINISHED NOW AND I AM SAD. I am gonna miss Kyungsuk and Mirae as well as Eun Woo and Soo Hyang. They really did a good job in this drama. Kudos to them, the director, staff & crew and all the other supporting actors and actresses. So far this is the best drama I have watched for 2018 since i have been following it from Ep. 1 till the last episode, Episode 16. This drama got me hooked right from the start. I love Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo and wished them to be real. I hope they get a chance to work again in the future. Watching the last episode made me sad. I felt giddy and happy during the time when they went to a nice place near the mountains to celebrate Kyungsuk's birthday. Also, the bonus are the lovey dovey scenes plus the pecks that we got to see. I am gonna buy a DVD of this drama if there is one available.
  10. OMG!!! THE KISS!!! I AM FEELING HOT!!! I WAS NOT EXPECTING IT TO BE LIKE THAT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA . . .. Kyungsuk is diving for that kiss!!! It just shows how Kyungsuk and Mirae love each other. Eunwooha, it is as if you cannot wait to kiss Soo Hyang?? Hmmm . . .. . I also did not mind the preview 'coz i was concentrating on the KISS! JTBC, Thank God you did not fail us.
  11. Me too pls. Can anyone provide me a working livestreaming for tonight's episode. Thanks in advance. I am gonna miss this couple Kyungsuk and Mirae as well as Eun Woo and Mirae. They are the reason i watched this drama till the end. Love the both of them. Hope the ratings would be high.
  12. Kyungsuk's look to Mirae while she was washing his hands was full of love and i thought he wants to kiss her that moment (still wishing for a kiss scene, might be a peck or a short sweet kiss)!!! Hehehehehehe . . .. . Again no preview, PDnim why are you torturing us?? Need to wait for a 3-4 days for them to upload the preview. Anyways, still looking forward to the continuous love story of Kyungsuk and Mirae.
  13. Waaaahhhh . . .. . . The backhug was so sweeeeeettt!!!! I felt giddy and happy watching the scene (ovaries exploding, hahahahaha . . . . No pun intended)! They are a cute couple!!! The chemistry between Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo is amazing!!! Kudos to them!!! I was afraid that they will kiss after the backhug, if that happens i don't know what my reaction will be!!!
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