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  1. Why did the writer make Shim Ran a rapist and then, without properly addressing her crime, did away with her character in such a non-realistic way? Wi Sang could still be a dignified character if the two had had a mistaken one-night-stand... I'd like to hope that writer-nim had something more in mind, but ran into time allowance issues. I didn't like the direction it took, but it was heartwarming seeing Auntie Hwa Sang all over Baby Han Bang. He is sooo darn adorable. The ending... At first I thought it was in theme, the knock signaling neverending trouble for Poong Sang. Then, there he goes to resolve the issue with settlement money(?) and his ever so warm and happy face, hehe. But then, I didn't feel too good about that. Money was a central problem in this drama, but it was always second to the family dynamics. White is a symbol of purity and rebirth (they all celebrated Poong Sang's 3rd birthday). So, I am curious to that final-final ending. Personally, I don't think it was anyone specific at the door. Rather... a reality check for the audience. That we're a part of the family's story too, because the siblings and their neighbors and loved ones can easily be people we know and see every day. I think it's entirely up to your own interpretation and there is no right or wrong. Yoo Jun Sang's rendition of "I'm A Happy Man/Person" is soo nostalgic. I was ok with the knock at the door being the end, but then that song makes me feel a sad longing. I was not supposed to miss these siblings. Super proud of this cast-- they are the best asset of the drama and I will surely miss them together a tad bit more than their characters. Saw a lot of new acts and expressions, not just in the supporting or rookie actors, but in the seasoned actors of our main cast too. (Did anyone notice Boon Shil's father hitting on Chil Bok's mother at the end? ). The cast was saving grace.
  2. Just finished the raw episode. That ending was kind of amusing, but I'll have to re-watch it with subs to see if I actually like it. Except for one thing I can't quite sit well with yet, the episode itself felt wholesome. Will have to return for a proper "review". @nohamahamoud2002 I agree. Yoo Jun Sang and Shin Dong Mi both deserve best actor and actress awards here. I'll be looking forward to the year-end awards for them!
  3. It was the most satisfying episode to date. Hwa Sang shined in this episode, but the twins shined brightest together. Lots of sentimental moments. I teared up several times, especially with Jeong Sang and Hwa Sang and Hwa Sang and Wi Sang (@qynn I, too, have a soft spot for Hwa Sang).. I have to say that I genuinely enjoyed every scene with the exception of Jeong Sang's mother-in-law and, of course, their undeserving mother (which I am glad Hwa Sang had her say with). How sweet it is of Wi Sang to thank Hwa Sang on Parent's Day. Jin Sang will eventually make his way back to his siblings, but not until he finds success in his own way, I suppose. A time jump, perhaps? Now that the liver issue has found resolution (I think Poong Sang should find out sooner or later who the donors are), the other major issue left is Wi Sang... whether he'll wake up and the women waiting beside him. According to the text preview, Hwa Sang cleans the box of his belongings and finds the key... the wording has me nervous. Not sure how losing Wi Sang will do any good or make any sense to the story (not that the writing hasn't been senseless at many times XD )... All my prayers are for Wi Sang today. ㅠㅠ Finally, it's come to the final episode. It's been a rough 2+ months, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. (There would be less chance of me thoroughly watching this drama if I were to marathon it in one go, thus I probably wouldn't appreciate the outcomes as much (whatever they may be).) No matter how frustrating it was at times, there were so many poignant moments that made the rest worthwhile. I hope we all will feel a sense of that after tonight's final episode. To the 5 siblings~~ fighting!
  4. I'm a foodie too, Jin Sang. When Jeong Sang was yelling at him, frustrated, and her husband tells her he didn't know she could be so mean... I agree. I do believe that Jin Sang has came through to really forgive and love Poong Sang, but changing a 40-year lifestyle is not happening overnight. He realizes that and that's why he made efforts to confine himself. But he almost needs 24hr supervision... and discipline. I'm not sure I like his acting here as much, but I definitely respect him for taking on character Jin Sang. Oh Ji Ho himself is such a happy klutz that I feel like he breathes some of that into Jin Sang, so it is enjoyable to watch, despite the horrible character. He shines in those sentimental moments with Poong Sang. What did Wi Sang put in the locker? I was hoping to get a clue in the preview... (Praying that all behind-the-scenes glimpses of final filming days do not point to his appearances in flashbacks or dreams. As much as I wanted Wi Sang to save Poong Sang, it'll just be too sad to have it by means of harvesting his organ. ㅠㅠ ) What is Hwa Sang doing???
  5. I have to agree with most reactions by everyone here. The episode wasn't "exciting", rather we didn't make progress or learn anything new. It was spent waiting on when mom was going to run out. Of course, at the very last second. =_= Very predictable, it wasted precious time that could've gone over to Wi Sang's revival. Well, then I guess there wouldn't be a cliffhanger. Boon Shil was disappointing. I can understand a family's desperation, but at the cost of her own father-- the only consistent support she's had? I was also disappointed with Hwa Sang. I thought the writer was done with Heung Man... I'm looking forward to Joongie learning about her dad's condition. Crossing fingers this next episode is more hopeful.
  6. The mention of Boon Shil getting tested was very brief, coupled with this preview, I'm afraid too that it will be her, indeed. Unless Wi Sang is strong enough to recover... We know he's unlikely to die, just wouldn't make sense. (Also, according to Ki Eun Se's Instagram stories, he's very much alive visiting her in non-gang attire.) The show should be titled "Poor Boon Shil-ssi". ㅜㅜ
  7. @chickfactor Re: Twin dress-up. Hwa Sang was thrilled over Jeong Sang's surprise, so it seems like playing cute dress-up in matching outfits is a Korean thing. It was weird enough, but the way it was presented made it especially creepy. I was in Korea last week and happened to see ads of "senior" dress-up photography like what Poong Sang and Boon Shil did... While sweet, it's kind of eerie. Definitely new to me too. Preview for EP 34-36. Looks like it may go our route. My guess is their mother is going to run out on Poong Sang again, meanwhile Wi Sang gets injured trying to go back to Poong Sang, which conveniently puts him in the hospital... (LOL, Wi Sang is giving me Lawyer Choi Dong Joo feels (All Kinds of Daughters-In-Law).. not gangster junior boss. XD ).
  8. I fear the same regarding Gan Boon Shil, but I'm crossing fingers it would be too much of an obvious giveaway from the beginning. We know the writer likes to be creative in attributing characters' names to who they are, but I'm hoping Boon Shil's name is symbolic in other ways. If we know the functions of the liver, we can also say that Boon Shil is already the liver to Poong Sang. As we've already seen, without her, Poong Sang starts to deteriorate. (Cheesy XD) I agree. We can see direct effects of his treatment towards Jeong Sang vs. Hwa Sang. He obviously did not see it that way, though. Maybe I'm taking it too personal (like someone said, the mother is so horrible that it's also hard to see the actress in real light), but I can never doubt or invalidate the siblings' traumas. No matter how frustrating or miserable each of them are, I very much still feel sympathy for each of them. And, I still feel this drama gives a look into very real people and circumstances, no matter how rare or far it is from the lives we lead. However weak, scarred, and self-loathing they are, there are real people like this who have a greater incapacity to believe in themselves due to such trauma. We don't wake up overnight, 30 years later, and decide we're better and we're going to change. Even less realistic is taking immediate action to change. It happens over time and we may need a physical push (that's why Chil Bok is so awesome). What Poong Sang thought was right only haunted his younger siblings into their adulthood. What's happening in their lives at the moment is the result of that build-up of fear, anger, hopelessness, and eventually, belief that their lives are meaningless. Since things are moving forward with family members taking tests and our maknae is the only one left to know about Poong Sang's condition, I have greater hope that he will be the donor. It's interesting how all this time, the father is told and shown in the worst light. However, I keep having this feeling that maybe he wasn't as awful. He obviously regretted, wanted to repent and apologize. The more disgusting the mother is, the bigger my feeling about this. Who knows if the mother was triggered by their father bringing home a baby that's not hers (if Wi Sang indeed has a different mother), or if she was always like this. Really, big congratulations to the cast and production team! 20% in a weekly primetime slot is a big achievement in today's time! The cast volunteered their time at the senior center this week, as promised pre-premiere if they achieved 13% in ratings (instead of wearing the Doksuri 5 Siblings costumes that actor Lee Chang Yeop proposed, they wore matching track suits (since the costumes would be hard to move and serve food in )). Bravo, 5 Siblings! So cute~ the elders telling Poong Sang that he must get well. ^^ http://naver.me/5JiwHPw5 http://naver.me/FrFrtVLB P.S. Anyone else addicted to this OST? Me, specifically Park Sae Byul's remake of "너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을" (Love That Hurt Too Much Was Not Love). ♡♡♡
  9. What Chil Bok says to Hwa Sang before she receives the call... *heart* This week's episodes were a nice change, as far as frustration and blood pressure levels go. Even so, the show never fails to make me drop tears every week. Winners this week are, of course, Chil Bok and Boon Shil. Mama will never have a change of heart, so despite the ending of ep32 (ep16), I actually think that Wi Sang will be the liver donor. Sort of to re-authenticate his blood/family ties with his siblings. I find his breakdown relevant and in-character; when one loses their identity, they can become directionless. I really do hope for a miracle that he's a match, it's hard to come back from knowing your mother/father is not who you think they are, but then to also find out they're not your biological parent is another sword to your being. (In Happy Together, the cast revealed that he has a different mother (rather than a different father), so I'm curious if this is really what it seems.) I don't blame him for not being in his right mind. A bit on a tangent, but I'm really liking Jeong Sang's husband. I understand she can't have her heart in it fully at the moment, but still, I want them to work out eventually.
  10. Honestly, I just keep thinking there's a light at the end of the tunnel. That we're heading towards it... now. No, any.. second... nowww. @Auntie Mame I agreeee! I despise that kind of thinking. The truth hurts, but I rather hurt and heal from the truth than with a "lie". There is no point of keeping this a secret at the end. I haven't caught up with last night's episode, so will chime in afterwards. I do have to say that I had high hopes for the siblings uniting over who was going to be the liver donor, but admit that must be the boring route. Super curious about Wi Sang's return to the gang life and how that will affect fatherhood for him. It's too sad that he'd leave his baby (if it's his), since he and Young Pil are both individual reflections of a parent-less child. (Still, that doesn't mean he should marry the baby's mother.)
  11. I'm still here. Too far invested and lost too much tears to give up now. >o< I haven't tuned into eps 19-20 yet, but I can't agree more. The misery just keeps piling on for these siblings. What's most upsetting is that most of the mishaps could have been and still are "fixable". With attitude adjustments, new perspective and mindset-- it's all up to the characters themselves to make a change to see change. I was hopeful with Jin Sang at the end of ep18, but I won't speak so fast just yet. @qynn @chickfactor @tas82 That was disturbing and infuriating. Not just the fact that it's rape, but that Hwa Sang didn't drag her to jail herself. I hope the domestic audience will bring attention to this double standard ugliness. I honestly feel it's out of character for Hwa Sang to take this more passive approach, considering her nurturing natire with Wi Sang.
  12. The new OST is soo good. Been waiting for it. Monday Kiz~~ ♡ I realize I take a deep breath after the ending credits of each episode. Especially this last one. Found myself with Poong Sang, Hwa Sang, and Wi Sang. Hwa Sang... ugh, no matter what, I never could despise her. I felt sorry and can understand why she felt unloved and could hold that above her older siblings. She is a reflection of real people and situations, with or without her scars (gee, her reveal was really sad). And now we fully see why she keeps insisting on returning to her abuser. Jin Sang, on the other hand, he's crazy. This family is crazy. In just one scene, Jin Sang goes from chastising Wi Sang to pulling off that move at the end. My heart rate.. From this ending scene, though, it does show some consistency that he cares about respect and dignity of the family (he always says no one in the family is divorcing anyone). He can disrespect Poong Sang, but no one else. If only he could apply this passion elsewhere other than a career in instant money. I still don't see why he would put the blame on that other guy, as if he was forced or held at gunpoint to gamble. I'm curious if there's more to this backstory. What more does the divorcee see in him that hasn't been shown? I hope there's more development here. I'm confused about Jung Sang. It looks like she's committed to the marriage if mother-in-law accepts them. But why did she marry him after all that happened? Is it for love, sanity, protection? Wi Sang... our maknae. ㅠㅠ It was all so sweet and gone in a second. I'm so relieved he gave back the money. Something smells fishy and I'm debating whether the pregnancy is nonexistent, or exists but isn't his, or one of those and he's being set up by his past. It's a hard place to be in and with his upbringing, progress, and expectations, he's in no position to disclose it to the family. We won't be seeing our maknae happy for a long time, if ever. ㅜㅜ Poong Sang's dream was hilarious! Compare that to him declaring his siblings would not hesitate to be his donor. Of course, knowing him, he isn't so sure either. @chickfactor That's a big tell-all. Before the drama got its English title, I suspected how this would go down, that eventually there would come a time when Poong Sang's siblings would come to his rescue. And that would be the ultimate lesson of this drama. Their names have been a figurative i.d. for their livelihoods. Poong Sang and Jin Sang isn't too far apart in age, are they? He knows a lot more about their mother. When exactly did she leave them? It's amazing and sad how they yearn for their mother so desperately that they don't look into why Poong Sang wants her away. No matter the frustration, I can't help but feel for and care for these siblings. I want to see them all win in the end.
  13. I really love the drama too, despite its low popularity with the international audience, or perhaps not on the radar yet. The last episode reached 10.2% in ratings! *confetti* Deservingly so because it really pulled at my heartstrings. I'm very interested in Hwa Sang's past and what she endured. She wasn't always vile; she's nurturing to Wi Sang and sad/pained/vulnerable in the presence of her ex-husband. Something tells me she suffered an accident, either leading up to or as a result of her divorce. Was it mentioned how long ago she was divorced? I was very disappointed in Poong Sang for what he did to save Jin Sang. But by the end of this week's episodes, he had me in tears. Boon Shil too. She is a saint for returning and telling him he did nothing wrong [to his siblings]. That scene was so moving, the best. ㅠㅠ Thankfully he has Wi Sang to stand up for him now, but still, violence isn't the way. There wasn't a lot of Jin Sang in the second half though. Thankfully, Jung Sang's affair came out sooner than later. I did not want this secret to drag out her story, although I know she will be dealing with the relationship the rest of the drama. Her dialogue with Poong Sang was tragic and I really hope they don't keep her ex-fiance in the picture just to keep pestering her. She deserves better. Wi Sang sure does move fast. He's more upfront and bolder than I thought (the complete opposite of what I'm used to seeing from Yobi). Maknae is right, he's perfect. But he has people after him. I wonder why he didn't notice the gang when they were being so obvious? >0< Recent news also says that another woman [from his past] will enter the picture in the coming episodes. By the way, if ratings hit 13%, the cast will dress up as the 5 Doksuri Siblings. They're classic sciency ninja characters, haha.ㅜㅜ It's quite funny and cute. This was proposed by their geeky maknae during promos. BTV's "What's Wrong Poong Sang?" Cast Interview
  14. Even though it is likely to be later, until we get official confirmation from Joon's agency, I think it's best to stick to the original too. Thanks for your everyday countdown. ♡♡♡
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