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  1. Hi all, i have just finished ep 3 of this pretty intense drama i would say. I am after all a JJH fan so am gonna go watch the rest of the episodes already available. IMO ratings arent always a representation of the drama as most of the times what is rated low in SK may have an exact opposite reaction by international fans. (as in the case of LMH's Faith).
  2. @40somethingahjumma, I wish they had added few more episodes to answer all the questions above too. However, i am somewhat contented as it was a good ending (as i interpret it to be based on the novel ending which the TV series shd follow along too) Here's what @omiki said below abt the ending storyline in the novel (page 50 of this forum). Then i think in the tv series it would mean CY aka LYK is alive (and not just BQ's imagination) as the ending (to me at least) actually meant CY/LYK and BQ would continue his adventures with BQ by his side like in the novel ending too... So, @omiki, no offence but the simple happy ending may be sweet for a novel but perhaps for a TV series they needed to include more fighting/bloody scenes etc to give it greater impact (just my opinion tho).
  3. Right now am little besotted with VZ so here is a write up abt his humble beginnings for those fans of his who wish to know more abt ZBB, like me: "Zhang Binbin Opens Up About His Start as an Actor (dated October 31, 2018) Hot looks of Vin Zhang Binbin were recently released as part of his 'Be a Malleable Actor' photoshoot with Star Jiepai and StarVideo. In an interview, he shed light on the hardships he underwent in order to be the actor that he is today. It may seem that his natural good looks and talents in singing and dancing would lead to a smooth sailing career, but Zhang Binbin tells us otherwise. During his first few projects, he often didn't know where to stand and was out of the camera shot. He remembered a time when he when he cried so hard after being yelled at by the director and his confidence shaken. At that time, he felt the burdens of being an idol and couldn't commit completely to his characters. He had wondered whether he was even cut out for the industry. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. It's no secret that Vin Zhang had started out in many supporting roles before taking the lead in recent dramas like The King's Woman. Fans can also look forward to him as Ariel Lin'sleading man in Legend of Hua Buqi. As more opportunities come his way, Zhang Binbin aims to be as flexible as clay, able to be molded into different roles to show different personalities. He dreams of having a part in wuxia, action, comedy films, and many more. He does tend to play tragic characters, maybe he'll do great in comedy. Source: http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/10/zhang-binbin-opens-up-about-his-start.html Such a hottie:
  4. Yes, i am so happy with this news, Yang Mi and Vin Zhang Bin Bin:

    Storm Eye cdrama Vin Zhang Binbin

    credit as tagged

  5. Yup @angelangie, and here is an article abt it. This is so exciting as just a few days ago i was hoping for them to reunite after EL: "Yang Mi and Vin Zhang turn into special agents in Storm Eye Wow, this news dropped with no warning, and I'm doing the happy dance. Many of us started liking Vin Zhang Binbin after Eternal Love or maybe even earlier with Pretty Li Huizhen, Just One Smile is Very Alluringand Chronicle of Time. The King's Woman seems to be the show that really propelled him into leading man territory, so it's great to see him take the lead in yet another drama, this time opposite Yang Mi who really needs no further introduction. Am I the only one finding amusement over this Bai Qian and Li Jing reunion? Storm Eye 暴风眼 is a new drama produced by Jaywalk Studio, Flying Youth and Perfect World Pictures. It follows agents protecting national security. Yang Mi plays section chief An Jing while Vin Zhang plays national security personnel Ma Shang. The drama is in the early stages of production." Here is the complete article: http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/03/yang-mi-and-vin-zhang-turn-into-special.html THEY LOOK SO GOOD TOGETHER! credit as tagged
  6. Here's another post relating to Eye of the Storm: credit as tagged
  7. Hey guys, is VZ gonna be in a new series with Yang Mi? Something abt an urban big anti-spy drama "Eye of the Storm" 01.03.2019 official today officially announced! credit as tagged
  8. Hi all. Glad to hv this thread as i absolutely cant get over Vin ZBB's Chen Yu or Lian Yi Ke. The guy is young but so charismatic talented and incredible in portraying his characters from EL, PLHZ, TK'sW & TF'sD and right up to IWNLG, which really got me so hooked to both the drama and VZ himself. From now lets hope to see him in more lead roles (enough of giving me second lead syndrome hehe) as well as winning awards as recognition but i sincerely would like to see him take on a wuxia with Yang Mi, his boss, as i am sure their chemistry would be off the charts too. Anyway, here's to more dramas from VZ... IWNLG is coming to an end too too soon and i wish i can watch his upcoming drama "Love Happening" like immediately after IWNLG ends. Am anticipating to see how VZ's potrayal in LH as a lowly employee and not as some rich hotelier will be...
  9. Lets keep some nice pics of them together:

    Image result for VINS ZHANG ARIEL


    Image result for VINS ZHANG ARIEL

    credit as tagged

  10. Who's not besotted with these two, our lovebirds in “I Will Never Let You Go” airing now!  I hv always liked Ariel since Prince of Lan Ling with FSF and when i saw her pairing with hottie Vins Zhang, it was absolutely mind blowing from Ep 1 onwards cause they were just so cute, well matched and oozing with chemistry, yeah despite their 10 year age gap. I hope Vinz Zhang has more dramas in the lead roles from now as am sure many fans of his cant wait to see him take on more roles and i'd like that he gets the girl as i am quite tired of VZ always giving me the second lead syndrome (like inThe Flames Daughter & Pretty Li Hui Zhen), and not getting the girl. Enough!! His time has come...glad for VZ!! As for Ariel, she is already a success!!

    Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang Binbin are Oozing with Chemistry in I Will Never Let You Go


    Gonna add this link for future ref: https://38jiejie.com/2019/01/11/ariel-lin-and-vin-zhang-binbin-are-oozing-with-chemistry-in-i-will-never-let-you-go/

    credit as tagged

  11. @happyfanlgx !!! i share the same thoughts as you on his work projects since PA when i (like all his fans) was waiting for his next drama and waited.... till now....hehe. I guess choosing the right script takes time and an actor does have a real life too. As a fan i appreciate your updates in this thread and hope for some news this year.
  12. @vtxy hi, haha and yes not their first kiss but i seem to think its the first time i am seeing BQ (hehe Ariel) open her mouth in the kiss Cant wait to see the bts for this kiss!
  13. Hi @happyfanlgx, you are a fantastic and true fan of LGX, salute!!! Btw, i just checked his upcoming movies and dramas but it seems LGX hasnt found something worth taking on as yet since The Four Heavenly Kings. I am not good in chinese so cant really understand weibo most of the time....do u know if he has by any chance?
  14. Hi all, i have been lurking but this is just too sweet to not say a word. Tqvm for this @angelangie, i believe this is their first real kiss which is really befitting as their love go through all the thick and thin. I am just curious which episode is this kiss in actually...would you know @angelangie? Tqvm. Hi @themarchioness, i just want to send virtual hugs and big thanks for your wonderful recaps.
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