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  1. I've been watching several of the mini series from iQiyi (The Bad Kids) and Tencent (Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower) and I personally prefer mini series' more now cos you can binge and not get fatigued. I'm very impressed by these 2 dramas so high hopes for Li Ying's murder one.
  2. Early new year gift from Ying Bao. Such a chic traditional outfit!!
  3. Yeah overall still an enjoyable watch beyond the little flaws. One of my fav lines in the show that sent me lmao-ing:
  4. Ok I finally marathon-ed over 2 weekends and finished it. I can now return to social media in peace. btw, episode 51 question: I'd give this an 8.5/10. Gave an extra 0.5 because I am a fan of both ZLY and WYB. The positives: I think the reason why most of here are because of Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yi Bo so as fans of them, I'd say you'd have to watch. They are cute together. It is generally a very light and family-friendly show. Characters are likeable/lovable. Show is fun to watch because there are funny banters, action sword-fights
  5. I’m seeing so many posters about the finale coming up. lol k bye I need to disappear off the net for a while before I kick myself for accidentally scrolling something. have fun for those of you who get early access! I’ll catch up to chit chat once I’m 100% doooone.
  6. Whilst I like Lu Zhen (the show), it wasn’t my fav version of Li Ying. I prefer the more recent renditions starting from JoF I think. But admittedly Lu Zhen was a breakout show for her so yay to that! I know a lot of friends who started following her after Lu Zhen. apart from Minglan which was a class of its own, LY does wuxia soooooo well (PA, LoF). Hopefully I can find a 2-month downtime one day to rewatch Minglan. 73 episodes omg but so worth it.
  7. I’m looking forward to Xingfu as well because I want to see her work with more leads and Luo Jin should be good. I’ve watched several of his shows and I think Luo Jin is highly underrated. furthermore the trailers show that this is a somewhat fun show? A determined village girl working hard. Sounds like Li Ying in real life, no? I liked her chemistry with Zhu Yilong a lot in Minglan. I think she just does well with any male lead so keep the variety coming!
  8. I’m feeling like a fish out of water waiting for new (subbed) episodes every day and I need to keep away from social media lest I see some spoiler.
  9. Ep 28-29: I’m just glad the two lovers weren’t separated for long. Unlike some shows where it can take 10 episodes *cough General and I cough*
  10. Managed to peak at ep24-26 and I was OFF MY SEAT! i take back my words about Li Sheng. he’s good. Not useless at all!
  11. I’m hitting ep 20 and I love the show! I have been fast forwarding every scene with Li Sheng in it though. :x I also find it amusing how every middle-aged lady is associated with Grandpa South Blade.
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