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  1. Not at all surprised if this is true considering FSF’s affluent background. https://www.jaynestars.com/news/zhao-liying-divorced-feng-shaofeng-due-to-mother-in-law-problems/ another article: https://www.8days.sg/sceneandheard/entertainment/zhao-liying-feng-shaofeng-s-divorce-reportedly-caused-by-his-mum-15313594
  2. I was just gonna say this! Not as tired and serious as the previous shoots. So glad she’s done what’s right by her.
  3. yes she’s unfortunately a bit of an awkward bunny when it comes to events, livestream and variety shows. She was so natural back on 72 floors though ! go Fridge is a really chill show. To the point I’m wondering what is the show for. as long as she doesn’t get bullied that’s fine with me. They pampered and took care of her on the show.
  4. Super super pretty! looks like a busy year for her with 2 upcoming dramas.
  5. Her stylist finally does her justice. Love the gown! I haven’t seen her smile so much in a while. glad and hope she’s well.
  6. Sweet! One pairing I’m looking forward to. I’m currently watching Love Designer and Reba does so so well in romance dramas. i’m not really sure what this plot is going to be about but i hope it’s a happy one.
  7. So happy to see Li Ying reunited with her “little brother”, Wu Lei! i foresee this being a fun show (unlike *cough Chinese Restaurant cough*)
  8. yes to Reba and being tough please! My first introduction to her was in Ten Miles and I was rather annoyed with her character there. (I blame the character not her)
  9. Update: ok completed the finale as Viu only released it in MYS tonight. I think it was a good ending for each character. Only felt cheated by the animations (again ). For those yearning for the GeSun wedding, I hope this brings you closure. Special mention to this scene that had me bawling in tears.
  10. I'm left with one more episode but I've pretty much stumbled upon the clips and spoilers so I might as well write the review now (cos can't sleep anyway lol). What a feeling of emptiness now that it has ended. I give this a 9/10. Excellent drama in terms of story, cast, soundtrack, equally humourous and touching scenes. Lost 1 point because battle scenes and dance scene were erm unsatisfactorily in manga form and lack of kissing scenes (aha, c’mon admit it … most of us here allocate 20% of our investment for these scenes in dramas. :P) To me, this show was satisfactory.
  11. Lovely shots but she does look thin here even with the baggy dress covering.
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