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  1. Only time can tell. Even a blind man can see they have romantic feelings toward each other. Though now I am already convinced they are an item right now, just patiently waiting for the good news, not dating news, but marriage news. I want them to date privately as of right now because they deserve the privacy to grow their love, to be as normal as other human being. Take as much time as you guys need, and though there will be no announcement regarding the truth, and if you guys don't end up together (please no) in future, it will still be a beautiful memory to witness true love portrayed by actor lee min ho and kim go eun
  2. bringing back past post just because I am missing them much today. to lee min ho and Kim go eun, my fervent wish is you guys will fall deeper in love with each other today, tomorrow and till life time. I love you both
  3. Yes. Don't agencies are quick to deny if there is any dating rumors brewing? This what gives me hope. No statement from either agency denying rumor of them dating. This is a good thing.
  4. My heart cannot take it. Please don't. I hope both of you will fall in love with each other for a long long time and able to love tirelessly whatever came your way.
  5. KGE is one shy girl. She said it before couple of times during interview. Just look at her when asked to sing on TV. And now she is happily shipped by fans with LMH whom may I add is the one that she is a fan of. I think that will put a pressure on her a lil bit.
  6. I know that the probability of her posting anything almost close to zero, but I'm still hopeful. Sorry but not sorry for this feeling of sadness. What a long way to go for this journey as shipper.
  7. Will she post anything today or will she not? I'm a little hopeful, maybe about 0.001%. Most probably she will not post anything. The hype is at its peak now. Any post will only fueling shippers
  8. As a person, he has ALWAYS been a warm and affectionate person. Agree with this. And so does she. She opens up herself easily as she has said before in Happy Together. Both are WARM, CONSIDERATE and AFFECTIONATE individual. All in all, they both have great personality. When two amazing actors, however unlikely they seems to be, come across in a project, and they succeeded to produce a masterpiece, everyone is excited about it and applaud them for it. The thing here for me is the connection beyond filming i.e the off screen interaction. I might be delusional, but it tugged at my heart. I've never been in a relationship before so I would never know in first place how was it like to like someone and how will someone in love actually act. But the way they are off screen are able to make me feel fluttered and how nice that they look so involved with one another. And it makes me feel like I'm watching another drama in front of me.
  9. Where in the universe is our JTE? She must be busy saving the world. Whoever you are who are monitoring this thread, can you please rely to her, that we missed her IG updates, not necessarily posting cryptic ig post. Just that I've grew attached to her, and missed her. Me think she's busy doing her work. Please don't give her too much work manager-nim. She usually likes her fellow colleagues if post, when I look and Nari and WDW ig post, she's not liking it. Usually you can spot her liking their pics often. Okay, that is my assumption.
  10. Go to 8.15. Listen to how ki Tae young say to Eugene and his pat over her head. Not exactly the same I know, but I feel the same tenderness that LMH shows to KGE.
  11. I'm waiting for KGE ig updates. I love them both, but more towards girl crush I'm so loving the one taken with her nephew/niece. It shows her domestic side. Still waiting for your updates unnie
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