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  1. I'm actually worried for Mama Ro Sa. I hope we're not seeing the early signs of Alzheimer's. She's still helping Jong Su enjoy his retirement years. Lots of scenes to look forward to in Episode 7! Hopefully Min Ha meets and makes a good impression on Mama Yeong Hye (Seok Hyung's mom).❤
  2. @peace - I don't think SH's mom is materialistic either. But her mistrust of Shin Hye and her family's deception has caused her to run tight leash on Seok Hyung. She wants to be sure that his future relationships aren't just after his money. Well-meaning, but traumatizing to her own son. When Gyeo Wul mentioned that Min Ha is also from Sokcho and that her parents run a B&B there, part of me wishes Song Hwa actually went there at some point during the time lapse. Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind if Song Hwa plays cupid for GomGom but @wintergardencrew is right...
  3. I was half-expecting him to offer to accompany her in buying the gift. But then again, he's taking baby steps... so that conversation was a good start regardless of how awkward it came off. Poor guy. He's still traumatized that any woman he might like in the future will never measure up to his mother's standards (except Song Hwa... all the moms like her!).
  4. THIS. I think Min Ha being the complete opposite of Shin Hye's personality makes this relationship development interesting. Very curious how their dynamics have changed over the one year time lapse. I had to review their clips from season 1 and Seok Hyung was still very formal in addressing Min Ha back then... now he addresses her "Min Ha-ya" which means the ice wall is slowly thawing. I just need to see how she'll fare once she comes face to face with Yeong Hye.
  5. Was it ever mentioned that Jeong Won's older brother was named Peter back in Season 1? I was rolling in laughter over Jeong Su calling him old for his age... and jokingly implying he was Chairman Ahn's lovechild. So basically Jun Wan hasn't seen Ik Sun for over a year now? Oh wow, I can just imagine all the feels once they see each other again. re: Min Ha asking Seok Hyung out - since she still has 4 attempts, my guess is that in one of those instances Seok Hyung will just be caught off-guard and unknowingly say yes. I finally understand his hesitation thou
  6. Same. For that alone, I'm willing to forgive the subplots that were underdeveloped... the most baffling of all being Soo Hyuk and Yu Yeon's sudden engagement. I only wish they got a better ending though other than having YY be jealous at the maid. Having them take over as patrons for Dawom Kindergarten (remember, she used to be a teacher there?) would've been a nice bookend to their story. But oh well. To say I'm underwhelmed with Mother Emma's character though is an understatement. So all this time her attachment to Ji Yong was all because she felt he was a lost soul because of ho
  7. Did he officially turn her down already? I thought he was just being nonchalant/polite about her crush on him since they live in the same house. But I loved how he went after that sleazy line judge. I only hope that sunbae gets his karma in the long run. Hae Kang totally got his "I am Yoon Hae Kang" attitude from his mother. In Sol has coaching potential! He's good at game analysis. Also, I cannot stop noticing he looks like a younger Ahn Jae Hyun. I think it's sweet how Se Yoon allows herself to be vulnerable around Hae Kang. He was the only one back then
  8. I haven't been frequenting forums since Season 1 so can anyone just enlighten me... why is the Seok Hyung/Min Ha 'ship called GomGom? WinterGarden, I totally get. And what's the 'ship name for Ik Jun/Song Hwa and Jun Wan/Ik Sun? Thank you!
  9. It all became makjang-esque after it was revealed that Ji Yong was the second body. Now we're seeing a lot of missing scenes from the events before the murder (after that court hearing) to the days after it. They better wrap this up good because the show had so much potential during the first half.
  10. Ohhh, @LovelyLady... I never even considered the idea that the cake may have come from Seok Hyung. That's a brilliant theory! Remember he also gave her food back in Season 1... and everyone thought it was for his mom. Min Ha sure wears her heart on her sleeve. Too bad SK can't reciprocate it yet. But who knows? Maybe once he and SH have closure he can finally start moving on and consider a new relationship.
  11. - What?!? No further explanation why Mother Emma is that attached to Ji Yong? I am so not buying the explanation that she is on his side because he's a tortured soul. There has to be a much deeper reason! - Hi Soo insisting Ha Joon should be raised by his birth mom only fuels the speculation that she's faking her amnesia. It's one way for him to escape Hyowon's influence. - Yu Yeon was accepted as Soo Hyuk's fiancee that easily?!? After all the objections from Jin Ho and Madam Yang back then? - Did Jin Hee run over Jung Do? Or was it Jasmin? - Detective Baek ha! All these suspicions to
  12. - Jasmin's lover is definitely Jin Hee's husband. Haha! - The show's storytelling has always been non-linear but all the interspersed scenes today need to be explained the soonest. I am sure we have some missing scenes that would help explain the whole picture. - Hah! I knew there was a scene where Hye Jin was the one killing Ji Yong too. - Hmmm, so Mother Emma didn't really see Hi Soo lying on the floor. She only saw the hand. She's also getting shadier each episode. I wish they'll elaborate further on the past between Mi Ja/Suk Chul/Seol Hwa because I find it weird why she's so invest
  13. I've already expected that this will be a makjang of sorts, especially since we're dealing with a chaebol family here. But so far it's tolerable and still not cringe-worthy compared to P3. Hi Soo at the top of the stairs looked like she was in pain... most likely she was able to get up from that fall (HOW?!?) and made her way upstairs just in time for Mother Emma to return inside the house. Hence her statement in earlier episodes that "when I came back...".
  14. My thoughts exactly. She's too invested in protecting Ji Yong and was devastated to see him as the dead body. I can only think of three things: - I am still annoyed by Madam Yang. Her over the top acting isn't bringing anything to the plot. At least Miss Joo and Seong Tae are now more involved in the story aside from being nosy employees. - Who killed JY? Could there be another version where Hye Jin is the one standing at the top of the stairs? - As for Soo Hyuk's current residence, is it a property of Hyowon as well? Maybe Seo Hyun helped set him up there?
  15. I know I'm supposed to be annoyed at Jin Ho because Park Hyuk Kwon has this knack for playing douchebag characters (LUCA, Law School) but he's actually both funny and pitiful at the same time. It's Madam Yang and Jin Hee who are really annoying although the daughter is showing some signs of humanity after being scolded by Mother Emma.
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